SABC Knowledge Café with David Gurteen #SABCkcafe

The SABC Media Libraries and SABC Training had the pleasure of a Knowledge Café with the guru himself, David Gurteen. It took place on 3 September 2012 in Johannesburg. This is a compilation of the social media conversation regarding this event. the hashtag is #SABCkcafe


  1. David Gurteen official announcement on his website about his upcoming SABC Knowledge Café in South Africa.
  2. Setting up a venue for a Knowledge Cafe
    Setting up a venue for a Knowledge Cafe
  3. Blog post about some valuable background reading in preparation for our upcoming Knowledge Café.
  4. SABC Media Libraries website updated with all the relevant links regarding this event.
  5. Blog post about The Daily Knowledge Café, a newspaper by, and set up by the SABC Media Libraries about Knowledge Management and Knowledge Cafés
  6. The Daily Knowledge Café newspaper, publishing social media articles with keywords linked to knowledge management #km and knowledge cafe #kcafe