Week 3 - Where we are at now...

This codesign16 challenge is linking with several other areas of work Jisc is involved in, such as learner analytics. This was discussed in last week's blog but Learner Analytics is still attracting comments ...


  1. Another area of Jisc work that links to this Codesign challenge is HEIDI Labs. Myles Danson wrote a blog about how these areas link as mentioned in Dave Kirk's tweet:
  2. Continuing on from a very lively #LTHEChat on Wednesday 9th Nov, Jisc ran another #CoDesign16 chat on Friday 11th Nov 12:30-13:30 Below I have tried to reconstruct some of the conversations. It starts out simple enough until you have multiple conversations about multiple questions, tweet chats aren't timed examines where you have to finish one question as soon as the next one emerges, so apologies in advance if this linear representation doesn't reflect the richness and diversity of the experience, software that can represent a multi dimensional jigsaw puzzle might have been better !!
  3. Sarah Knight started by asking if there better ways to collate all the feedback institutions collect about individual students, or is that what is already happening with Learning analytics dashboards? Please continue to share your innovative practice in this area. Also follow HEFCE innovation projects that are about to start as some will include aspects on learner analytics.
  4. And then how do institutions gather and analyse all the sources of collective student feedback (eg external data sources like NSS, UKES etc along with internal surveys) If you were unable to attend in person, you could catch up on the HEA Survey conference at  https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resource/surveys-conference-2016-student-outcomes 
  5. Contributors began listing some of the data sources that they use to improve their teaching ...
  6. HEA UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is likely to become more influential in TEF so is it prudent to investigate the benefits that survey can deliver sooner rather than later?
  7. But as with Learner Analytics its not just about gathering and analysing the data, the actionable insights are the prize as pointed out by Sarah Davies
  8. this point is also made by Paul Ashwin, Professor of Higher Education whose research interests are focused on the relations between teaching-learning and knowledge-curriculum practices in higher education.