Watchdog Wire Tweets Up With EAGnews

Watchdog Wire hosted a Tweet Up with Education Action Group of to discuss education reform, common core, classroom bias, and the state of American education. The result was a fiery debate - particularly between pro and anti Common Core groups.


  1. We kicked off the event with introductions:
  2. EAG had their priorities in order, and started off the tweet up by wishing Happy Birthday to Milton Friedman - a supporter of School Choice!
  3. Michelle Malkin mobilized Twitchy's army of tweeps...
  4. Then Watchdog Wire launched the discussion with a general query, which EAG quickly answered:
  5. Others chimed in with their own answers:
  6. By the second question, we were diving into Common Core:
  7. And EAG wasn't afraid to name names:
  8. They shared their top priorities:
  9. The discussion even went international....