As a parent, I naturally want what's best for my child - including the best education. I believe, the best education option is homeschooling. You are your child's first teacher! No one else can know your child as well as you - and no one else will have the same level of commitment to your child that you do. Even if you're not sure you will homeschool your child throughout their school years, doing 'preschool-at-home' is a great way for you to get your feet wet, and see what this homeschooling thing is all about! Blessings, Isabelle Clover, homeschooling mom of four


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Senior Lecturer @CoCAMassey · UX Strategy · Design · Photojournalism · NASA Social(ist) · Tech & Civil society

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iPhone Apps Development India

Genora Infotech is a standout amongst the most timely portable application headway associations in India that started making iphone, Android and Windows applications.

#technology #education #culture #edutech Love Communications. Writer- Copy Editor. Also tweet at @catalystwoman.

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Journalist covering Eurasia

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journalist @la_stampa; expert on middleast, arab spring and clash of non-civilization; mamma. Last book: Dove muoiono i cristiani. Links are not endorsement.

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I like new challenges, new Ideas & great people!

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A marketing specialist with 7 years of experience. I have a passion for blogging and social media and I believe communication can help build a better world!

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Stop wasting your life making money.

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Civic activist, traveler, author @GlobalVoices

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Tom is the Associate Editor of new website Sudan Tribune, Head of Communications st Childreach International, a freelance journalist, film producer, and a activism and media trainer.