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Follow our live coverage of Prince William, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George's tour of New Zealand.

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There he is! Baby George carried by the Duchess in Sydney, en route to Wellington.

The Duke and Duchess board their flight with Prince George: http://t.co/hhwAe7iVYu #RoyalVisitNZ · Royal Central
Rehearsal begins at Government House in Wellington #royaltourNZ http://t.co/2E4izM7oUb · Celina Edmonds
Duchess of Cambridge prepares to board her flight to #NZ with baby George! @dashroyal #RoyalVisitNZ #RoyalVisitAus http://t.co/Gqw9wi0ywm · Sunrise
Close up of Kate boarding flight for NZ wearing MaxMara! #royalvisitNZ http://t.co/X7OdkkFKri · HRH Kate Blog
What a face baby George! #royaltourNZ #RoyalVisitNZ #Today9 RT @thetodayshow http://t.co/46stHw0xM3 · Kelly Mathews
BREAKING: Duke & Duchess of Cambridge boarding a flight to #Wellington,with baby Prince George #royalvisitNZ #Today9 http://t.co/cn3oORNwBi · Kelly Mathews
BREAKING The Royals bound for NZ. RT @talithacummins7 #RoyalVisitNZ http://t.co/Lr8Z84UNRm · Kelly Mathews
Royals board a plane bound for NZ. Not the best welcome to Sydney for them with the rain! RT @9NewsSyd #RoyalVisitNZ http://t.co/0A2ZfNe5xJ · Kelly Mathews
Wet and windy in Wellington at Government House for morning crosses #royaltourNZ http://t.co/huyzo4xdTL · Celina Edmonds
The Royals are in Oz! They're about to board this NZ airforce jet. Watch Sunrise for updates #royal tour http://t.co/JP4v9f9fjd · Talitha Cummins
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince ... · Facebook
Local paper's take on Royal visit. "Prince George charm offensive" and "William may not be King" http://t.co/bPew8PT83Q · Victoria Murphy
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<![CDATA[Live coverage: Chile earthquake]]>

A major earthquake of magnitude 8.2 has struck off the coast of Chile, triggering a tsunami that has hit the northern part of the country and a tsunami warning for all of South and Central America's Pacific coast.

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TERREMOTO ARICA - CHILE / 1 DE ABRIL 2014 · raaishaar
Credible image of damaged church in Huara, Chile (about 40mi NE of Iquique) via @AgustinoChile: http://t.co/ddqEv6kmZ4 #earthquake · The Weather Channel
La alerta de tsunami en #Chile se mantendrá seis horas http://t.co/Q7v1CoC0VR http://t.co/mO9bPCBEum · Noticias MVS
#StaySafe #Chile. What the #Chile 8.2R #Earthquake looked like on Seismograph a continent away (in #LittleRock #AR) . http://t.co/ozycZogp4r · Adil Najam
@ItsMidnightRed earthquake and tsunami in Chile now #PrayForChile #RedheadsChileans http://t.co/c2eEq9my3d · Lady Gaga Follow Me
Earthquake and tsunami Chile - Shaking map of the earthquake - http://t.co/lGfTS9CdXx http://t.co/6UgJCjHCmE · Earthquakes Tsunamis
Exitosa evacuación en Valparaíso, Chile http://t.co/TNZS0Fo71A · Wikisismos
Fotos: Imágenes de daños e incendios reportados por Terremoto en el N de Chile M8.3 http://t.co/Y5NmVfjdYA · Geól. Sergio Almazán
Earthquake in northern Chile consistent with slip, or 'megathrust,'
between the Nazca and South America tectonic plates, @USGS reports. Click link below to read more...
Earthquake Chile Tsunami Warning SIRENS! 8.0 · deancoombesanfield
Powerful Earthquake Shakes Chile, Triggers Tsunami Warnings And Forces Evacuations Along Coast http://t.co/e8JmON0Aq2 http://t.co/8KLdZE4vOb · BuzzFeed News
.@AFPPhoto: Residents in Chile's Iquique stand in the street following a tsunami alert after tonight’s earthquake http://t.co/LMKKdxf2pE · BuzzFeed News
From @NPRrussell: Eight aftershocks have hit Chile since the 8.2 magnitude earthquake http://t.co/IRlbSYtGVw · BuzzFeed News
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<![CDATA[Crimeans vote on split from Ukraine]]>

Crimeans have voted in a referendum on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia. We're following the latest updates as voting closes and results come in.

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Celebrations as Crimea votes to join the Russian federation http://t.co/QQYDlDLgev http://t.co/eO7yT90uuU · SBS News
#Crimea/ns celebrating in Simferopol after hearing referendum results. #Russia/n flags everywhere http://t.co/yrxm7VnwSv · Balkan news
Pro-Russia supporters carry a huge Russian flag during a rally in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine http://t.co/OchlBrPOs9 · Agence France-Presse
Crimeans have voted overwhelmingly to join Russia as tensions soar in Ukraine http://t.co/oMJz0N4tts http://t.co/jmgzO9BBZc · SBS News
A statement from The White House says the referendum "is contrary to Ukraine’s constitution, and the international community will not recognise the results of a poll administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law":
Photo: Officials start counting votes from Crimea's referendum in Simferopol (Reuters) http://t.co/qphL8T0Gg4 http://t.co/NzyRgc3unF · AJAM Live
Pro-Russia demonstrators wave Russian flags as they gather in Simferopol's Lenin Square, by @f_monteforte http://t.co/LVpb2fAKbI · Agence France-Presse
Crimea votes to join Russia amid Western outrage http://t.co/DnYLGSttjK via @YahooNews @dariothuburn @vasilymaximov http://t.co/fumqsr0Jrg · Agence France-Presse
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<![CDATA[Search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370]]>

Searchers are still looking for clues after flight MH370, with 239 people on board, lost contact with ground controllers and disappeared somewhere between Malaysia and Vietnam on the morning of Saturday, March 8. Follow the latest here.

