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Let's ask social media.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Tue, Jan 24 2017 18:04:31

The social media reaction in two tweets...

On Larebo's alternative historical facts...

Larebo is not alone, apparently..!

Larebo clarifies his use of the term pastoralists using a biblical example but doesn't back down...

አጭር ማብራሪያ። ዶ/ር ሃይሌ ላሬቦ ከኢሳት ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለምምልስ ላይ አንዳንድ ወገኖች "ዶ/ሩ ያልተገባ ቃል ተጠቅመዋልና ማብራሪያ ይሰጠን" ብለው በጠየቁት መሰረት እንዲሁም ዶ/ር ሃይሌ ማብራሪያ መስጠቱ ተገቢ ሆኖ ስላገኙት የሚከተለው ማብራሪያ ቀርቧል። ኢሳት ሁሉንም ኢትዮጵያውያን በእኩል ለማገልገል የተቋቋመ፣ ለሃሳብ ልዕልና፣ ለዲሞክራሲ፣ ለእኩልነት፣ ለፍትህና ለህዝብ አንድነት የሚታገል የመገናኛ ብዙሃን እንደመሆኑ፣ የተለዬ የታሪክ አረዳድ አለን የሚሉም ሆነ የፖለቲካ አስተሳሰባቸውን ለህዝብ ለማስተላለፍ የሚፈልጉ ሰዎች በኢሳት ላይ ቀርበው እንደሁልጊዜው ሃሳባቸውን ( እውቀታቸውን) ማካፈል እንደሚችሉ ለማስታወስ እንወዳለን። የተለያዩ አስተያየቶችን ለሰጣችሁን ወገኖች በሙሉ ምስጋናችንን ከፍ ያለ ነው። · ESAT

Some users are wondering if Larebo is simply confused. We think not..!

https://storify.com/OPride/esat-pushing-an-anti-oromo-thesishttps://storify.com/OPride/esat-pushing-an-anti-oromo-thesisTue, 24 Jan 2017 18:04:31 GMT
<![CDATA[Feyisa Lelisa: 'The bravest act of the 2016 Olympics.']]>

Lelisa crossed the finish line in Rio, raising his crossed wrists above his head in solidarity with #OromoProtests in Ethiopia. His defiant gesture is being hailed as heroic and one for the ages.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Thu, Nov 17 2016 20:20:51

#FeyisaLilesa 's salute at #Rio2016 is to a 9 month unarmed struggle that saw 400 killed by gov forces in #Ethiopia https://t.co/4oKu7XeX2L · Zecharias Zelalem
Here is Feyisa Lilesa at the finish line before taking silver in the marathon. #Rio2016 https://t.co/izbKi7YRhg · Chris Chavez
https://storify.com/OPride/feyisa-lelisa-the-bravest-act-of-the-2016-olympicshttps://storify.com/OPride/feyisa-lelisa-the-bravest-act-of-the-2016-olympicsMon, 22 Aug 2016 03:54:15 GMT
<![CDATA[#OromoProtests: A day of rage in Oromia]]>

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Thu, Nov 17 2016 20:20:51

Al Jazeera report on Grand #OromoProtests & regime's usual rhetoric of taking "necessary measure" aka "kill & hide" https://t.co/H0tq5fg8iw · Bullo Erena
As usual, TPLF's minority regime blames #Eritrea for today's nationwide #OromoProtests freedom rally. https://t.co/4UpGeoVBNC #ThanksEritrea · 125
Want to know what happened today and what's behind the #OromoProtests? Read this: https://t.co/q2bONUbThX https://t.co/CuUw7lbBxQ · James Wan
Today's #OromoProtests is by far the largest and most effective freedom rally in modern #Ethiopia/n history. https://t.co/VliYk3Of3v · 125
I Stand with #OromoProtests! Do you? https://t.co/IvWlh1RAGK · ጭቆናው ይብቃ♢ ድምፃችን ይሰማ♡
Beginning of the end! #Ethiopia/n military soldiers join today's #OromoProtests freedom rally. Denounce TPLF regime. https://t.co/vpBuneaot7 · 125
Fear is dead in Oromia!#OromoProtests https://t.co/dE6OOGUcXe · 125
https://storify.com/OPride/oromoprotests-live-blog-a-day-of-rage-in-oromiahttps://storify.com/OPride/oromoprotests-live-blog-a-day-of-rage-in-oromiaSat, 06 Aug 2016 20:20:33 GMT
<![CDATA[Who's telling African stories?]]>

A panel organized by @TheCYAL and @AiDinnovations during the 2015 #SMWNYC @nyukimmel. Disclaimer: I said stuff. Tweets mostly by @apemonki. #SMWAfricanStories

