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https://t.co/L7ZUcOt8sf · Aaron Mak
Near the scene of today's officer-involved shooting, where a standoff between police and an angry crowd turned violent tonight. More here: jsonl.in/pNNt303dk42 · Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Near 44th and Auer https://t.co/kQmiaCOOWh · Ashley Luthern
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<![CDATA[Social media reacts to lion spotted in Milwaukee]]>

Milwaukee police late Monday were investigating a report from a woman who said she saw what she believed to be a lion on the city's north side.

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Don't worry Milwaukee!! We're are dispatching our best guy to investigate the #MKELion... http://t.co/Z0bBsXvNmf · Milwaukee Bucks
#MKELion #milverine #414 #milwaukee http://t.co/oUw895vIda · Mike S
We found the Lionfish that everyone is talking about! That's what we're searching for, right? #MKELion http://t.co/7fP7lP7KFv · Discovery World
#MKElion spotted in our parking lot .. dancing and singing with a girl in red shoes! #MilwaukeeLion http://t.co/E7rLOouqWW · Nonprofit Center MKE
Just took this pic on our cell at the park. Is this the guy? #MKElion Is this you, @milwaukee_lion? http://t.co/sgQudAVLVY · EastsideMKE Turkeys
On the prowl for the Milwaukee Lion #MKElion #urbanlion #milwaukee http://t.co/ASAChjAWuj · Stacey Naughton
https://storify.com/newshub/lion-on-thehttps://storify.com/newshub/lion-on-theTue, 21 Jul 2015 19:22:25 GMT
<![CDATA[Some of the best #suhexcuses]]>

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*Suh punches Jay Cutler in the face. "I was enforcing the stadium's no smoking policy." #SuhExcuses http://t.co/nPXvXv3IFf · Isaac
#SuhExcuses #Suhspension #lions #detroit #Packers #PackerNation #GoPackGo #NFL #GotItWrong http://t.co/tpECxk2vXA · Red_Dawn
https://storify.com/newshub/some-of-the-best-suhexcuseshttps://storify.com/newshub/some-of-the-best-suhexcusesWed, 31 Dec 2014 19:14:49 GMT
<![CDATA[Some social media reaction to allegations of a 'criminal scheme' involving Scott Walker]]>

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New York Times political reporter Nick Confessore and law professor Rick Hasen
Columnist Christian Schnieder
Blogger Markos Moulitsas moF Daily Kos
Sena Davis, COO of Media Trackers
http://storify.com/newshub/some-social-media-reaction-to-allegations-of-a-crihttp://storify.com/newshub/some-social-media-reaction-to-allegations-of-a-criThu, 19 Jun 2014 19:15:48 GMT
<![CDATA[Reviews of and reaction to Harley's electric bike prototype]]>

A prototype for what could become the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle is being launched next week for Harley enthusiasts to test ride and give the company their feedback, Harley said Thursday. Here's are some of the reviews and some reaction from Harley's Facebook page.

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Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! We don't want electric bikes

We ride Harley-Davidson's LiveWire electric motorcycle. See it and hear it in our video riding impression. "Of course, the very first thing I did was twist the 'accelerator' WFO," said Senior Editor Blake Conner. Is an electric bike in your future? What if it sounds cool like this one?

Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: It is funny to see the fear in change. Harley is not posting this saying all models will disappear when this comes out. They are just saying look what they have developed and are giving an alternative. 

Buy a model you would ride but don't slam a company for innovation and a small change.
See TIME's exclusive first look at @harleydavidson's #Livewire battery powered motorcycle http://t.co/DGCuI329fC http://t.co/DS2GzelebX · TIME.com
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: Why do people feel so threated by a product that's not even marketed for them? I don't get it, do you feel threated if your favorite company decides to make other products for other consumers? You know they will never get rid of the V-twin, that will always be there bread and butter. How does Harley-Davidson making this hurt any of you in any way? Do feel like it attacks your image? Do you think about these things before you freak out, or are you just reactionary and emotional like women?
This is Harley-Davidson's first electric motorbike - but click through to hear how it sounds http://t.co/JFvpsjUQtW http://t.co/9d5hkKEdqX · IndyTech
 Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: I would not sell my 2013 road glide for this, but if the price was right, meaning not 20k. i would buy this as a second bike for my commute, expescially with 5 dollar gas in California and this thing probably having not much maintenance. Good job Harley,
Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle with a range of 130 miles http://t.co/qJD1WdP9rn http://t.co/4kDkqX0Siy · The Detroit News
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: This will be as successful as the Dirtbikes Harley put out way back in the day.. Terrible idea.. If I wanted to be eco friendly I'd buy a Prius...
06.19.14 · harleydavidson
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: Uhm....nope. Not for me this one. I prefer the "guglug guglug guglug!!!" sound of my twin V thank you very much! -- What's next....an electric Chev Camaro/ GT500? Stick to the legend & basics HD, leave electric bikes for the Japanese. (Just my two cents...)
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: If it can go 300 miles before recharging. Recharge in less then 8 hours. Outrun a 1200cc Sportster. Then I might be interested in it for a commute bike for work..
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page:  I like it as it could be the future but still love my sportster and the roar it makes.
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: Sounds like the segway the mall cop rides around on...
Comment on Harley-Davidson's Facebook page: This is a great move, if we want Harley to be around 50 years from now then new development is what we need.
Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle surprisingly doesn't suck: http://t.co/Gwlk5r65gF http://t.co/c0dy2Lw5qz · WIRED
http://storify.com/newshub/reviews-of-and-reaction-to-harley-s-electric-bikehttp://storify.com/newshub/reviews-of-and-reaction-to-harley-s-electric-bikeThu, 19 Jun 2014 13:43:42 GMT
<![CDATA[June 17 storms in Milwaukee, southern Wiscosnin]]>

