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'They killed my boyfriend'

A woman uses Facebook Live to stream what happened after she and her boyfriend are stopped by police in Falcon Heights, a Twin Cities suburb. He was shot reaching for his driver’s license, Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds says. The black man is slumped in his seat, his white T-shirt soaked in blood. An officer’s gun is still pointed at him. “Please don't tell me that he's gone. Please officer don't tell me that you just did this to him. You shot four bullets into him, sir."

Wednesday, July 6 | 9:06 pm
Falcon Heights Minnesota police shooting · Neighborhood Paperboy

Reporters, editors respond

Star Tribune reporters and editors see the video surface on social networks and begin to verify its authenticity. Night reporter Pat Pheifer finds witnesses over social media. A Twitter user shares a short cellphone video of a man lying beside a white sedan and someone performing CPR. Pheifer tweets a reply with her phone number and the woman calls within minutes, giving detailed accounts of the scene: CPR attempts on a man lying just outside his car with 12 to 15 squad cars surrounding the area. Photographer Leila Navidi, who had just finished her shift, is dispatched to the scene.

Wednesday, July 6 | 9:45 pm

Reporter and photographer are on the scene

Minneapolis police reporter Libor Jany, who was off work but had seen the video, drives to the scene behind the truck for state investigators, who are still en route. Another photojournalist is also sent to Falcon Heights.

Wednesday, July 6 | 11 pm
https://t.co/56OvUukeWb · Libor Jany

First version of story is live

A full story of the shooting with confirmation from police is posted to startribune.com and shared to hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter within minutes.

Wednesday, July 6 | 11:11 pm

The disturbing video was captured tonight in Falcon Heights.

An angry crowd gathers

Jany tweets a short video showing people gathering at the scene. This would be one of about 60 tweets from Jany during the night.

Wednesday, July 6 | 11:36 pm
"How can you live with yourselves?" https://t.co/PyzjHkMgla · Libor Jany

Breaking news alert sent

About 20,000 readers get a breaking news alert: "Facebook video shows man shot by officer in Falcon Heights."

Wednesday, July 6 | 11:35 pm

Shooting victim is identified and his death confirmed

As the first metro edition is being sent to the press, night editor Claude Peck bikes to the hospital about half a mile away. Once there, he interviews Castile’s uncle, Clarence Castile, who confirms that Castile died at 9:37 p.m., shortly after arriving at the hospital. Peck calls the newsroom with updates. Castile worked at J.J. Hill "cooking for little kids." His uncle says he saw Castile just two hours before the shooting.

Wednesday, July 6 | 11:45 pm

Video at StarTribune.com

We post a story with the video that includes a warning about its graphic nature. (Initially, we had linked to the video on Facebook but also downloaded a copy in case it was removed. The original video has since been deleted.)

Wednesday, July 6 | 11:55 pm
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<![CDATA[Star Tribune reporter reflects on seeing Prince at Paisley Park five days before his death]]>

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<![CDATA[Former Vikings coach, legend Bud Grant earns internet jaw-drops for going sleeveless at Vikings-Seattle game]]>

Grant, 88, didn't look cold at all, despite the minus-6 degree temperature at kickoff

Storified by Star Tribune · Sun, Jan 10 2016 20:05:11

It all started when Grant, 88, sauntered out to field to toss the coin at Sunday's Vikings-Seahawks game, which, at kickoff, featured an official temperature of minus-6 degrees. He was wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt.
And the Internet went wild.
@Vikings Bud Grant has still got it https://t.co/UQTX2j6M7c · Robert Blaker
Bud Grant went to Pluto to verify that it's not cold enough to be a real planet. #Vikings #SEAvsMIN #Granting https://t.co/jnCNl02Hb3 · Nick Lewis
@mcsmartypants @TrevorWThompson highlight of game. 88-year old Bud Grant in the -25° wind chill with a golf shirt https://t.co/sHS8k4ga4f · Rod Castro
Immediately following today's game Bud Grant & Chuck Norris set to have "man off". Vegas odds currently even. https://t.co/4ksl1CCWZ3 · Austin
Bud Grant is the man https://t.co/b1Ts22d1Db · Jake Magnell
My favorite Bud Grant cold weather moment https://t.co/d1JKEIqL7U · Dave Overlund
Bud Grant walked out to that coin toss for #SEAvsMIN like https://t.co/9mg3V0fbPk · Holler... G-Holler
#BudGrant #VikingsvsSeahawks #Vikings Bud Grant: the Minnesota Viking who's Too Tough For Cold." https://t.co/zSjz7vGLd6 · Mark Ollig
Bud Grant as a young man. #GoVikes #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/wo11WBFvxW · beretta3000
Bud Grant, ladies and gentlemen. https://t.co/tVESr3xReX · Anders Lindall
BREAKING NEWS: #BudGrant just summitted Mt. Everest in a short sleeve shirt. https://t.co/LJENRyhouO · Tim Post
Tom Coughlin admiring Bud Grant's cold weather attire. #MINvsSEA https://t.co/qK2mezshhp · David Snyder
#SEAvsMIN Bud Grant be like: https://t.co/dpH71jH4FR · Nick Kosir
Bud Grant is gonna be a White Walker in like three hours. https://t.co/P9PGtNp4Oz · Christian Clark
Bud Grant continues to be one of my old-school heroes. @Eddieonfox @DannyGradio @eai463 #SEAvsMIN #NFCWildCard https://t.co/m741Tu9WVp · Opie Roberts
#nfl #vikinkgs #NFLPlayoffs #MinnesotaVikings #budgrant https://t.co/1p09wGi1tI · Jay Unfiltered
#SEAvsMIN #BudGrant #NFL @Vikings https://t.co/ggfNX4zWna · Ryan Gunterman
https://storify.com/startribune/former-vikings-coach-legend-bud-grant-earns-internhttps://storify.com/startribune/former-vikings-coach-legend-bud-grant-earns-internSun, 10 Jan 2016 20:05:11 GMT
<![CDATA[Players, coaches mourn loss of Flip Saunders]]>