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Thu, Nov 17 2016 20:20:57

Whos Telling our stories? Join the conversation on #smwAfricanstories #smwnyc w/ @AfricWomenPower @OPride @tmsruge http://t.co/7sD9AUMknT · The CYAL
#SMWAfricanStories #SMWNYC http://t.co/nisAVo7q05 · laolu senbanjo
Happy to be at #smwafricanstories #SMW15 smwafrica #curiousontz #tanzania #NYC http://t.co/v82FAV9RNi · Curious On Tanzania
What's an African event without food?
#smwafricanstories http://t.co/SBxEtDR7v9 · Loukman Lamany
Talking about why social media is important to telling our African stories | over a great meal #smwafricanstories. http://t.co/SoIP5mCJ7l · Curious On Tanzania
African Brunch and NYU reunion at #SMWAfricanStories with @OPride, africwomenpower, @tmsruge,… https://t.co/8I1eR42aeH · Roxsanne
https://storify.com/OPride/telling-the-african-story-in-140-characters-or-leshttps://storify.com/OPride/telling-the-african-story-in-140-characters-or-lesFri, 27 Feb 2015 04:21:06 GMT
<![CDATA[The brilliance of #EastAfricanFeminism]]>

On Sunday Oct. 12, @SafyHallanFarah created the hashtag #EastAfricanFeminism with this note: "to hopefully facilitate a discussion with myself (tho you're welcome to join me)." The rest, as they say, is storified below. Total brilliance. Full of life.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Mon, Oct 13 2014 23:41:10

#EastAfricanFeminism reminds me of Peri M. Klemm's Bareedina: Women of Oromia project: http://t.co/YjAqZLQDCJ http://t.co/So6pMWE4lP · Mohammed Ademo
https://storify.com/OPride/eastafricanfeminism-honors-mothershttps://storify.com/OPride/eastafricanfeminism-honors-mothersMon, 13 Oct 2014 23:37:19 GMT
<![CDATA[Irreechaa 2014: Photos and videos from around the world ]]>

Irreechaa marks the end of a dark rainy season in the tropics and the beginning of blossom harvest at the dawn of spring. Oromos celebrate Irreechaa to thank Waaqaa and to welcome the new season of plentiful harvests after the dark and rainy winter season associated with natur and creature.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Wed, Oct 08 2014 04:05:21

One of the Abba Gedas as they celebrate 2day's colorful and eye-catching #Irreecha2014 #Ethiopia http://t.co/pBGBHNKVJV · Mekdi_G
Ethiopia's Erecha festival · cctvafricalive
#Irreechaa2014 Qeerroo Singing and Dancing at Bishoftu Irreechaa Festive #HappyIrreechaDay http://t.co/EHgwbeaBRR · Jhon The Ambo
#Irreechaa2014 On the way to 'Hora Arsedi' a like side of Bishoftu where Irreechaa Take Place #HappyIrreechaDay http://t.co/dlSR4SvQhz · Jhon The Ambo

For more context on Irreechaa, read Sinke Wesho's write-up:

Harro Horaa Arsadii where #Irreecha have been celebrated. #Irreecha2014 #Ethiopia http://t.co/FFW7De7EMV · Mekdi_G
Anthony Byrne - Timeline Photos | Facebook · Facebook
Millions of people gathered last weekend... · amyvansteenwyk
https://storify.com/OPride/irreechaa-2014-celeberation-photos-and-videoshttps://storify.com/OPride/irreechaa-2014-celeberation-photos-and-videosWed, 08 Oct 2014 04:05:05 GMT
<![CDATA[OSFNA puts on a successful #OromoWeek2014 ]]>

The 18th annual soccer tournament organized by Oromo Sports Federation in North America (OSFNA) held from Aug. 2-9 in Minnesota wrapped up last weekend after what has been described as the most successful event in years.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Thu, Aug 14 2014 10:56:40

#OromoWeek2014 half time performance, love this so much fun..so little time. #LittleOromia #Oromoculture #Africa http://t.co/a2GSCq2kiK · Sy_Fit
see you next year #OSFNA #oromoweek2014 http://t.co/kQShCnGRdG · OROMIA FC _ODAA FC
Unreal, we have @alfranken in the house. #Oromoweek2014 just getting heat up. #Oromo #Ethiopia http://t.co/vkxvKaXNK1 · Sy_Fit
https://storify.com/OPride/osfna-puts-on-a-successful-oromoweek2014https://storify.com/OPride/osfna-puts-on-a-successful-oromoweek2014Thu, 14 Aug 2014 10:56:40 GMT
<![CDATA[#OromoWeek2014: all eyes on Minnesota ]]>

Oromos from around the world are gathered in Minnesota for the 19th annual Oromo soccer tournament. The event runs from Aug. 1- August 9 at James Griffin Stadium in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Wed, Aug 06 2014 15:07:15

