Gary Slutkin at TEDMED 2013

On April 17, Gary Slutkin, the Founder/Executive Director of CureViolence, spoke at TEDMED, asking the crowd gathered in DC, "What if we treated violence like a contagious disease?"

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  1. How do epidemics and violence behave the same? Can they be reversed the same? #tedmed
  2. Dr. Slutkin's talk was met with enthusiasm, curiosity and hope for the potential.
  3. Gary Slutkin now up! Pumped. He looked at anti-violence from #publichealth view. Helped spur @TheInterrupters film I believe. #TEDMED
  4. Now up, Gary Slutkin of @CureViolence. He asks, What if we treated violence like a contagious disease?  #TEDMED
  5. Dr. Gary Slutkin: To stop the spread of violence, you must "interrupt" it before it can spread. #TEDMED
  6. Violence interrupters - approaching systematic violence as we do an epidemic if disease. #TEDMED
  7. Violence as a disease, we treat it like we used to treat leprosy, by isolating the bad people, instead of interrupting transmission #tedmed
  8. .@rzeiger One of the best analogies I've heard. As a country, we ought to think about ways to create a "vaccine" for violence. #tedmed
  9. Violence as a disease - and curing violence - interrupt it before it spreads - like an epidemic by Dr. Gary Slutkin - @CureViolence #TEDMED
  10. Brilliant. Treating violence as a disease and how to cure violence using the infectious disease model. #tedmed
  11. #TEDMED Gary Slutkin's results 4 reversing violence r amazing... Yet despite data so many opposed him. Get over fear of change!
  12. Slutkin @CureViolence theory: Violence is a Disease. Evidence across America is proving it true! @TEDMedLive
  13. #TEDMED trust is an essential ingredient in Gary Slutkin's social approach to addressing violence
  14. Read more about @gslutkin's "Cure Violence" efforts with @RWJF here: #TEDMED
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  16. RT @docweighsin: Ending pandemics @larrybrilliant-small pox gone, polio almost gone..hope @CureViolence can do same #TEDMED...