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RT @IBMProcurement: Deliver twice the innovation in half the time, half the cost & half the effect on the environment #wpc #procurement htt… · Jonathan Webb
Cynthia Dautrich CPO of Kimberly Clark @kccorp takes the stage at the World Procurement Congress #wpc http://t.co/skrTcHaRmW · Old St Labs
An early snap of our man plenary room at #WPC. Quite a few delegates were taking photos already. Procurement paps? http://t.co/pd66aiyTSt · Jonathan Webb
PL CEO Alex Martinez gets the WPC kicked off in London - great line up of speakers over the next two days #WPC http://t.co/swU49JlmCn · David Rae
RT @ProcurementMag: Excited for #wpc 2014! We are expecting 450+ attendees for the two day Congress. http://t.co/EnHCFQKvrA · Banner Managed Comm
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<![CDATA[Zurich Procurement Leaders Forum 2013]]>

Effectively Managing Risk across Global Supply Chains THE DOLDER GRAND, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, 22-23 OCTOBER, 2013

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Frederic Sebban CPO of Alstrom Grid takes the stage to share his thoughts on leadership #plforum http://twitter.com/markperera/status/393031752337199104/photo/1 · Mark Perera
#Procurement Leaders research manager Jonathan Webb fielding questions during his risk presentation #PLForum Zurich http://twitter.com/david_rae/status/392984410170982400/photo/1 · David Rae
The backdrop to today's #PLForum Zurich. http://twitter.com/david_rae/status/392982591571124224/photo/1 · David Rae
Very serious looking @david_rae #plforum · Mark Perera
1st panel session of the day kicking off - topic is risk management #plforum http://twitter.com/markperera/status/392948906289807361/photo/1 · Mark Perera
#plforum · Mark Perera
Jamie Foster talks about his simple, but smart approach building trusted relations with suppliers #plforum · Mark Perera
Jamie Foster from Hitachi talks about their procurement journey #plforum #spongecake · Mark Perera
#Plforum · Mark Perera
Wonderful venue at the #plforum in the Dolder Grand. The Alps just about visible. http://twitter.com/j_p_webb/status/392911885508427777/photo/1 · Jonathan Webb
#plforum · Mark Perera
Luis talks about the world supplier roadshow - taking suppliers from Brazil to Chins to encourage collaboration #plforum · Mark Perera
http://storify.com/markperera/zurich-procurement-leaders-forum-2013http://storify.com/markperera/zurich-procurement-leaders-forum-2013Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:13:55 GMT
<![CDATA[World Procurement Congress London 2013]]>

Storified by Mark Perera · Fri, May 24 2013 13:38:47

Big name question panel at #wpc. CPOs from @EsteeLauder, @delphi, @deutschetelekom, @KCCorp and Mars Petcare. pic.twitter.com/ozb1qLRGHc · Procurement Leaders
Fantastic stuff from Marc Engel CPO @Unilever on Partnering to win #iloveprocurement pic.twitter.com/DNUfDGGhEs · Alex short
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<![CDATA[Procurement Leaders Awards 2013]]>

Benchmark for Global Procurement Excellence - 22nd May 2013

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The 2013 #plawards winners. Congrats! #iloveprocurement http://pic.twitter.com/gzsPNih6kc · Procurement Leaders
Angus and the mars team pick up the award for best employer #iloveprocurement vine.co/v/b90u9mgD7mV · Mark Perera
P&G pick up the procurment team #iloveprocurement vine.co/v/b92l52PFggu · Mark Perera
The entertainment kicks off at the Procurement Leaders Awards #iloveprocurementment vine.co/v/b92teHDAn0F · Mark Perera
Great circus entertainment at the #PLAwards. http://pic.twitter.com/S1kEdFUYlV · Procurement Leaders
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<![CDATA[World Procurement Congress London 2013]]>

The first ever Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress will take place on 21–22 May 2013 at the prestigious Park Lane Hilton Hotel in London, UK.

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IMG_0098 · Mark Perera
What a pannrel for the final session at #wpc #iloveprocurement http://pic.twitter.com/urh0ulrfQQ · Old St Labs
Big name question panel at #wpc. CPOs from @EsteeLauder, @delphi, @deutschetelekom, @KCCorp and Mars Petcare. http://pic.twitter.com/ozb1qLRGHc · Procurement Leaders
listening to @PG_CPO (Rick Hughes P&G) talking about innovation. #iloveprocurement #wpc pic.twitter.com/pyNaCH1IfL · Procurement
IMG_0142 · Mark Perera
IMG_0102 · Mark Perera
IMG_0109 · Mark Perera
IMG_0112 · Mark Perera
IMG_0117 · Mark Perera
IMG_0143 · Mark Perera
IMG_0119 · Mark Perera
Tim Foster MBE takes the stage at the World Procurement Congress instagram.com/p/ZlE2ZUBbOJ/ · Mark Perera
Sidney Johnson SVP of Global Supply Management at Delphi takes the stage #iloveprocurement #wpc instagram.com/p/ZlEwZFhbN_/ · Mark Perera
Reigning 'procurement leader' award winner Sidney Johnson, CPO, Delphi takes #wpc stage @ProcurementMag pic.twitter.com/oGImXYltqE · Steve Budd
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<![CDATA[Procurement Leaders Forum - London May 2012]]>

Understanding value: Procurements impact on shareholder value

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Energy station at #plnforum http://instagr.am/p/K7mAxchbHu/ · Mark Perera
Gill Cairns CPO of Virgin Money #plnforum #procurement · Mark Perera
Remko Van Hoek CPO of @pwc takes the stage #plnforum #procurement instagr.am/p/K7eySChbFr/ · Mark Perera
http://storify.com/markperera/procurement-leaders-forum-london-may-2013http://storify.com/markperera/procurement-leaders-forum-london-may-2013Mon, 20 May 2013 08:30:29 GMT
<![CDATA[Procurement Leaders Forum - Chicago 2012]]>

Accelerating procurement’s performance to increase shareholder value. Union League Club, Chicago

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Ton Geurts on the Procurement Leaders Panel #plforum · Mark Perera
Panel session at Procurement Leaders Forum pic.twitter.com/6YEX0Y4k · Mark Perera
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<![CDATA[LeWeb'12 London]]>

LeWeb #1 European Industry event in London: the Olympic challenge

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Jamie Oliver and Co-founder and CEO of Intagram (Kevin Systrom) at #LeWeb. · Charlie Hilton
Why use Istagram? ;-) #leweb · Hugh MacLeod
Now at #leweb stage: the creator of #instagram @kevin, @jamieoliver and @loic · Denys Zhadanov
At #leweb @jamieoliver & @kevin talking about @instagram and social. · Tac Anderson
Jamie Oliver speaks at LeWeb London 2012! pic.twitter.com/Ml7zQFYZ ·
Tiny tiny Instagram's Jamie Oliver #LEWEB · pierre_vallet
Jamie Oliver and Instagrams $1 billion dollar man Kevin Systrom at #leweb · Toby Gunton
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<![CDATA[Customer of Choice]]>

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http://storify.com/markperera/customer-of-choicehttp://storify.com/markperera/customer-of-choiceMon, 05 Mar 2012 22:39:01 GMT
<![CDATA[Supply Chain Finance]]>

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Citi: Supply Chain Finance · citi
European supply chain finance: an uncertain future · globaltradereview
Unlocking Cash from the Supply Chain · purchasinginsight
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