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Lots of times I get emails asking me to write about new products. Sometimes they are intriguing, like this one:

"I’m writing to you from Edge of Belgravia. We are one of the worlds most innovative chef knife brands.

Our two latest, and super edgy products include the Precision Knife Range, and the Black Diamond knife Block.The futuristic concept of this unique floating knife block is reminiscent of the angles of a rough-cut diamond, yet has the style and beauty of contemporary art. Tightly packed, it can fit up to 11 knives, but will appear complete with just two. Edge of Belgravia’s Precision chef knife series, with its daring and diamond-inspired shape acts as a great addition to the Black Diamond knife block, and will leave your kitchen a cut above the rest!"
I replied, asking them to send the knives and knife block over for review. They arrived today.
These knives are worthy of a photo shoot. They are very 'sharp' looking, as is the knife block.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Here's the description from the Edge of Belgravia website:


Precision manifests the combination of bold design and the superb cutting capability of the stainless steel blade. It represents just as much an effective cooking tool as a piece of art. We believe this is the key to inspired cooking.
Precision is the unique creation of contemporary London designer Christian Bird. Christian is thrilled by perfection. His design fuses the perfection of the diamond-like facet shape handle with a unique and carefully thought out blade design.

These knives were designed for precision in cooking.
Our most affordable range
Unique design by Christian Bird
Coated stainless steel; Non-stick blade coating
Easy to sharpen
The knives pictured blow are in order, Bread, Chef’s, Deba and Paring knife.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Now for the cutting tests.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
The first two things that I was impressed with were the comfortable feel of the handle and the lightness of weight of the knofe. This first knive tested is the Chef's knife.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
To consider this as a replacement for my current Chef's knife, I'll have to use it more in day to day cooking. First impressions are good.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
Next up was the Deba knife. It's a 5" version of hte Chef's knife.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
This knife also worked well at cutting, although it did get stuck a few times as I cut the zucchini.
Edge of Belgravia · stevegarfield
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<![CDATA[The Cellardoor Winery Tasting Room, Thompson's Point Portland Maine]]>

Storified by Steve Garfield · Sat, Sep 03 2016 15:10:00

Tasting Room at Thompson's Point
This wine crate wallpaper looked So real!
You can also visit the winery in Linconville, Maine.
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<![CDATA[The Holy Donut, Portland Maine]]>

Potato Donuts made fresh by hand in Maine!

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Photo: Courtesy The Holy Donut
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<![CDATA[slab - sicilian street food in Portland Maine]]>

Best. Pizza. Ever. And great selection of beers.

Storified by Steve Garfield · Sat, Sep 03 2016 15:13:14

Slab - Portland, ME (Phantom Gourmet) · phantomgourmet
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<![CDATA[Bissel Brothers Brewery]]>

Bissell Brothers just opened up a beautiful new tap room in Maine. A great place to sample their beers nad bring some home.

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bissell brothers tap room
4 thompson's point road ste 108-109
portland, maine 04102
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<![CDATA[Ocean Park Maine]]>

Great little Maine beach community just south of Old Orchard Beach.

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The Cliff House in Maine recently reopened after being remodeled. It's an amazing transofrmation.

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redefining the new england coastal escape

Newly renovated and now open! Cliff House is proud to debut as one of the most captivating oceanfront destinations of its kind after a landmark transformation.

Set on the edge of the Atlantic on the rocky coast of Southern Maine, Cliff House offers panoramic ocean and coastal views from over 130 stylish guest rooms and suites, unforgettable wedding and event venues, a luxury spa and wellness center, oceanfront dining, outdoor adventures, and more, minutes from Ogunquit’s sandy beach and just over an hour north of Boston.
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<![CDATA[Drop Scale and Recipe App]]>

I unboxed the Drop Scale and set it up, and took a look at what it would be like to use with a recipe. Note: I received a Drop Scale for free. This review reflects my honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experience.

Storified by Steve Garfield · Thu, Aug 18 2016 20:23:13

The Drop Scale

Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield

Drop App and Scale Setup

The app guides you through setup of the scale.
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
It's connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth.
The scale is compatible with the following iOS devices: iPad mini, iPad 3rd generation & above, iPhone 4S and above (Requires iOS8 and higher)
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Remove the tab that allows the battery to power the scale. The battery is said to give up to a year with normal use.
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Choose your unit of measurement.
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield

Drop Scale

Drop Scale and Recipe App · stevegarfield
https://storify.com/stevegarfield/drop-scale-and-recipe-apphttps://storify.com/stevegarfield/drop-scale-and-recipe-appThu, 18 Aug 2016 20:23:13 GMT