The longtime Timberwolves coach and executive died at 60 after a battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Storified by Star Tribune · Sun, Oct 25 2015 20:16:42

Soon after the announcement, memories and photos from players, friends and industry colleagues old and new poured in over social media.

Forever in my heart....

Ricky Rubio posted this photo to Instagram. Hover over the image to read his remarks.
Today, the guy who believed in me since day 1 passed away. He was all smiles passionate and really loved this game. He gave everything to the Timberwolves and did amazing things for us. He was our leader. Really gonna miss you coach. RestInPeace Flip. · Ricky Rubio
Karl-Anthony Towns posted this photo to Instagram. Hover to read the caption.
I've been thinking for 30 minutes of what to say but words can't describe how special and important Coach Saunders was to me. I want to thank you coach for giving me the opportunity to play in the NBA and achieve my dream. I know the man above has a special place for you in his kingdom and this world, this league, this family will never be the same. I love you coach and I'm going to miss you so so much. · Karl Towns
Kevin Love posted this photo to Instagram. Hover to read the caption.
Flip you were one of a kind. Great basketball mind and even better human being. You had a great impact on my life personally and professionally. RIP my friend. Prayers are with the Saunders family during this time. ·
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Coach Flip. My condolences to his family and loved ones. #RIPFLIP https://t.co/yxcJwdT0eG · Thad Young
Honored 2 have played for a brief time for Coach Flip. Learned a lot in a short time. So much passion 4 his players. https://t.co/m0eIo2YCfh · Thad Young
We'll miss you, Flip. Our thoughts are with your friends and family. https://t.co/Fs1ufzEzGw https://t.co/Reo8WUj8ED · Minnesota MBB
Great Coach, Great Husband, Great Mentor, Great father, but an even better man! We will never forget you Flip, we love you and you'll always be with us in our mind and hearts. We send our condolences to Flip's family. #RIPFlipSaunders #FuckCancer #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #MNTimberwolves #Timberwolves #RIPFlip · Minnesota Timberwolves
https://storify.com/startribune/twin-cities-mourns-forhttps://storify.com/startribune/twin-cities-mourns-forSun, 25 Oct 2015 20:16:42 GMT
<![CDATA[Gridlock has Twin Cities commuters seeing red]]>

Construction on three major highways at the same time has left drivers with white-knuckle commutes -- and plenty to say about it. The work has had traffic backed up into downtown Minneapolis at times.

Storified by Star Tribune · Thu, Jul 16 2015 17:58:46

@MSP_Traffic This is the gong show happening in downtown MSP. http://t.co/AdiNJQRNQX · Jeanette Cornforth
@MSP_Traffic must be running out of adjectives:
Some responded with sarcasm:
or not?
Some have helpful suggestions for improving the long rides:
Many drivers have the Minnesota Department of Transportation (@mndotnews) squarely in their sights:
@mndottraffic I found your traffic that is missing from 394. It is causing a 20 block back up in Uptown. #thankyou http://t.co/rGQel9oHfz · Chris Guertin
https://storify.com/startribune/traffichttps://storify.com/startribune/trafficThu, 16 Jul 2015 17:58:46 GMT
<![CDATA[Minnesotans weigh in on Stewart Mills' new 'do]]>

On Wednesday, former GOP Congressional candidate Stewart Mills tweeted a picture of his new haircut after a July 4th barbecue incident, causing a bit of stir from some Minnesotans.

