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15-18 May 2017, Messe Frankfurt, GermanyEvent Design Certificate Level 1 of Mastery at #IMEX17 #EduMonday, Frankfurt, Germany

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100% Excited Exit Behaviour after Event Design using #EventCanvas Level 1 Mastery #Purposefulmeetings #IMEX17 @IMEX_Group #EduMonday https://t.co/woFy1aYqhy · Ruud Janssen
11:00 starting now #EventCanvas in action Case study at @MPI stand F730 @ClaudiHullenaar @JessieStates @IMEXMilda @IMEX_Group #imex17 https://t.co/ULWS80BsN2 · Ruud Janssen
Event Design critical component of purposeful meetings at #IMEX17 #eventprofs #EventCanvas https://t.co/6EbfA5J52Y · Gerrit Jessen
Angeles Moreno @Jessie_States lead #EventCanvas education for #MPI @IMEX_Group #IMEX17. More sessions throughout the conference Stand F730 https://t.co/1lARmzisVL · Meeting Professional

#EduMonday recap in 82 seconds #EventCanvas #PurposefulMeetings #IMEX17 #EventDesign https://t.co/90sv6Qi8YY https://t.co/ZOP4AMrJVG · #EventCanvas.org
Design events with the #EventCanvas @AngelesMoreno1 #IMEX2017 https://t.co/ZDZG6La56h · Claudia v Hullenaar
#IMEX17 first step in 3 year commitment to educate Event Design using the #EventCanvas #PurposefulMeetings https://t.co/Q1yX2VuqaT · Ruud Janssen
Today we had the 'primeur': the first Level I Event Design training using the #EventCanvas simultaneaous in English & German. https://t.co/qA2u0XLMrj · Roel Frissen
@sinabuente @ICCAWorld @IMEXDale @IMEXSarah @IMEX_Group Liking the outside Event Design Room using the #EventCanvas - we were in Spektrum 1&2 #EduMonday # https://t.co/K2SW64lXCf · #EventCanvas.org
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-certificate-level-1-at-imex17-edumondhttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-certificate-level-1-at-imex17-edumondThu, 18 May 2017 13:18:49 GMT
<![CDATA[Global Spine Congress Milan, 3-6 May 2017 ]]>


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Global Spine Congress 2017 - Milan, Italy · AOSpine
Event Design baseline in progress w/team @AOSpine at #gscmilan2017 - 100 participants equipped w/ @Exp_Fellow come meet team @EventModelGen https://t.co/TKq2nJR0FT · Ruud Janssen
Happy to be at Gathering of Spinal Community @AOSpine #gscmilan2017 https://t.co/3hMx6JptBX · Mike Grevitt
@jcwspine giving insights about the AOSpine #mentorship education scheme, calling it "one of the most gratifying experiences" #gscmilan2017 https://t.co/VeXY9STLKU · AOSpine
Ready and looking forward to welcoming you at the #gscmilan2017! #spinesurgeon #community https://t.co/aU8jk2NF3m https://t.co/6DGJxyakAb · AOSpine
#gscmilan2017 #spinesurgeons https://t.co/TysWWKAKDf · carlotta martini
Great session on how to Write and Review a Paper with GSJ Editors and a packed house! #gscmilan2017 #SpineHealth #Spine #getpublished https://t.co/o0LxPO1ser · Global Spine Journal
Thank you AOSpine #gscmilan2017 https://t.co/3XMojDDD1s · Ghazwan Bayaty
Stop by the AOSpine booth to find out what's new with the world's largest organization for spine surgeons. #GSCmilan2017 https://t.co/PA0g5VoHAj · AOSpine NA
Full house at AOSpine Members-only sessions: "pearls of practice" and "how toget involved into AOSpine research" #gscmilan2017 https://t.co/m8nfvjRgiI · AOSpine
#gscmilan2017 #leduecarlotte #friends #blacklovelyduck https://t.co/ksuppIY7Gv · carlotta martini
#gscmilan2017 https://t.co/GWYDpETeDV · carlotta martini
#gscmilan2017 https://t.co/usGbSeDNdr · carlotta martini
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/global-spine-congress-milan-3-6-may-2017https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/global-spine-congress-milan-3-6-may-2017Sat, 06 May 2017 10:22:15 GMT
<![CDATA[Manila Event Design Training 27&28 April 2017]]>

Event Design using the #EventCanvas level 1 & 2, 27&28 April 2017, Treston International College in collaboration with LEAD Impact Asia.

