1. The better question is for how much...
  2. Matt Davis - Alta Vista
  3. Arvid Bux - I spreading my loss; Google or Twitter.
  4. Vuyo Mtoba - Twitter just purchased Posterous so I'm guessing they won't be in the market for another "microblog" type service. Mark Zuckerberg has cash to burn and Timeline could use some sprucing up honestly so I'd put FB in the hat. Google has a discovery problem on Youtube and all the photos and posts on Google Plus so they make it into my list with Facebook.
  5. Andrew Yarnall - I'd throw Yahoo into the mix here. The have cash to burn and need something to stay relevant.
  6. Vuyo Mtoba - I actually forgot about Yahoo, but in the event of a bidding war, I dont think they'd win..plus Yahoo still needs a mobile strategy. 
  7. Matt Davis  - +Vuyo Mtoba Yahoo needs ANY strategy. Just... you know... something. Anything.
  8. Aabra Jaggard - It's a chick site, so HuffPo, duh.
  9. Vuyo Mtoba - Lol. +Matt Davis you're right on that one. Anything,hardware even. Hey, maybe they could buy RIM and see how that goes. Lol.
  10. Samuel King - Google... I hope!
  11. Michael McGimpsey - Yahoo and then do nothing with it
  12. Robyn Tippins - I was thinking Yahoo too, since they're placing all their eggs in the display advertising basket. Between that and lucrative partnership opportunities with the brands on Pinterest (and the female demo), it seems like a perfect match.
  13. Jakub Kaliszewski - Facebook, I'm afraid. Google doesn't do big purchases recently. Or maybe Microsoft :)
  14. Samuel King - +Jakub Kaliszewski Google doesn't do big purchases recently? I thought they'd just bought Motorola?! haha ;)