Help Michiganders fight Right To Work for Less #NoRTWMI #SaveMI

Unite to support Michganders in opposition of Republican Right-To-Work-For-Less Legislation


  1. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Working Families:

    Unite to support Michganders in opposition of Republican Right-To-Work-For-Less Legislation, which they're jamming through the house and senate in the lame duck session in Lansing, Michigan.  

    For the last year, Gov Rick Snyder (R-MI @OneToughNerd) has concealed his support for this union-busting law that is known to suppress wages, diminish workplace safety and undermine union advocacy for workers in state politics... so why now? Republicans lost seats in the election in November and likely do not have the votes to pass the law in the new session. 

    In order to move the legislation, they are violating normal procedure including the five day period for public comment. Today, authorities resorted to locking citizens out of the capitol while the legislature debated the bills and amendments, and an officer used pepper spray inside the capital in a dangerous and misguided attempt to control loud peaceful protestors. 

    Join the chorus of opposition to oppose this power grab from working families. Tweet using hashtags #NoRTWMI  (No RTW MI) and #SaveMI, or alternatively #MILeg and #MIpolitics 
  2. On Thursday, December 6, Gov "Weasel" Snyder signaled support for Right-To-Work-For-Less and said he would sign the bill the Republican-controlled house and senate were jamming through in the lame duck session.  

    Like other radicalized Tea Party Republican states, Michigan has used that power to regulate and diminish women's reproductive choices, and the economic and political interests of working families. The richest interests in the state and nation actively support the bill, namely the Koch Brothers and Vos Family. In addition to unions, the Chamber of Commerce opposes the bill. 

    Here's video of Gov "Weasel" Snyder lying on camera about his opposition to right-to-work in February 2012:
  3. Gov. Rick Snyder: Right to Work not "appropriate in Michigan during 2012"
  4. It seems the radical tea party Republican economic plan is to give more to the 1% at the expense of working families, no matter if we all end up working 25 hours a week at Walmart for minimum wage while subsiding our income with food stamps and healthcare insurance from the government. 

    A low-wage economy is wrong for working families and wrong for America. Republicans support it 100% because they got theirs. Here's Gov Snyder in a press conference today, Thu Dec 6, 2012: 

  5. Please encourage your readers and tweeps to follow and tweet about this battle for economic and political fairness in Michigan...  with an blog post, tweet, letter to the editor, etc. Public awareness of the ramifications of this bill is our best weapon against the radicalized tea party Republican agenda. 
  6. Scenes From RTW Protest
  7. Photos on Topsy:
  8. Clever parable illustrates effect of Right-To-Work (for Less) using Gym memberships.  Leave it to the engineers!