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  1. Non-Syrians going on and on re: any mainstream media updates on Syria, the ones that seem most popular (today it is the latest Assad speech), vomiting their strained poetic opinions on the rest of us, feigning care when they clearing do not care one way or another. The same group who updated us all re: Libya, who now ignore what the mainstream media also ignores - the not-so-popular occurrences post-uprising. Non-Syrians on my TL are much louder than the Syrians, their voices raised to such a degree that they mute all else. Syria's future is for Syrians to decide upon. What happens to this glorious nation, to its people - it should remain up to those who belong to it. Just as I cannot dictate to any Palestinian what political party to follow, what should transpire re: future of occupied Palestine it is of no one else's concern when it comes to Syria what should come to fruition therein. There is a difference between being in solidarity and taking over. I'm seeing little solidarity and lots of unwarranted opinion-giving. No one gives a damn re: who you hate, how much you hate them or your cute posters and slogans. Syria belongs to the people OF Syria. Solidarity is not the egotistical overtaking of native voices, but the amplification of them
  2. What a wonderful speech delivered today by president Assad of Syria on d state of d nation.pls let's dis crisis stop bcz so many lives had gone
  3. Bashar al-Assad speech reminds me of the last days of Muammar Gaddafi! Allah shall win!