Gamergate crashes trans-friendly hashtag (NSFW)

The other day the hashtags #TransMenAreMen and #TransWomenAreWomen were used to raise transgender awareness. What followed was another Gamergate hijacking, in this case to hurt trans people.


  1. It starts off tame enough, with people showing support for the trans community.
  2. There are many more positive tweets, but this is a sampling of the hashtag before the assholes joined in, and at the forefront, Gamergate (of course). I've just included two posts from each handle, because there were so many. Again, NSFW.
  3. @Tattybogles is a transphobic, Gamergate asshole, who has apparently deleted all of his tweets with the #Gamergate hashtag in it, but his handle still shows up in reply after reply after reply after reply in other Gamergate tweets.
  4. @Carlosmasiso19 is a transphobic, Gamergate asshole.
  5. @Big_Daddy_D0m is a transphobic, gamergate asshole.
  6. @Brojimasan is a transphobic, Gamergate asshole, using being trans as an insult against the people fighting Gamergate harassment and abuse (in these cases, Brianna Wu, Veerender Jubbal, and Anita Sarkeesian).
  7. Seems like a reasonable request that is bound to fail.