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<![CDATA[SXSW -- Friday, March 9]]>

Day 1 of SXSWi: It's all about TV and engagement today.

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Ogilvy SXSW Visual Notes 

@TVEngagement: Does Social Media Drive TV Ratings?

(no audio available)

Hyper Local Public TV Station Models: Content 3.0

(Audio available on session page)
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<![CDATA[SXSW -- Tuesday, March 13th]]>

Only one session worth tweeting about -- but an excellent one

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Random tweets

Keep It Real 

Didn't attend this session, but saw some interesting tweets coming out of it
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<![CDATA[SXSW -- Monday, March 12th]]>

Preparing for breaking news; and a heated (some would say not-so-helpful) debate about measuring social ROI

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3-2-1 Publish: Prepping the News Room for D-Day

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<![CDATA[iMA Highlights]]>

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Amanda Hirsch did an overview write-up:
Ian Hill Storified the two days of IMA 2012, so I won't try to replicate that... Read his here:

Audio from many sessions available on SoundCloud


The first half of this session had some really interesting demographic information from Allen Weiner of Gartner Research.

Shane Guiter on What Pubmedia Can Learn from Silicon Valley Startups

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<![CDATA[SXSW -- Sunday, March 11th]]>

Brain science, TV meets social media, cyborgs and location apps, and creepy personalization. A full and fascinating day all around. Social note-taking: Tweets and retweets about about sessions I attended...and wanted to attend... And a few random thoughts.

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How Science Turns Browsers Into Buyers

Session: "How Brain Science Turns Browsers Into Buyers" - was hoping to learn how to improve our pledge process (I.e., Use The Force For Good). Unfortunately, I missed getting into this session by about 4 chairs. So this is a purely mediated sense of what they discussed. 
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<![CDATA[SXSW -- Saturday, March 10th]]>

Today was primarily about user experience: following the scent of information, how to strategize interface content. I missed the Baby Boomers v. Millenials Pubmedia session, but caught some interesting tweets.

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Random tweets that caught my eye:

#BigBabies: Why Baby Boomers = Public Media FAIL

I missed this session, but the audio is available on the SXSW session page, and presenter Adam Schweig Storified it as well:
And some of the tweets that stood out for me. First, our soundtrack, courtesy of Julia Schrenkler:
The economic theory:
This thread resonated for me -- not as a millenial (far from it), but a GenXer. The technological generation gap is frustrating for all concerned, from the hiring/management perspective to dealing with the incessant "can you help me with this..." questions. 
Suzanne Marmion had a question that I didn't see a response for on Twitter. I'm curious about the generational differences about meetings, though. I do believe in face-to-face conversations, but maybe we're best off keeping those small and casual? 

The Secret Lives of Links by Jared Spool -- Best. Session. Ever.

The audio is available on the session's page:
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