vehicle insurance rates

vehicle insurance ratesvehicle insurance rates


  1. vehicle insurance rates
  2. vehicle insurance rates
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://QUOTES-FOR-INSURANCE.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  6. if someone doesnt have insurance, which is better? primary or excess? why?"
  7. I'm not gay but need health insurance?
  8. In my state (ct) my boyfriend can not add me to his health insurance policy because we are not a homosexual couple. We live together and have for a long time, but because we have the option of getting married I can't have coverage. While I am happy that Ct takes homosexual relationships into account, I feel heterosexuals are being discriminated against. We are not religious and in no hurry to marry- we are very happy. Any thoughts on the legalities here or how to get around this?"
  9. What CAR Should A First Driver GET ? Also What Company For The Insurance To Be The Cheapest ?
  10. Passed My Driving Test 2 Days Ago ! I am 22 ! what car should i get that is cheap on insurance too ? Please give me the names and for the insurance companies :)) Thanku
  11. What car insurance is cheapest?
  12. For a 17 year old boy? Comprehensive, 7000 miles Best offer is a ford fiesta 2003 for 1.8k .. Any cheaper?"
  13. Cost of C-section in NJ?
  14. Does anyone know what the average cost of a c-section is in NJ? We have no insurance and our baby won't either. We are trying to prepare for it but the hospital won't even give us a ballpark estimate.
  15. Cheapest car insurance for a single?
  16. I'm 20 years of age and my parents said that having my name put on the insurance mean that there insurance will go from 800$ to 2500$. Now, I'm fairly clueless right now so I'll be doing my own research but what would you say is the best and cheapest insurance for a single male such as myself. Any recommendations?"
  17. What's the cheapest sr22 insurance in Alaska?
  18. I know you can't get a quote without prying, but I was hoping someone on here could help me."
  19. How much is comprehensive insurance for a Kawasaki ninja 250r?
  20. I'm 20, never had a crash nor any fines, am on my graded license (just off l's) have done rider safety courses and have a 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250r and live in queensland (australia). i just want to get a general idea of the cost"
  21. How much do you pay for your car insurance?
  22. I'm just trying to pick a car insurance thats affordable. How much do you pay monthly? Also I'm 22, no driving tickets, my car is a 2005, Hyundai Accent. OR AT LEAST WHAT IS AN IDEAL PAYMENT MONTHLY FOR CAR INSURANCE?"
  23. Car insurance so cheap........?
  24. 21st century insurance (previously aig insurance) is giving me a basic coverage for 6 month car insr quote for 280 dollars. even i had 4 speeding in the past 5 years...still is the above low rate possible
  25. Can I insure a car that is already insured?