To believe or not to believe: A woman's account of domestic violence and public responses

You don't usually associate an outspoken feminist and social activist with domestic violence. Well that is what happened, shockingly. A tweet of hers about her story in a magazine, created an uproar and endless speculation on twitterworld. And going by the responses, it will only increase.


  1. The tweet that started it all..A rather disturbing and scary story of love turning violent and abusive..
  2. As the story spread, people spouted their opinions.  And the views were either 100 % in support or 100 % critical to even demonising the writer. Was there any objective view point? Let us look at some of the responses.

    As expected, some men were sceptical and not willing to accept the story 100%. They expressed the need to know the story from the other side. This is relevant as obviously you cannot make a judgement, without knowing both sides. But in my view, benefit of doubt should be given. As often the great majority of domestic violence cases are women, and many times they are silent sufferers. 

  3. A few men like @CaptCk stood up for the lady concerned. It is really nice to such positive responses from men
  4.  There were others who totally trashed it, and more importantly, the person. Mainly because this lady was involved in an incident of tweeple abuse on twitter.Some were actually, downright rabid about her because of her known political leanings.
    A few men, stood up for the lady.