7 Ways Psychology Plays a Role in Your Company's Branding


  1. Everything is a competition these days. Everyone is competing for the same business and for the same reason. You have to use the tools you have to bring the customers to you. You cannot expect them to just come on over and give you business. You need to give them a reason to choose your brand.
  2. How to choose the right colour for your brand using colour psychology?
  3. Here are 7 ways in which the study of psychology and the role of psychology may the most useful tool you have in your arsenal.

    1) Everything is on repeat these days. There are very few original ideas anymore. Why not use this to your advantage? Your customers will gravitate to what they know. Take a focal point in someone's mind and invite them in. Repetition is not a bad thing, as long as it is used properly.

    2) Th "final countdown". This was a popular song in the 80's. Use this. Create a sense of urgency with your customers. Make it sound like a "deal of a lifetime". Some view this as a manipulation tactic. It is, in a way. Psychology is all about manipulation of the mind. Every brand makes its money off of manipulation. The idea is to use this skill and these tools of psychology for creation.

    3) What kind of benefits can you offer your customers? This is one way where the manipulation tactic can be used for good. Get to the heart of why people are coming. Get to the heart of what your customers want. Psychology involves the art of thinking and feeling. Once you get your customer to think and feel, you have a better chance of getting their business. Many customers emotionally buy. Give them a reason to invest and make it a genuine reason.

  4. 4) Take away as many risks as you can. Customers do not like to get involved when there are a lot of risks involved. Take them away or as many as you can. The more benefits you give them, the more likely they will be to come on board.

    5) Brand your company in the right colors. Customers latch onto colors. Different colors evoke different emotions. Colors that are lighter and cooler will be received better. Colors that are warmer and heavier will have a harder time. Red evokes anger in many people. Seeing red in the brand may bring up some hidden resentment and anger. They may assume these feelings in you and your brand. Choose something different.

  5. Take the color blue. It is attached to things like water. Water is calming. It has always been one of my favorites. Blue will bring people in. Those that do pick a warmer color, you need to pick something more inviting. Choose warmth and positivity over negative energy.

    6) It all comes down to right time and place. You have to pick the right time to advertise and get your customers. Picking at the wrong time may cause your customers to be resentful. Offer out the welcome mat and let your customers decide when they want to buy.

    7) Keep it simple. This is Psychology 101. Avoid the confusion and overcomplication. Keep it simple and your customers will appreciate you more.