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Daylight revals damage in Southwest Madison · madisondotcomvids
Larry Sperling tells about damage to his neighborhood · madisondotcomvids
. @ChopperMatt is feeding back the video from #Verona #WIWX We'll post it shortly at http://t.co/oJfF7u9ORn http://t.co/2e7esXB3YU · ChrisGegg
@mdesisti: There's a car in there somewhere. Corner of Juneau and N. 24th St. in Milwaukee. #wiwx http://t.co/dVdibNEadL · Mike De Sisti
#mke city workers work to remove a tree near McKinley and 19th. #wiwx http://t.co/czPIEZ1zsX · Mike De Sisti
Storm damage in #Milwaukee. We lost two trees at our home near #Marquette. Crazy night. #wiwx http://t.co/qXSelXtV41 · Aaron Biebert
I like storms but, not tornados... http://t.co/Zji5J1uyo2 · Jake Cummins
#Milwaukee #wiwx http://t.co/EKkKobf3Zn · Elle Rana Korban
#lightning “@UWMadison: Even the storms in Madison are beautiful. #wiwx http://t.co/DrYfDuxiYf” · Leslie Ann Howard
Photos: Severe storms, apparent tornado hammer Madison area http://t.co/ISejPZsuCq http://t.co/Zc4y256fGO · Wis. State Journal
“@madnewsboy: City streets here now with front end loader to clear Friar Lane. Light rain falling #wiwx http://t.co/toIhDg7pDs” Madison area · Jeremy Nelson
“@khomuz: The scene behind the willy st coop @madisontraffic @madisondotcom #wiwx #storm http://t.co/vKGk4PIhpu” #Madison #Wisconsin storms · Jeremy Nelson
MT @Brandon_WKOW Windows blown out at the #DairyQueen in #Platteville, #Wisconsin. #storms http://t.co/mxo63JttBZ · Ed Reams
🎶there are some storms we cannot weather🎶 -l'arbre misérable 😉 http://t.co/TG5hR6F2t3 · Sarah Schmitt
A pre-dawn shot from Engineering Hall after the storms blew through @uwplatteville Monday night. http://t.co/5kmh8Rparu · Paul Erickson
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<![CDATA[Same-sex marriages in Wisconsin ]]>

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb in Madison Friday overturned Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, striking down an amendment to the state constitution approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2006 and prompting fierce criticism from conservatives and joyous weddings in the state's two largest cities.

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Gay and lesbian couples at the Milwaukee County Courthouse · jsonline
RAW VIDEO: Dane County's first same-sex marriage · madisondotcomvids
Milwaukee County
So happy for my friends Matt and Fern, the first same sex couple to get married in Milwaukee Co. #WisconsinEquality http://t.co/1NDAAQBWJR · Chris Abele
First married lesbian couple in milwaukee county http://t.co/XLMqN1tse6 · Sachelle Saunders
Gay couples getting married at #Milwaukee County Courthouse after gay marriage ban struck down #WISN12 http://t.co/eeLSMZfJk8 · Christina Palladino
Congratulations to milwaukee county's first gay married couple http://t.co/BC7pRJsMBa · Sachelle Saunders
First possible gay marriage in Milwaukee? http://t.co/DsThIQfIQp · Sachelle Saunders
Waiting for the first gay couple to come and get married. #wisconsin #cbs58 http://t.co/pkZK2hZSUw · Sachelle Saunders
BREAKING: @ChrisAbeleMKE announces marriage licenses issued at MKE Cty Courthouse until 9PM! #FreedomToMarry http://t.co/NvHb2cejLx · PrideFest Milwaukee
Wisconsin unite! Just in time for #Pridefest #Milwaukee, a federal judge rules Wisconsin's ban on gay… http://t.co/dv81ELICtL · Bobby Sharon
Dane County
And the fiddler played, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." 30 years together. Married in Madison, WI June 6, 2014 http://t.co/67QbjCa3am · John Nichols
The first couple is officially married. Now off to grab a drink, they said. @journalsentinel http://t.co/9YJQm7gxok · Dana Ferguson
Kids show up w/wedding flowers. For who? "For everyone who is getting married today." Marriage Equality Day in WI. http://t.co/opkGlgtdnx · John Nichols
Judge Rhonda Lanford presides over marriage of Burke Tyer & Wesley Radtke on steps of Dane Co Courthouse. @CapTimes http://t.co/pGgTxemdCe · John Nichols
I was honored to serve as the witness to the FIRST #equality marriage in Wisconsin #LoveWinsWI http://t.co/A7kri53BZa · Rep. Melissa Sargent
First same sex marriage in Dane county! #LoveWinsWI http://t.co/MWjfLzUdTA · Citadel
http://storify.com/newshub/same-sex-marriages-in-wisconsinhttp://storify.com/newshub/same-sex-marriages-in-wisconsinSat, 07 Jun 2014 01:47:50 GMT
<![CDATA[Wisconsin's congressional delegation reacts to State of the Union speech]]>

Most of Wisconsin's congressional delegation tweeted about President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night. Here is a sample of those tweets.