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Event Design #eventcanvas training = More Fun in the Philippines @PhilippineStar @manila_bulletin @TrestonPH @DeanInaBalani @ablaxamana https://t.co/hiBPPn5AV4 · Ruud Janssen
@DeanInaBalani @TrestonPH Thanks for your enthusiasm + involvement @DeanInaBalani Looking forward to #eventcanvas day 2 @TrestonPH today https://t.co/i4bqFAYW1d · Ruud Janssen
@TrestonPH Participants in the Event Design workshop. Learned so much in 2 days. Hope it was longer. #eventcanvas 👍 https://t.co/X0D77StMlq · Ina Balani
#eventcanvas Event Design @trestonph https://t.co/LQv5nAAKUn · Ina Balani
Event Design #EventCanvas https://t.co/BK9CZ5OmRN · Cherry Mae Bobis
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/manila-event-design-training-27-28-april-2017https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/manila-event-design-training-27-28-april-2017Tue, 02 May 2017 12:54:54 GMT
<![CDATA[EVENT DESIGN handbook, UK Launch - The Dorchester, London 7 Dec 2017]]>

The Oysters is a collaborative effort by 19 Destination Convention Bureau's hosting the UK Book Launch of the Event Design Handbook - How to systematically Design innovative Events using the #EventCanvas http://www.theoysterslunch.eventreference.com

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Great fun prototyping, eating, meeting interesting people & learning how to create awesome events #eventcanvas Thank you @RuudWJanssen! https://t.co/koDCLhCxt0 · Kim Wylie
Today 19 @TheOysters CVBs & 30 int'l #associations #eventprofs learnt about designing events that matter with @RuudWJanssen #eventcanvas https://t.co/ElPF4IC9Rs · Oysters
Thank you @RuudWJanssen for the informative yet entertaining talk today #eventcanvas @EventModelGen @theoysters #london #dorchester https://t.co/KtxHmfgkAJ · Maria Pangoli
@RuudWJanssen shaking up approaches to event design #EventCanvas origami task - protypes before success https://t.co/qw30kT2niA · Tracy Bury
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-handbook-uk-launch-the-dorchester-lonhttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-handbook-uk-launch-the-dorchester-lonThu, 02 Feb 2017 10:07:22 GMT
<![CDATA[#Biotronik team training #EventCanvas]]>

BIOTRONIK Global Events Team Event Design using the #EventCanvas Training 1+2 December 2016, Crowne Plaza Berlin Potsdammerplatz

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#Biotronik team training #EventCanvas 1&2 Dec 2016 Berlin · Ruud Janssen
20161202 Biotronik Level 1 Cert Group Photo #EventCanvas - 1 ·
20161202 Biotronik Jump #EventCanvas - 1 ·
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 69 ·
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 66 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 24 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 32 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 13 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 38 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 31 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 52 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 39 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 78 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 67 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 43 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 17 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 75 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 0 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 2 · TNOC.photostream
Biotronik #EventCanvas Training - 3 · TNOC.photostream
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/biotronik-team-training-eventcanvashttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/biotronik-team-training-eventcanvasMon, 05 Dec 2016 14:18:07 GMT
<![CDATA[#CoEE The College of Extraordinary Experiences]]>

The College of Extraordinary Experiences. http://www.extraordinary.college 10-13 November 2016. A collection of user generated content from the alumni of the inaugural #CoEE Class of 2016 -Headmaster B. Joseph Pine II of http://www.extraordinary.college 10-13 November 2016, Czòcha Castle, Poland

