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I think I caught'em all...

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<![CDATA[Conversation with @jenguiliano, @mcburton and @joncgoodwin]]>

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<![CDATA[Conversation with @ulotrichous and @twbrandt]]>

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<![CDATA[Making (in) the Digital Humanities]]>

I was writing up a thing today, a thing about "values in design," and was thinking about how I've oft heard the "Digital Humanities is about making things," but [citation needed]. So I decided to ask DHe twitter internets and see what they thought.

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Word is bond.
Time to dig into the MLA twitter archive: http://archive.mla12.org/tweets/
Borgman 2009 poses the question "Whose problem is it to...design, develop, and deploy the scholarly infrastructure for digital humanities?" In response she cites Drucker: "Leaving it to 'them' is unfair, wrongheaded, and irresponsible. Them is us" from her Chronicle article "Blind Spots: Humanists must plan their digital future." 

Borgman 2009 - http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/3/4/000077/000077.html
Drucker 2009  - http://chronicle.com/article/Blind-Spots/9348

She also talk about this during a Digital Humanities session at the iConference in Toronto. I have notes I should type up...when I have time?
The UCLA link to the Manifesto has been broken for some time, but we found a living URL.
A trio of excellent blog posts:
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<![CDATA[Blogging for Tenure Talk on Twitter]]>

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<![CDATA[Velocity & Toast: Essays and Experiments in the Digital Peculiarities ]]>

On October 4th beginning at 12:30pm, @hagarfalk spoke to a room of people about "Velocity/Growth: Essays and Experiments in the Digital Humanities."I was eating a peanut butter sandwich.

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<![CDATA[thest story in the house]]>

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<![CDATA[Computers and Writing 2011]]>

This is an experimental effort to aggregate all of the tweet for the Computers and Writing 2011 conference. All tweets with the hashtag #cwcon will end up in here (hopefully).

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We are off! #ride2cw #cwcon http://twitpic.com/4yjspg · sbmalley
RT @sbmalley: We are off! #ride2cw #cwcon http://twitpic.com/4yjspg < allez!! #ridestreaming · billhd
Endangered trillion on kalhaven trail #ride2cw #cwcon http://twitpic.com/4yk96u · sbmalley
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<![CDATA[Anarchism on Rye: Building a Business from A to Z]]>

@mitten and I took some notes from Ari Weinzweig's talk on how he (re)discovered anarchist principals in his success as a business owner.

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What is especially funny about this comment is that Ari asked if one of the employees in the crowd wanted to answer in his stead (he did this several times during the talk). One young gent said "no thanks" and the girl next to him gave a pre-canned spiel that reeked of Zing-washing. Ari gave a "real" answer (see point 7) with a bit of comedic timing.
Ari came up with this term himself and only realized it was a "thing" after the fact. Taking a historical approach he took steps to separate himself from the incessant "anarchoX is not anarchoX it is anarchoY" identity politics of contemporary debates. Back in the day they didn't have anarchoprimitivisticsociocapitalists...
There was a fancy five-dollar word here, I wish I could remember it.
One misconception I had coming into the talk was that Zingerman's has implemented anarchist principals by design. This is not necessarily the case. While Ari's management and organizational styles are implicitly influenced by his undergraduate studies of anarchism, the company was not(is not) explicitly run as an anarchist business (to great success?).  Ari is using anarchism as a way to better understand and give meaning to Zingerman's as a complex phenomena, as would a gentleman and a scholar. 
Individual Empowerment. Collective Accomplishment.
Note: that is not a direct quote from Ari (well the "I live in a bubble" part is, the rest is my (@mcburton's) editorialization...
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