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The Huskers will be wearing black for their Sept. 14 home game against UCLA. Adidas just released the alternate uniform. Here's a collection of responses from Husker players and fans about the new look.

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Husker player reaction

Huskers See the adidas "Unrivaled" TECHFIT Uniform · huskerathletics
Can't wait to put this on for the UCLA game #Huskers instagram.com/p/a_CuNkvWvr/ · Taylor Martinez
Yes it's real everybody! #RRRRRREEEEAAADDDDYYY pic.twitter.com/yjccPyw97X · Kenny Bell
That matte white...😱 pic.twitter.com/T6AVEKchX6 · Johnny Stanton IV
New unis for the UCLA game · Josh Mitchell
I know everybody is doing picstitch on this, well here's mine. pic.twitter.com/eWJtZuQFN2 · Johnny Stanton IV
New uniforms for next year, modeled by @NEB_FB_VIDEO #Huskers pic.twitter.com/zZnPIlMHaH · Nebraska Video
Best uni's for ucls game!!!!!! #GBR instagram.com/p/a_Azj6Kx0j/ · Tommy Armstrong Jr.
#picstitch #shirts #adidas new UNi!!! instagram.com/p/a_Avl5FMrY/ · Michael Rose
Yall gotta love our new unis for the UCLA game I know. Right? pic.twitter.com/2cRL0pP1E9 · Dwayne Johnson™
Side view of our new jerseys for the #ucla game instagram.com/p/a_BOpTKVGJ/ · Jordan Nelson

Husker fan and media reaction

It is not the uniform; it is the one wearing the uniform...

They look awesome. And the kids will love them. That's all that matters is the current and future athletes love them as that is the ONLY way we will ever win another championship

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<![CDATA[Jack Hoffman stars for Nebraska]]>

Storified by Brian Norton · Sat, Apr 06 2013 23:47:44

Jack Hoffman scores on a 69-yard touchdown run
Jack Hoffman with a 69 yard touchdown in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game · huskerathletics
Social media reaction
It's live stat official, Jack Hoffman is the leading rusher in today's Spring Game #Huskers pic.twitter.com/yorZMeIyxp · Chris Pankonin
Jack after his touchdown today! #teamjack pic.twitter.com/mxjwcLWMZm · Ben Cotton
From earlier today, moments before taking the field. #TeamJack #Huskers pic.twitter.com/LuE2i3xylz · Nebraska Huskers

The touchdown by the kid jack Hoffman(cancer survived) in the red white game nothing short of amazing it truly shows how special Nebraska football is.

Spring game was a blast. watching little Jack Hoffman score that touchdown was incredible.

How cool was it of the huskers to give young jack Hoffman the game winning TD? I thought it was awesome. Team jack!!!

Alex Henery's 57-yarder, Suh's subsequent pick-6, Montee Ball stuffed on fourth down, Tom Osborne leading the team out of the tunnel one last time... of all the things I've seen at Memorial Stadium, Jack Hoffman scoring a TD will forever be the best moment.

Ok - little Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown in the NU spring game may just be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!

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<![CDATA[Support for Josh Jones on Twitter]]>

A heart issue has forced Josh Jones to end his college basketball career during his senior season. Creighton fans had an outpouring of support for the senior guard on Wednesday following the announcement.

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After talking with Steven Pivovar of The World-Herald following Wednesday's Creighton practice, Jones announced his decision on Twitter.
He received support from coach Greg McDermott and former teammate Antoine Young
And support from fans and media members from around the country
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<![CDATA[Nebraska-Southern Miss social media reaction]]>

Nebraska hosted Southern Mississippi at Memorial Stadium on Saturday for the first game of the 2012 campaign. See what Husker fans had to say on Facebook and Twitter.

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Taylor Martinez

I would just like to remind you all that I was a Taylor Martinez fan way before all of you. Jump on! #badwagoners 😊 http://pic.twitter.com/NWdO9sel · Haylee McVicker

His mechanics are vastly improved. Still needs minor tweaking, but overall a big improvement. This will help on long yardage situations or when playing from behind. It also prevents defenses from loading the box. Now Special Teams and tackling are another story.

T-Mart for Heisman

even more impress by him speading out the ball to multiple targets. Makes the defenses job harder if every receiver is in the game.

The best he has ever looked in the passing game!

He looks awesome, much improved. The entire offense looks great! Fantastic running, solid catching and ball handling very good. Hoping for consistency of this offense all season ;-)

Nebraska's offense

National Champions here we come. GO BIG RED

Get well soon, Rex! And Huskers, win this game for Rex and the other Nebraska Greats!!! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!