It will be #OromoWeek in #Minneapolis soon, it's official: Aug 2-9. #Oromo #LittleOromia http://t.co/tquQG7dnCR · Amy Van Steenwyk
Anga'a Dhuguma, 1 of the pioneers in Macha Tulama Association, cutting cake at #MTA50 in Washington, D.C. #OromoWeek http://t.co/sjBLHbOxiM · Ayyo Momina
Author Tesfaye Gebre'ab speaking at the 50th Anniversary of Macha Tulama Association. #MTA50 http://t.co/rpicaRzgcT · Lammi Jarso
Ethiopia's political system did not change in the last 50 years since the founding of Macha Tulama Association.#MTA50 http://t.co/iMAlFDkLta · Lammi Jarso
I'm standing here today because I believe together we can change the future of our people -- Dr. Hinika #OSA2014 http://t.co/ZaeMaVQSBe · Ayyo Momina
https://storify.com/OPride/oromoweek2014-a-summer-to-rememberhttps://storify.com/OPride/oromoweek2014-a-summer-to-rememberWed, 06 Aug 2014 15:07:15 GMT
<![CDATA[Gruesome #OromoProtests photos show indiscriminate mass killings ]]>

Oromo students began protesting against Addis Ababa's expansion last week. More than 50 people were killed and hundreds reported arrested. Here are some photos shared by citizen journalists across various social media platforms. (Disclaimer: Very graphic images. View at your own discretion.)

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Wed, May 07 2014 03:35:46

Hot hashtag: #OromoProtests — Oromo activists demonstrate against Addis Ababa expansion plan http://t.co/PUwa0OMy2O http://t.co/ONaekp5WUf · Femi Oke
Ethiopian Security Forces Open Fire on #Oromo Student Protesters, Killing 28 http://t.co/ZffagyDSkk #OromoProtests http://t.co/PoME3Yyl11 · Revolution News
#OromoProtests Photo: Addis Ababa University Students Urge @JohnKerry to condemn the govt violence on #Oromo students http://t.co/AOzD5eiUrY · Gadaa Oromo
Tormenting,beating, killing students. This is what they teach in the Universities. #OromoProtests #FreeZone9Bloggers http://t.co/zrVYFCsOEl · Free my Edom
UN, we're witnessing a repeat of Soweto-1976 with the slaying of Oromo students; why are you quiet? #OromoProtests http://t.co/g0XUtsYgoX · Gadaa Oromo
#OromoProtests Is really in unprecedented stage. Look at the choir of the church. #Ethiopia http://t.co/rGnIdHds2W · TameratNegeraFeyisa
#OromoProtests #Ethiopia http://t.co/jHnoh2QKOm · Endale Muleta
New photo: #OromoProtests against land-grab around Finfinne & across Oromia, & for restoration of Finfinne as #Oromo http://t.co/RRxWJ6owdd · Gadaa Oromo
DAMBI-DOLO WEST WELLAGA #OROMIA #OromoProtests http://t.co/aAzSmOR9CI · Henok Oromiyaa
#OromoProtests in ethiopian http://t.co/1iagT8FGVT · Endale Muleta
@AJStream #OromoProtests @ been protesting about killing innocent children in Ethiopia!! http://t.co/jskMZr9XRi · Kaki.selba
Happening right now #OromoProtests Chicago rally @ABC news station http://t.co/TlYaUMINgd · Gifti_Oro
Protest is currently underway in London, UK! #OromoProtests http://t.co/KRugfdPWTE · Tolesa Buli
#OromoProtests Kumala Gudisa Bali who was shot in Ambo on April 30 and passed away at Tikur Ambassa Hospital. @CNN http://t.co/jCpzuGtImT · Jamal Lolo
#OromoProtests continued in cittu, ameya and dariyan high schools ..120 km south west of Addis Ababa. pic from cittu. http://t.co/o1IMroMKvM · Solomon Genene
@hrw @Oromo_NT wt can Abadula tell his kids if they ask him why these kids..? canthold tears #Ethiopia #OromoProtests http://t.co/TCLvLHMm8B · Doroo Buushee Barii
@AJStream @mmbilal #OromoProtests #Ethiopia http://t.co/gP5VrEvJP2 · Kunta Kinte
picture speaks louder than words while @JohnKerry is in #Ethiopia #OromoProtests being gun down by security officers http://t.co/pN47FfzCCb · Alwayes Now
#OromoProtests l Derartu Abdeta - at risk of torture. #University. @EliasMeseret @AP @ABC @FoxNews @dailynation http://t.co/qOP8l57Ds6 · Abiy Atomssa
Some of the victims of Haramaya university massacre, #Ethiopia #OromoProtests @cnnbrk @AJStream @BBCAfrica @PressTV http://t.co/CcBjETeQdR · Abduselam kuri
http://storify.com/OPride/oromoprotests-in-photoshttp://storify.com/OPride/oromoprotests-in-photosWed, 07 May 2014 03:35:46 GMT
<![CDATA[#Ethiopia grilled over dismal Human Rights record ]]>

The Ethiopian government faced fresh scrutiny over its dismal human rights record on Tuesday at the United Nations during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. The UN event comes amid Ethiopia's heavy-handed crackdown on peaceful #OromoProtestst and arrests of bloggers and journalists.

Storified by Mohammed Ademo · Tue, May 06 2014 12:33:20

http://storify.com/OPride/un-grilles-ethiopia-on-dismal-human-rights-recordhttp://storify.com/OPride/un-grilles-ethiopia-on-dismal-human-rights-recordTue, 06 May 2014 12:33:20 GMT