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How emoticons evolved


  1. Emoticons are the original Emoji. Many people speculate as to how long humans have actually been using emoticons in text, but most people give credit to Scott Fahlman. Scott was a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. He proposed the use of a colon hyphen and bracket to display emotion in plain text.
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  3. Technology and Emojis
  4. From the very first text based smiley Emoticons to the cartoon Emojis of today emoticons have developed drastically over the years. Emojis took the previously popular text emoticons and gave them predefined images. Today we see Emojis constantly in our technological world. Anyone who uses social media or owns an iphone or android device knows emojis. Today's Emoji were originally developed by a Japanese cell phone company in 1999. Engineers at DoKoMo i-mode created these funny little smiley face icons as a solution to the over usage of picture messages to show emotions. Cell phone users had been sending so many pictures that it was causing their network to fail. These tiny little icons made text come to life. It became very popular very fast. Phone companies loved it because it only took up one character so it wasn't putting strain on connections. Over time and with inventions like the iphone and apps, emojis grew even more. Google first incorporated emojis into gchat in 2007 and Apple and Steve Jobs revolutionized it by adding it to the iphone keyboard in 2011.
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