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The College of Extraordinary Experiences Teaser · Extraordinary College
Check out @CollegeofEE, a business innovation conference unlike any other you have attended so far: #COEE: https://t.co/fL9v1C1EdI https://t.co/GiQOZyd0Tm · ExtraordinaryCollege
So this is the castle. Magical, as expected. #coee @CollegeofEE https://t.co/0S4r85cbKO · Marina Terteryan
You may check-in anytime you like... #CoEE (@ Zamek Czocha in Sucha, Dolnośląskie) https://t.co/45UL4Lum7B https://t.co/aIOgSePOPI · Ruud Janssen
The organizing team for #coee @CollegeofEE #experiencedesign https://t.co/NfnzWkPn6x · Marina Terteryan
College of Extraordinary Experiences #CoEE · Flickr
What is The College of Extraordinary Experiences? · Paul Bulencea
This is how 9 hours straight concept work for the @CollegeofEE look like at the end #CoEE https://t.co/RH2ZK0B5Mf https://t.co/tfcURKeyx1 · Paul Bulencea
What is the College of Extraordinary Experiences? The answer to the what lies in the why. https://t.co/d9UOx0eKcJ #coee https://t.co/zHNzthVmaq · Joe Pine
'We've got a feeling about this one' #COEE =rapid prototyping+cocreation+flexible focus ->https://t.co/IaRZRIZuZv #EventCanvas=there https://t.co/k92jxlBVd0 · EventModelGeneration
20161024 #COEE Faculty session ·
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/coeehttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/coeeThu, 29 Dec 2016 11:33:40 GMT
<![CDATA[#icomm16 an InterCommunity Journey across the globe in 14 hours by the Internet Society (recapped in 1 rich story)]]>

#icomm16 an InterCommunity Journey across the globe in 14 hours by the Internet Society (recapped in 1 rich story from the participant's perspective of member Ruud Janssen viewing online from Switzerland)

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VIDEO - 14 hours across the globe on InterCommunity 2016 recapped in 32 minutes. A participant's perspective from Switzerland.

#icomm16 recap video in 32 minutes · Ruud Janssen

VIDEO - Vint Cerf's view on the next 25 Years of the Internet (Society)

#icomm16 @vgcerf 's view on the next 25 yrs of the Internet · Ruud Janssen

Global Session 2 Europe & Africa Wrap in a short Video

#icomm16 Global Session 2 EMEA @KathrynCBrown + wrap up @FredericDonck round the nodes · Ruud Janssen

#icomm16 user perspectives in a blogpost by @InternetSociety

InterCommunity 2016 Experience Journey mapped out into a mindmap

In an audio PODcast by @DanYork on #icomm16 on Soundcloud

And a random sampler of some of the hundreds of tweets using #icomm16 from InterCommunity Participants from around the Globe...

https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/icomm16-an-intercommunity-journey-across-the-globehttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/icomm16-an-intercommunity-journey-across-the-globeFri, 23 Sep 2016 11:06:36 GMT
<![CDATA[A visual story of how EVENT DESIGN using the #EventCanvas landed at @XPLANE studio Portland, OR, USA ]]>

Event Model Generation team (Roel Frissen & Ruud Janssen) were delighted to visit the team at XPLANE and their invited clients for a 1 day EVENT DESIGN workshop using the #EventCanvas at XPLANE studio Portland, OR, USA.

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Version 2 · TNOC.photostream
See the #EventCanvas of the Event Design of the workshop on the Mural interactive collaboration platform http://mur.al/m2ExqLRZ
See all the photos and videos below in the Flickr photostream
The trailer of the book recapped in 76 seconds
EVENT DESIGN handbook introduction clip · Ruud Janssen

Thank you to XPLANE for your terrific support and studio + rooftop!

Likes - amplified during the day · TNOC.photostream
Ok, let's loose the pillar for the last part of the workshop!
"People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning." #EventCanvas #MPITLS16 @EventModelGen @MPI https://t.co/eppnFAbeoM · Ruud Janssen
Amazing creative offices at Xplane! #portland #eventcanvas #creativity #eventprofs #eventdesign… https://t.co/9XsG5SdELA · Alissa Hurley
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-using-the-eventcanvas-xplane-studio-phttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-using-the-eventcanvas-xplane-studio-pSat, 17 Sep 2016 22:25:51 GMT
<![CDATA[Event Design Certificate Programme #Amsterdam #EventCanvas 25-27 Aug 2016]]>

