1. meg dunn  -  not much.
  2. -
  3. Michael Jelacic  -  This IPO means so many different things. One ironic thing to me, is that no matter how solid or how big a company, widely used etc etc etc When your on time, informed and able to put it all in play, You still get the feeling of well, what if, maybe not. Uncertainty. So it means while anything is possible, when the impossible becomes possible, it's still not possible to have 100% certainty about it. Nothing is a "Sure Bet" well almost.. I'd bet on me, if I told me, we were sure. Uncertainty is here to stay, so do your best, help others & just do it! but do the right thing. of coarse you have to be certain of that as well.. get all that? -mj
  4. Edna Thackeray  -  lets just hope it does not mean fees
  5. Ronnie Gates  -  +Edna Thackeray That day will be my last day!
  6. Miguel Ferreyra  -  nothing
  7. Pratik Jhaveri  -  Higher real estate prices in the Bay area!!! Would be hard to justify entering at the $100B valuation. As someone said the people that had to make money already have.