What happens if and when Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader?

A party at war, endless disputes, democracy rules, forcing the party to accept socialism? Probably nothing more than press hysteria and a party that unites hesitantly behind its new democratically elected leader.

  1. The Resistance was born - Or so it seemed
  2. Then the Resistance became a uniting banner to support whomever wins - Do they know something we don't or are they just getting out the way so as to not be seen as a hurdle in the way of a Corbyn led party.
  3. In reality nothing will really come of this, I suspect the party knows the damage that happened the last to big splits the party had. The 30's where we were thrown into irrelevance - split parties work against themselves. We wear these scars, mistakes won't be repeated.
  4. There will obviously be different effects depending on who becomes leader. These I tried to draw out a bit on a post I wrote just after the election on 'The debasement of the center left' on both UK Progressive & here on this blog. If you haven't read it below.
  5. I'll write about the fall out from this weekend early next week.