EDC at University of Amsterdam

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Only have a minute here is the Story of EDC and how it created value (through behaviour change) in 12 slides < 60 seconds
EDC 25-27 Aug 2016 in 12 images · Ruud Janssen
Want to see all the photos and videos? Check the stack below for 312 gems of moments that will remain in our memories. Weren't there? Sorry, here is what you missed.
And here is the hard work of 3 days of EVENT DESIGN DOING recapped in 1 EVENT CANVAS visual for the winning Pitch, The blueprint for the Bahrain Education Conference 2017.
Bahrain Education Conference output at EDC Amsterdam 2016 ·
Exhausted by very satisfied with EDC Amsterdam #EventCanvas - now back to Base(l) https://t.co/eBRSKQPqZS https://t.co/113LKqeq8k · Ruud Janssen
#eventcanvas #time4moutains #mpi #mountains (at @uvagsc) https://t.co/oj3CcaW6Of https://t.co/XQAPgn1wMH · Krzysztof Celuch
Look what I found! #EventCanvas @Schiphol (@ AKO News & Books Lounge 1 - @akovoornu) https://t.co/0H8VO00zAG https://t.co/wfpaQhQ3A9 · Ruud Janssen
Event Design Class of Amsterdam 2016 documenting @alpedhuzes as an event and how it creates value. #eventcanvas https://t.co/jZLyoxVKOa · Roel Frissen
1st copy in hand! Event Design Handbook=proud #EventCanvas moment w/ @roelfrissen @TahiraCreates @visiblethinking https://t.co/Gfhx9gMq9G · Ruud Janssen
EVENT DESIGN handbook - YouTube · YouTube
#eventcanvas #future #mountains #hollandpoland #mpi #nowornever https://t.co/JzkxOgSYSD · Krzysztof Celuch
Ready to make your own (mini) book? try your creativity on #EventCanvas cheat sheet https://t.co/CVU2DYtaSh https://t.co/i3mjM8w2t5 · EventModelGeneration
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-certificate-programme-amsterdam-25-27https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/event-design-certificate-programme-amsterdam-25-27Tue, 30 Aug 2016 16:17:56 GMT
<![CDATA[#MPIcontent - MPI Netherlands innovates - radically! ]]>


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Geweldige dag gehad gisteren #MPIcontent, een verrassend, innovatief programma en wát een gave locatie @Sugar_City! https://t.co/HLGvTZZ6cf · Wendy
Wat een top dag als dagvoorzitter bij #MPIcontent en 4 sprekers tegelijk zien knokken om de toehoorder was ongekend. https://t.co/tnyOjynElJ · loek peters
Looks like #MPIcontent hit the mark - well done + congrats to team @nlconference @MPINL @roelfrissen https://t.co/i6Pu2tjXou · Ruud Janssen
Fijne #MPIcontent op een stoere locatie @Sugar_City. Bedankt @NathalieUnger voor de uitnodiging. @MPINL https://t.co/JK2dq5baGZ · Mariska Jacobi
Mannenliefde met @bakermans01 , @NicoMMeyer en Nicolette @ #MPIcontent https://t.co/CSetrc7QHF · Ivo Lammers
Met 'Penoza Berry' @1Loekpeters evalueren @Sugar_City. Nieuw concept #MPIcontent onderwerp van gesprek https://t.co/Da7eTTXpeO @BuroBarcode · high profile Events
Met 'Penoza Berry' @1Loekpeters evalueren @Sugar_City. Nieuw concept #MPIcontent onderwerp van gesprek. @Events_NL https://t.co/v4Mdnue3Rv · BarbaravanBaarsel
Thank you Team #MPIcontent great event! https://t.co/dllvXCMEZw · Federico Toja
Kicken dit! Zit op het puntje van mijn stoel bij parallelsessies @mpinl #MPIcontent @patrickpijl rules #sugarcity https://t.co/FfwBlQpiLB · JokeBosma
#MPIcontent begane grond 'pakt' een paar meter, simultaan presentaties toch een beetje wedstrijd... https://t.co/bXDEOd8iJC · Nico Meyer
https://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/mpicontent-mpi-netherlands-innovates-radicallyhttps://storify.com/ruudwjanssen/mpicontent-mpi-netherlands-innovates-radicallyThu, 02 Feb 2017 09:57:03 GMT