Today's ReadWriteWeb Big Question: Should Apple build its own social network, or focus entirely on supporting other social networks instead?

Dan Frommer wondered if Apple should consider creating a robust social network itself, or if it makes more sense to simple support external social networks.

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  1. Alessandro Mencarini  -  Apple is backing Twitter more and more, its integration baked into Mountain Lion shows this and I find it unlikely that they would take another direction.
  2. Arvind Gautam  -  companies can build their own social networks if they wish - BUT they should agree to utilizing a single identity and and connectivity between the different networks. Otherwise it's just a giant fiasco.
  3. Matt Hoyland  -  I'd say this - they've built a walled eco-system for their users with the Iphone/Ipad etc and keep a strict grip on what goes into that environment. As such they have a captive audience faithful to the "brand".

    Surely it would make sense to have their own social network. Problem is that designing desirable shiny hardware is one thing - designing a desireable apple branded social network to compete with Facey/Google+ and Twitter - already well established - is quite another.

    be interesting if they did.
  4. Hari Prasanth  -  It is definitely Apple's responsibility .. All those iFans should take it up to the fruit company so they can change the policies....
  5. wenn - Tweeted News Network  -  As we mentioned on twitter - Good Question - However but "Friends who are using Apple's OS" are a subset of "Friends" and not vice versa. On the other hand it could be a good marketing tool by using your "Apple Friends" to push you so you buy an Apple product in order to not feel discriminated (Well... maybe some ROI study won't justify such choices).
  6. Randy Roberts  -  Honestly do not make your own social network, that would be stupid they failed with the Ping thing n tryin to make music social and there is already too much competition