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KMC Rocks de Soca Boat

A firestorm has erupted around statements made by Ken Marlon Charles, who burst onto the soca scene in the late 90s as KMC. He publicly expressed his frustration with the calypso and soca industry, sparking an avalanche of outrage. It's a story that broke and played out almost exclusively on social media.


  1. KMC gained instant credibility in 1998 when he made his foray into the soca genre with an unexpected literary ode to Trinidad and Tobago's national festival called Bashment To Carnival.
  2. Bashment to Carnival - KMC
  3. Since then he's been a consistent contributor, with solid compositions like Soul On FireRough Wine, and Doh Want To Know, right up to this year's Two Things.

  4. KMC - Two Tings (Soca 2011)
  5. But since the start of the year he had been disgruntled and used Twitter @kmctrinidad to express his dissatisfaction with the inner workings of the soca industry and his decision to go in a different direction.

    "kmctrinidad KMC_KenCharles 
    @GarryBanton boy I jus glad to be out of the equation yes. Finally getting a chance to do something different

  6. KMC & Jamtech Foundation - Everybody Jump (Video)
  7. But all hell broke loose when these tweets came in the middle of September.
  8. And this video.
  9. KMC ft. Jamtech - Everybody Jump live at NRJ Experience Stockholm
  10. Trinidad was forced to revisit KMC's earlier pronouncement that he was done with the soca industry and the status quo. The country could not guiltlessly claim credit for nurturing another superstar in the making. And he reminded readers of the reason in an interview with the Trinidad Guardian.

    "For KMC, however, the journey to where he"s found himself has been bittersweet. In T&T, he said he"d suffered at the hands of radio stations he claimed played the music of one artiste more than any other, and for that reason, with little to no apology, Charles told the T&T Guardian, "I not trying to big up Trinidad industry--they never supported me."

  11. Cue the daggers.