How do you feel about the acquisition of Motorola by Google?

Here are a few of your responses.

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  1. Some of you wondered about the fate of other Android partners and Motorola employees.

  2. Whatever. We'll see what happens & how they treat the other hardware manufacturers.
  3. Google will keep the IP and sell the handset unit to one of the Android partner, who can run it much more efficiently. Everyone will be happy except Motorola employees - expect huge layoffs.
  4. It's all about the patents.
  5. Hopefully this helps Google with Android fighting those inovation-killing patent claims
  6. About time Google strengthened their patent portfolio to protect Android from trolls like Apple and Microsoft .....
  7. Many of you took a 'wait and see' outlook.
  8. It's interesting to watch all these companies that started out with a mission of doing one thing well (OSs, search, consumer electronics, etc.) compete to see who can become all things to all consumers the fastest.
  9. Some of you were less than excited.

  10. It'll be weird...maybe Google can make a Nexus that actually poses a threat to the iPhone.
  11. Doesn't make a difference to me, some interesting times ahead for Google though! No surprise though.
  12. Some of you were fairly happy.