2014 SABR Analytics - Day 3


  1. We really wish it didn't have to! Saturday, March 15, 2014, was the final day of the third annual SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix, and just like the first two days, we covered a lot of diverse ground in the (global) world of baseball analytics.

    First up on Saturday was an innovative panel called How Fans Consume Baseball in the Digital Age. Moderated by SABR President Vince Gennaro, the panel of four college students talked about how they first got into the game and developed their love of baseball, their ideal experience at the ballpark, and how they keep track of scores and news today.
  2. Leonte's comment leads us right into the next panel — in which he participated — called The International Baseball Landscape, which covered issues such as the World Baseball Classic, international scouting and player development, which new countries will be next to produce a major league player, and the Diamondbacks and Dodgers' upcoming trip to Australia.
  3. Two great presentations, one by Lewie Pollis on the emerging market for front-office executives and one by Bill Petti on pitcher volatility, capped off the conference's presentation schedule Saturday morning.
  4. We began the final afternoon with the Prospect Analysis and Evaluation panel, with experts from MLB.com. The panelists discussed how the role of a scout has changed because of new technology and what they like to look for in a ballplayer.