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How do you respond to an online scientific misconception? The internet is full of opinions and counter-opinions. We kept coming up with new dilemmas revolving around online responses. http://bit.ly/17rkYLL for the pre-event description.

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Even before the event, people were finding resources!
Some people couldn't make it but were able to join in through twitter
We got started!
We watched statements said by a politician.
Sarah Palin on Fruit Fly!! · ebloggie
Then we looked at some responses:
A Lesson for Sarah Palin on Fruit Fly Research · oahcydnew
Sarah Palin on Autism and the Fruit Fly · BarackDocs
Fruit Fly Researchers for Palin · ilanes13
We then discussed what videos we preferred and which ones we think made a difference. It was interesting to see what people liked and what ones they thought would be effective. For example, some of the videos may be assuming previous knowledge or be targeting fellow scientists. What do you think?
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<![CDATA[Science & Arts]]>

Art and science are often considered unrelated; art is seen as creative and emotional whereas science is logical and rational. However, are science and art that different? When communicating scientific ideas, what are the boundaries?

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This is a great topic and several people interested - even if they couldn't attend.

Tour of Creativity in Motion

We started with a tour of Science World's Creativity in Motion exhibit, guided by the exhibit curator.
This month's @sciovan is about the intersection of art & science. We're getting an after-hours tour of Science World! http://pic.twitter.com/wVCJXTRUJT · Cath Ennis
All the geeks are like kids in a candy store! @sciovan http://pic.twitter.com/b5n3mYWmV4 · Cath Ennis

Exhibit Discussion

It was interesting to see the diverse views. Note: not a lot of people were tweeting, hopefully because the discussion was so full. I (@genegeek) tried to capture the discussion with tweets from @sciovan.
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<![CDATA[Changing Landscapes: Science in Canada's North]]>

We partnered with Science World to bring you local scientists and researchers discussing how research up north tells us about the impact it has on us down "south".

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Gearing up for October's #ScioVan. Thank you everyone for the RTs!
Saturday October 20: ScienceOnlineVancouver and Cafe Scientifique takes shape.
Setting up for tonight's #sciovan. Spiffy set up tonight & food hasn't arrived yet http://pic.twitter.com/YIq5crNl · genegeek
Another view of set up for tonight's #sciovan. It's going to be great! http://pic.twitter.com/xqMrWgIa · genegeek
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<![CDATA[#ScioVan IV: Writing for Action]]>

You have an issue you’re passionate about – and you know all the information to back it up – but how do you convey that message to an audience that will promote action? You might need different goals and messages for government officials, funders, or even family and friends.

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#ScioVan took a mini break over the summer and is back with a topic we are all about: Science Communication. Leading the discussion is Andy Torr, a communications strategist in the Office of the Vice President Research at UBC. He specializes in explaining complex scientific concepts to general audiences, and he develops targeted messaging about UBC research for government, industry, funding agencies, peer universities, and the public.
Someone was keen.
It's alive, it's ALIVE!
Science, I love you. #sciovan http://instagr.am/p/P0bJmZKV2t/ · ctrlaltaira
But that's okay we have munchies and beverages, thanks for @figshare!
Back on track with @AndyGTorr. Escaping from the Ivory Tower, which is also @AndyGTorr's go to book for communication tools. This book has a #SoSea association. The author is Nancy Baron, the Director of Science Outreach for Compass, who is also the boss of #SoSea organized @LizNeeley. Small world eh?
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<![CDATA[#ScioVan III - Naked Science]]>

Exposed. Transparent. Nude. All adjectives that should describe access to scientific journal articles, but currently, that’s not the case. The research paid by our Canadian taxpayer dollars is locked behind doors. The only way to access these articles is money, and lots of it!

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Leading up to the event
Some people couldn't make it...
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<![CDATA[#sovan 2: Making contact]]>

How do you contribute your knowledge and expertise to your community? Social media is supposed to make it easy but how to you pick between Facebook friends, twitter hashtags, google circles, blog posts and countless other online options?

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Full description of the event: http://scienceonlinevancouver.com/events/2012/05/517-event-2/
Before the event
We added mingling before the event
The 2nd #soVan event is starting shortly, and what better venue to host it in than @scienceworldca http://pic.twitter.com/5odSn0jv · Chad Atkins
And we get started...
What is happening?
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<![CDATA[The first ScienceOnlineVancouver - Where do you get your science? #SoVan]]>

Practically every day, the internet gives us another option for finding scientific information. More sources publishing more content more frequently! How do we keep up? We used the story of #arseniclife to discuss changing sci com roles.

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Some background to the discussions: science communication less about linear flow than messy engagement
Announcing ScienceOnlineVancouver!
And getting ready...
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