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Obama: "Women make up about half our workforce. But they still make $0.77 for every $1 a man earns. That is wrong." http://t.co/bkdR2E66ya · Sen. Tammy Baldwin
The President's talking about creating jobs, I've got an idea! #Forestry #4jobs #sotu #realresponse http://t.co/AwhlYgbXtE · Sean Duffy
The President says he wants to help the middle class...Americans want to keep their healthcare and the… http://t.co/hnsWpwhadV · Sean Duffy
Always great to chat w/@ScottPelley for @CBSEveningNews. Hoping POTUS offers a new direction in tonight's #SOTU. http://t.co/dXSPyzselc · Paul Ryan
http://storify.com/newshub/wisconsin-s-congressional-delegation-reacts-to-stahttp://storify.com/newshub/wisconsin-s-congressional-delegation-reacts-to-staWed, 29 Jan 2014 03:55:35 GMT
<![CDATA[Reactions to Gov. Scott Walker's 'state of the state']]>

Gov. Scott Walker delivered his "state of the state" address Wednesday. Here's a sampling of reactions to the speech on social media.

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http://storify.com/newshub/reactions-to-gov-scott-walker-s-state-of-the-statehttp://storify.com/newshub/reactions-to-gov-scott-walker-s-state-of-the-stateThu, 23 Jan 2014 02:26:35 GMT
<![CDATA[P!nk's BMO Harris Bradley Center performance]]>

Check out these photos and this video from P!nk's Milwaukee stop on her "The Truth About Love" tour Thursday. Reviewer Piet Levy says it "was the kind of concert — nay, experience — to be remembered for a lifetime."

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Pink Rockstar at The Truth About Love Concert · 1randompeople1
Waiting for @Pink to arrive! #ImNotWearingPink #IsThatOkay http://t.co/dqGQH8Ku0X · Laura Walsh
P!NK!!! #thetruthaboutlove #tour #concert #latenight #pink http://t.co/MFvKNzTBye · Paige Oliver
Hands down, P!nk is the most entertaining concert I have ever been to #thetruthaboutlove http://t.co/DH0Nbcs5af · Tanya Hammitt
This was beyond an AMAZING performance. 😍❤️ #truthaboutlovetour #P¡nk #BMOHarris #concert http://t.co/EqcI18euW4 · Krystal Castillo
@katemarkgraf @Pink Best concert ever. Saw her twice this yr. Lucky to have this view last month. #pink #ttalt #Bham http://t.co/5YWC9xWveD · Joey Morris
Part of the encore - Pink! Freaking amazing show. Mind blown! #pink #concert #milwaukee #wi #awesome… http://t.co/RH2LY8cUQB · Jenni
Part of the encore - one handed push-ups?! This woman is amazing. Pink! Freaking amazing show. Mind… http://t.co/AmjIvaoCGF · Jenni
Part of the encore - Pink! Freaking amazing show. Mind blown! #pink #concert #milwaukee #wi #awesome… http://t.co/w5waCu8kSR · Jenni
Part of the encore - Pink! Freaking amazing show. Mind blown! #pink #concert #milwaukee #wi #awesome… http://t.co/HedIKQa7lm · Jenni
Pink! Freaking amazing show. Mind blown! #pink #concert #milwaukee #wi #awesome #mindblown #wow… http://t.co/fFS9j7KRS5 · Jenni
What a show! Thanks @Pink... Worth the wait. #P!nk #Milwaukee http://t.co/7PENyPBtXq · Tom Snyder
VIP section was worth every penny! @Pink http://t.co/5TWBaX0oqg · Marjie Snyder
Um WHAT?! @Pink was AMAZING tonight! She rocked #Milwaukee so hard! #TruthAboutLoveTour #PinkMKE http://t.co/e6WQN8fKjm · BMOHarrisBradleyCntr
Follow the bouncing @pink @bmohbc opening show with "raise your glass" http://t.co/jQhwPW3ppw · Piet Levy
More aerial aerobics from @pink @bmohbc http://t.co/jha3vyQUzZ · Piet Levy
.@pink literally dizzying performance of "Sober" @bmohbc http://t.co/32PYDm3Zps · Piet Levy
Pink has arrived http://t.co/H7tfe1qM4F · Matthew
Pink is upside down http://t.co/eRpXgpJg6m · Matthew
http://storify.com/newshub/p-nk-s-bmo-harris-bradley-center-performancehttp://storify.com/newshub/p-nk-s-bmo-harris-bradley-center-performanceFri, 10 Jan 2014 15:16:30 GMT