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10.45pm: The press conference has ended.
READ Full statement from Aust authorities on material washed ashore #MH370 http://t.co/JO6z06sYUF · Jason Om

10.35pm: Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan described the object as appearing to be sheet metal with rivets, CNN reports.

"It's sufficiently interesting for us to take a look at the photographs," Dolan said. "We take all leads seriously."

10.26pm: Material being investigated washed up on the coast of Australia is metallic and 2.5 metres long - ABC News reports.
End of coverage, Friday, April 11.
End of coverage, Tuesday, March 25
10.17am: Many families remain suspicious of the veracity of information from the Malaysian Government, after two weeks of theories, counter-theories and confused information. "Why won't you tell us the truth, why don't you respect our families?" one young woman asked after the announcement.
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<![CDATA[Bitcoin founder unmasked?]]>

Media chase a man named Dorian S. Nakamoto through Los Angeles

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Waiting outside Satoshi Nakamoto's house in Temple City with a horde of reporters and photographers. #bitcoin http://t.co/vC5CQ8OI4d · Andrea Chang
Somewhere in here #Nakamoto giving a HUGE scoop to @ap reporter. The rest of the media waits. Photo:@byandreachang http://t.co/tYIrOv8qVL · Joe Bel Bruno
@JoeBelBruno is this the photo you refused to post? #bitcoin #bitcoinchase http://t.co/3yFf9vs626 · Gjergji
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<![CDATA[Ukraine crisis]]>

Ukraine has mobilised for war after President Vladimir Putin declared he had the right to invade his neighbour. The move has sparked Moscow's biggest confrontation with the West since the Cold War, with the US threatening to isolate Russia economically. Follow the latest on the crisis here:

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For a longer read, have a look at this piece, written by the great-granddaughter of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. 
A different take on the Ukraine Crisis from Washington Post opinion writer Eugene Robinson:  
Striking @SkyNews graphic shows difference in military resources of Russia and #Ukraine http://t.co/Ata7T9FJn1 · Lou Dubois
From CNN: Investors jumped back into stocks Tuesday as worries about a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine abated:
Stocks have reversed course after plunging Monday over the crisis in Ukraine- http://t.co/Z5iUBCp6Ux @ben_rooney http://t.co/asxvpjwRqM · CNNMoney.com
I'm in #Kharkiv and here is the local #euromaidan tonight. It speaks Russian but it has a Ukrainian spirit! #Ukraine http://t.co/5H9veIdAiX · Olga Tokariuk
Check out this story from The Telegraph which uses maps to illustrate the Ukraine Crisis. 
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<![CDATA[Nelson Mandela dies]]>

Former South African President and anti-apartheid revolutionary hero Nelson Mandela has died at his Johannesburg home. He was 95. We follow reaction to his passing online.

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I'm hearing about Nelson Mandela's death while on African soil in Oran, Algeria. Sending prayers to Mandela's family. http://t.co/i5ONBP9Xez · Mike Tyson
R.I.P Nelson Mandela you were an inspiration to us all 😢💔#nelson #mandela #died #sorry #inspiration #to #all · 🅰♏✌💛〽🅰©L3⃣🅰N

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key expressed his sorrow:

"Nelson Mandela was an inspirational leader, and a remarkable man," Key said.

"On behalf of the New Zealand people and the Government, I would like to express my sincere condolences to both his family and all South Africans.

"For years he symbolised South Africa's hope for a future free from apartheid."

Sad to hear about the passing of Nelson Mandela - he was the greatest figure of the 21st century - a fascinating man http://t.co/BoBD7jHU7i · Larry King
RIP Nelson Mandela. The former President of South Africa died today at age 95 http://t.co/Ym2JnWG2UD · ClassicPics
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<![CDATA[Outraged by 'Stop and Kiss']]>

Not everyone got the joke when The Onion published a video claiming New York City police officers were stopping and smooching people.

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The "clean" version of #roofbreakup, with the swear words censored out.

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"Your roommates are f**** assholes" -guy #roofbreakup
"Say something else about my f**** wardrobe" -guy #roofbreakup
"I can't think in terms of like, time and s***, Rachel." -guy
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<![CDATA[Steve Adams' double-double]]>

Oklahoma City fans are giving thanks to #kiwipower after rookie Steve Adams gets a double-double in 119-110 win over Detroit.

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I'm gonna need to see about a thousand of these signs across OKC. #ThunderUp #KiwiPower http://t.co/yyKBCyIPNS · Michael Clampitt
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