Storified by Star Tribune · Thu, Jul 09 2015 17:17:05

Lost some hair, & a lot of pride, in a July 4 grilling “incident.” Might be time for a new look. #StillHaveEyebrows http://t.co/h5KLswUGYO · Stewart Mills
The new look after my July 4th Bar-B-Q singeing. The haircut fixed a lot; luckily my eyelashes aren’t as noticeable http://t.co/wviJxhX84h · Stewart Mills
The official Before & After.
Ex-candidate Stewart Mills cuts his trademark long hair after July Fourth grilling 'incident' http://t.co/rXrZsBv4Qw http://t.co/EA8ALMISbo · Star Tribune
Responses included hairstyle suggestions, responding to his official Twitter and Facebook postings of his new mug.

Grow your hair back

Others were a little disappointed, thinking he should grow back the long, Brad Pitt-like locks that made him so infamous during the campaign.

Let it grow ! That's who you are Stewart !!

That cut is going to take some getting used to!!!!!!!

Some were encouraging, even approving of his new 'do.

The hair does not make or break the person, people need to stop judging people by how they look. I am sure he is the same person with shoulder length hair or the short hair .

WOW! You look fantastic. Never thought you'd cut your locks, but what a great look.

And then there were the jokers.....

Looks good, but miss the Brad Pitt of the conservatives look. Glad you only lost hair in the "incident."

https://storify.com/startribune/reaction-to-stewart-mills-haircuthttps://storify.com/startribune/reaction-to-stewart-mills-haircutThu, 09 Jul 2015 17:17:05 GMT
<![CDATA[#TargetLayoffs reaction: Sympathy, silver linings and coping mechanisms]]>

News of 1,700 layoffs at Target's headquarters offices in downtown Minneapolis and their Brooklyn Park office had Twitter in a frenzy on Tuesday.

Storified by Star Tribune · Tue, Mar 10 2015 17:17:28

Most expressed sympathy for friends, family and former colleagues at Target.
Some encouraged them to look for a silver lining.
Or offered recruitment and networking help.
Or directed them to places to ... decompress. (that's what we'll call it.)
Drinking Spots for Coping with #TargetLayoffs http://t.co/1D79wmw10e http://t.co/tU1Vu7uj3M · Eater Minneapolis
https://storify.com/startribune/targetlayoffs-reaction-sadness-boycotts-recruitmehttps://storify.com/startribune/targetlayoffs-reaction-sadness-boycotts-recruitmeTue, 10 Mar 2015 17:17:28 GMT
<![CDATA[Photos show glory of Apostle Islands ice caves ]]>

The amazing Apostle Islands ice caves opened Saturday and drew large crowds for obvious reasons. Tag your photos #STcaves if you'd like to be included.

Storified by Star Tribune · Sun, Mar 01 2015 16:11:34

Apostle Island ice caves. Amazing! @oldmanharv @ladiahallie @hamlinetfxc @exploremn #stice · Mackenzie Lobby Havey
It was a rough cold day walking over Lake Superior to get to these caves #ApostleIslands #icecaves #lakesuperior · Jake Freese
I'm thinking about planning another trip to the ice caves this year! So incredible! This is one of my favorite images from last years trip. Exploring & photographing with my guy 😊 #icecaves #apostleislands #lakesuperior #winterinwisconsin #bayfield #vsco #bayfield_wi · Erika Lee
Look up into the caves of the Apostle Islands and you'll see the artistic works of mother nature. #stcaves · Lisa G
#icecaves #apostleislands · jbmarmot
#nature #nofilter #winter #lakesuperior #apostleislands #frigid #ice #icecaves · Shelly
Portal. · Shelly
Travels with the niece @theburnttoast · Katherina Vang
#lakesuperior #apostleislands #apostleislandsicecaves #icecaves #bayfield #wisconsin #upnorth #VSCOcam · amanda buck
#apostleislands · Jared Christopher
Spent the day hiking out to and army crawling into tiny ice caves with my dad (the real photographer). #icecaves #lakesuperior #apostleislands #meyersbeach #wisconsin #outdoors #nature #instanature #nature_geography #adventure #travel #outdoors #hiking · tosh.a
Apostle Islands Ice Caves · Melissa Guess
#icecaves · molly 🔮
Sea arch, winter style. #stice · Betsy
Ice(icles). #stice #apostleisland #explorewi · Betsy
Apostle Islands Ice Caves · Jared
#lakesuperior #apostleislands #apostleislandsicecaves #icecaves #bayfield #wisconsin #upnorth #VSCOcam · amanda buck
Nice walk on Lake Superior. #icecaves #wisconsinwinter #apostleislands · Andy Wegner
We hiked a few miles, but it was worth it. #lakesuperior #apostleislands #apostleislandsicecaves #bayfield #wisconsin #upnorth #VSCOcam · amanda buck
Crawled in for this one too. · Shelly
https://storify.com/startribune/up-close-at-the-apostle-islands-ice-caveshttps://storify.com/startribune/up-close-at-the-apostle-islands-ice-cavesSun, 01 Mar 2015 16:11:23 GMT
<![CDATA[Super Bowl predictions from the Star Tribune]]>

