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Earlier this week, Uber cut its fares in its home market of San Francisco, as part of its intensifying price war with traditional taxi services and ride-sharing rivals such as Lyft. After raising more than $1bn last month, Uber has the biggest war chest in the business. But is this sustainable?

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The ridesharing price war continues: UberX rates cut by another 25% in SF Bay Area, for a "limited time"... http://t.co/DgRRvm3yWx · Tim Bradshaw
Previous rate cuts have angered some drivers because they receive less from each ride. But Fortune's Ellen Huet discovered that Uber is making up some of the difference - and so taking a loss on every ride as it fights for market share. 
My tweet on whether investors would be happy about Uber's expensive tactics set off a debate among other tech reporters including Kevin Roose of New York Magazine, Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times, and former Reuters finance blogger and occasional FT columnist Felix Salmon. 
Uber's chief executive Travis Kalanick weighs in...
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<![CDATA[iTextbooks: Apple's education event]]>

The FT's media editor, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, reports from the Guggenheim in New York

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The Guggenheim · edans
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<![CDATA[Reaction to Google+ from around the web]]>

Google has launched its latest attempt at a social network, Google+. With Facebook already up to 700m users and Twitter around 300m, Google has a lot of ground to make up. Here's a collection of some of the initial responses to the announcement.

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Google's challenge to Facebook made the front page of Wednesday's edition of the FT, with further analysis inside

Here's Google's official blog post announcing Google+ and its accompanying video:

Bradley Horowitz, Google's 'product dude', has been developing Google+ alongside Vic Gundotra, SVP for social. 

In one early look, Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land, gave Google+ a lukewarm reception: 

"It has some interesting twists on the social networking model but is far from a Facebook-killer... If you"re already happy using Facebook, you may have no more incentive to use Google"s new social network than someone already happy using Google has to switch over to Bing."

Reuters described the great lengths to which Google has gone to keep the product launch a secret:

"The company reached out to Reuters late on Friday about a special briefing related to some undisclosed YouTube news, even tasking a YouTube PR-man with a curious sartorial style to coordinate the meeting, to complete the red-herring. So it was surprising to discover a grinning Vic Gundotra, Google"s head of social, and VP of Product Management Bradley Horowitz, in the meeting room at Google's headquarters."

As ever, there was plenty of instant comment on Twitter, even before most people had got their hands on one of the strictly limited invites:

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<![CDATA[Google Big Tent]]>

Eric Schmidt, Wael Ghonim, Jeremy Hunt and others gathered at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, UK, for the first of these soon-to-be-regular events discussing technology, privacy and society. Here I've brought together my tweets from the gathering, as well as those of other attendees and some links to resulting stories.

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Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, talked about his faith in the improving powers of technology and took questions from the audience on privacy and regulation. 
20100928_techcrunch_dg_011 · TechCrunch
Google #bigtent is actually in a blimmin' tent! There's a perfectly good hotel over there... http://yfrog.com/h03z4qsfj · tim
Googler Wael Ghonim created a Facebook page in Egypt which became a focal point for the revolution which eventually ousted President Mubarak's regime
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<![CDATA[Forbes Europe launch]]>

Steve Forbes introduces a new international edition of his business magazine

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Daily Business Report — Feb. 18, 2010 | San Diego Metro Magazine · sandiegometro.com
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