Day 4 of How can we use data to improve teaching and learning? #Codesign16 challenge

This CoDesign16 challenge is complimenting the Jisc LearnerAnalytics (LA) work, so it is timely that there was a LA community event today.Several tweets below are reflecting comments in some of the LA presentations. Ablog about the whole event will be available soon, but in the meantime here isa flavour about some of the discussion;


  1. Professor Mark Stubbs gave an excellent presentation about the MMU’s transformational work that they have been carrying out over the last few years that started out analysing their NSS results and what the data was really telling them. You can read more here
  2. Some Student Unions are also considering what other data sources can show excellence teaching
  3. This is just as HEFCE launches its longitudinal study into what other data could be used to measure learning gains in a large student cohort.
  4. Looking forward to some stimulating ideas coming out of tomorrow's edTech global summit event in London