When it comes to predicting a Super Bowl win in 2015, will our NFL writers come out on top? Who's the real expert on the Star Tribune staff? #stribbowl

Storified by Star Tribune · Sat, Jan 31 2015 19:04:19

First, a word from the "experts," our Vikings beat writers and sports columnists. Only Master has the Seahawks? OK, then.
Next up, Vikings team leader and pop culture aficionado Chris Miller:
Sid Hartman: Sports columnist, the original genius.
Mike Rand: Digital sports reporter, jump suit enthusiast.
Chris Carr: Assistant sports editor, maverick son-in-law
Phil Miller: Twins writer, unclear on the concept
The behind-the-scenes Star Tribune staff -- online and sports copy editors -- know their stuff. And they split 2-2 in their predictions. That's no help at all ...
https://storify.com/startribune/super-bowl-predictions-from-the-star-tribunehttps://storify.com/startribune/super-bowl-predictions-from-the-star-tribuneSat, 31 Jan 2015 19:04:19 GMT
<![CDATA[Warm temperatures can't slow down Hockey Day in Minnesota]]>

Temperatures above freezing in parts of Minnesota didn't put a damper on the annual celebration of our State of Hockey. Here's how it unfolded. Tag yours #HDM2015.

Storified by Star Tribune · Sat, Jan 17 2015 23:53:20

Head to wild.com/hdmphotos for lots of Wells Fargo #HDM2015 photos! · Minnesota Wild
#OnlyInMN do you watch hockey in 20 degree weather while eating ice cream. #HDM2015 http://t.co/0gEXXvyK9C · FOX Sports North
Love my hockey players! Happy Hockey Day MN! #HDM2015 #NorthHockey · tmbraasch
Beauty of a Hockey Day. #hdm2015 · kross2676
Hockey Day Minnesota with these girls! #HDM2015 #Beauts · Maddy Benson
Happy Hockey Day everyone! Couple good ones with the future superstars. #HDM2015 · Joe McQuillan
Hermantown Bantam Tournament. Wayzata 2 - Duluth East 1 #hdm2015 #wayzatawin · Nathan Almquist
How it all begins @Russostrib. Happy Hockey Day Minnesota everyone! #HDM2015 http://t.co/cRX38r1BpF · Wenck Brothers
Fun time skating on the family rink @uspondhockey and watching some great hockey. Love this event and #hdm2015 · sguild1
Incredible Day. Thanks FSN #HDM2015 Go Gophers, Go Wild. http://t.co/0kwjTRzDIG · MEK
#HDM2015 #OurBackyardRink http://t.co/GQaDZe39ea · Ashlee Proulx
2005 AZ Jr Coyotes enjoying some MN pond hockey today on Lake Nokomis. Great to be in MN Today! @Russostrib #HDM2015 http://t.co/hYxgYbuKDz · Doug Saunders
#HDM2015 #FromGrandMarais @Russostrib http://t.co/ODnED2EyTe · Matthew Schoeppner
My girls Celebrating #HDM2015 in Rochester with outdoor hockey! @RochMiteHockey @Russostrib http://t.co/7dfx37Upa5 · Jason Sandberg
Termite 3 from @RochMiteHockey enjoying HockeyDayMinnesota. Love coaching these kids. #HDM2015 @Russostrib http://t.co/CefkDOp0Y0 · JoshDoughty
#HDMN2015 · Courtney Koemptgen
Unreal view from the outdoor #HDM2015 game @HockeyDayMN http://t.co/45FyrBV2wS ·
@Buccigross Nothing else like an outdoor high school hockey game on an airfield! #HDM2015 http://t.co/V1BHMSwNGu · Zach Halverson
RT if you're watching #HDM2015 to cheer on @LuverneHSHockey who takes the ice right now! http://t.co/quw4NKCGwb · FOX Sports North
https://storify.com/startribune/hockey-day-in-minnesota-heats-up-across-the-statehttps://storify.com/startribune/hockey-day-in-minnesota-heats-up-across-the-stateSat, 17 Jan 2015 23:53:20 GMT