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<![CDATA[Tim Miles hired as Nebraska basketball coach]]>

Colorado State's Tim Miles has been hired as the new Nebraska men's basketball coach, replacing Doc Sadler.

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National media react to the hiring of Tim Miles

Fan reaction to Nebraska's hire:

I shall no longer be Sad-ler

Seriously? TO has gone senile...what a freaking joke!!!!!

Boom! Les Go Tim! Les Go Skers!

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<![CDATA[Nebraska fires Doc Sadler]]>

Nebraska fired men's basketball coach Doc Sadler on Friday.

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Photo Showcase of Doc Sadler's time with Nebraska:
Speculation begins on a replacement for Sadler:
Former Huskers weighed in on the decision:
From the press conference:
Media crowd growing for AD Tom Osborne's hoops press conference. Starting in roughly 10 minutes http://twitpic.com/8u4ml2 · JonNyatawa
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<![CDATA[Creighton's MVC title win in photos]]>

On Saturday night, Creighton secured an NCAA tournament bid by beating Wichita State 3-1. Here's a look at photos from Twitter of the Valley champion Bluejays.

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Congrats #Creighton!! http://twitpic.com/53ycbu · TheBluejayCafe
Valley champs! #gojays #mvcbaseball #letsgodancing http://twitpic.com/53xt6m · whitebluereview
#Creighton baseball. Regular season and MVC tournament champions!! Great job guys! #MVCBaseball http://yfrog.com/h0dm2qrj · JaysStrength
http://yfrog.com/hst9apzhj Last pitch of the Creighton Title Run 2011. #GoJays @owhjays · garretmueller
One more shot of the champs: http://twitpic.com/53y0pb · maxunivers
Trophy time!! http://twitpic.com/53xxla · maxunivers
MVC Champs!!! http://twitpic.com/53xvag · maxunivers
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<![CDATA[College Football Playoff]]>

The Justice Department recently sent a letter to the NCAA about the Bowl Championship Series. This sparked a debated on Twitter between readers and World-Herald writers Sam McKewon, Dirk Chatelain and Jon Nyatawa. Here's a look at the discussion.

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Follow the full discussion here

Government involvement in college football.

Definition of success

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<![CDATA[First game at TD Ameritrade Park]]>

On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, TD Ameritrade Park hosted the Creighton-Nebraska baseball game. It was the first game at the new downtown park, the future home of the College World Series. Nebraska won 2-1. This is the social media story.

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TD Ameritrade Park opened the gates at 3:30 p.m., about 3 hours before gametime.
#TDPark is beautiful, even on a gloomy. http://twitpic.com/4mxhfl From centerfield · nortonbrian
Fan reaction
RT @unionomaha: Seats at new Stadium. http://twitpic.com/4mzasj #TDPark · nortonbrian
Opening game #tdpark. Amazing place. http://yfrog.com/h7yaeorj · gbarnes1515
Some highlights from the night
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<![CDATA[Advice to Journalism students]]>

I am speaking to a Creighton University news reporting class and wanted to test out Storify while gathering advice for the students across social media. Here are the results.

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A call for advice
Master the basics but learn new tools too
From Robert Quigley of the Austin American Statesman:

Students should get the basics down (writing for breaking news, AP style, ethics, etc) but they should also become proficient in using all the new tools. They should know how to shoot and edit a good video, use Facebook to gather sourcing material, use Twitter to interact with the public, know how to use location-based services, etc. They should also learn how to use Flash, databases, know some html. A jack-of-all-trades has a leg up right now in a really tough market.

Don't be afraid to take try new things
Lauren McCullough of the Associated Press:

Be a user! Play with new tools and experiment with new platforms. Hiring managers will expect you to be authoritative about new technology. Take advantage of the opportunity to share creative insights.
Kim Bui:

Just spoke to students and I told them now is the
time to try new tools, like Lauren said, but also get used to said new
tools not always working right. Get used to the feeling of failing, bc
social media eds require a thick skin.
Jon Xavier:

The traditional skills are important, but you can learn them anywhere, and you won't really start to learn until you get
your first job, anyway. Social media, on the other hand, is still in nascent stages at a lot of places..., so it's a lot better to start with it when you're in school and can  afford to make mistakes. Above all, I think, remind people to be  fearless. Being on the cutting edge of digital journalism means  constantly re-evaluating what you're doing and trying new approaches,  and that involves considerable fear of the unknown for some people. If you want to be successful, you have to push through that.
Engage with the community
Dan Day, editor at Modesto Bee:

Tweet early, tweet often, i.e. do enough volume to establish a regular presence in the areas to which you engage.
Nicholas Wirtz

Remain flexible, get out there and converse with the public, not... just broadcast at them and learn at least one tech skill in addition to html/css.

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