Tackling Twitter Abuse

The online assault against Caroline Criado-Perez is only the latest example of an all too common Twitter problem - men threatening rape and violence against any woman with whom they disagree.


  1. Caroline Criado-Perez led a successful campaign for Jane Austen to be the next face on a British bank note.
  2. She was then subjected to a relentless campaign of online hate.
  3. Twitter did not intervene to try to resolve the problem and quickly became the target of criticism
  4. Not surprising when this account is apparently "not in violation"
  5. ... and politicians
  6. An online petition was set up for Twitter to add a "Report Abuse" button (currently nearly 60k signatures)
  7. Although some commentators don't think this approach will work 
  8. Commentators and bloggers started to analyse the most effective ways of fighting back. I've included four well argued views.
  9. @tanyagold1 recommended shaming perpetrators rather than criminalising them
  10. @PME2013 rigorously analyses the options including a Twitter boycott on 4 August
  11. @Puffles2010 also rounds up the options succinctly
  12. @brokenbottleboy thinks a Boycott will be counterproductive