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Here are the latest updates on the complex of wildfires burning across the Inland Northwest.

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The fire information meeting at Freeman Hs just started. #WaWILDFIRES #spokanecomplex #kxly https://t.co/QFIGslTHos · Grace Ditzler
Large column of smoke near #YaleRoadFire Hangman Creek area. It's a controlled burn, nothing to worry about #KXLY https://t.co/03K2l5yunF · Brittany Paris
Wind is coming from a different direction today. Crews say it's a good test for fire lines. #KXLY https://t.co/6DW8nXOEvZ · Brittany Paris
Better mapping shows #YaleRoadFire is 6,886 acres. 50 percent contained #KXLY https://t.co/9Gr5FXJBIe · Brittany Paris
And they're off! #YaleRoadFire #kxly https://t.co/fiGJtvBEzs · Brittany Paris
Air support prepping for another day of fighting the #YaleRoadFire #kxly https://t.co/mwYNEN5C81 · Brittany Paris

Human fire starts threaten communities, lands and livelihoods

Caution needed as forecasts call for hot, windy weather

OLYMPIA - Over the last six days, firefighters from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have responded to 82 wildfire starts. Investigators believe all but two of those were likely started by humans.

DNR fire leaders are again urging caution with the expected arrival of hot, windy weather in the extended forecast for this weekend.

Firefighters not actively engaged in the ongoing large wildfires are strategically positioning for the coming weather, but DNR asks every Washingtonian to exercise extra caution when working or playing outdoors.

"It is the personal responsibility of all Washingtonians to take seriously the possibility that working or playing outdoors can spark tragedy," said Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark. "Our firefighters work hard to protect our communities and our natural treasures. Don't make their jobs any harder."

Last week, DNR instituted a full burn ban, which forbids outdoor burning, including campfires, on lands under the agency's fire protection.

As of Tuesday morning, Aug. 23, DNR firefighters had responded to 592 fires that have burned 14,671 acres. At this point in 2015, there had been 857 fires burning 326,179 acres. In 2014 by this date, there were 653 fires burning 191,504 acres.

Those who spot illegal campfires or new wildfires are urged to call 911 immediately.


As of 9:00 a.m. today, Kahlotus Fire has burned approximately 5,924 acres with 100% of the fire contained. No injuries have been reported and there have been no reports of destroyed homes or primary residences. A total of 4 out buildings have been destroyed. The Franklin PUD, with mutual aid help from Big Bend Power and Benton PUD crews, made incredible progress last night and were able to restore power to the city of Kahlotus.

Fire Operations at the Incident Command Post at the Connell fire station and Base Camp at Connell High School will be demobilizing around 12:00 p.m. today. Firefighting actions will be turned back over to the local fire districts.

All roads in the Kahlotus area are now opened with no restrictions from the fire.

For further information contact Franklin County Emergency Management at 1-509-545-3546.
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<![CDATA[Condon: Media likes city hall scandal because its "good for business"]]>

Spokane Mayor David Condon appeared on Mike Fitzsimmons' radio program Wednesday on KXLY 920 but repeatedly refused requests from KXLY 4 News, which shares a newsroom with the radio station, for an interview. Here are some outtakes from his interview with Fitzsimmons.

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Beyond disappointed today to hear our city's mayor criticize the media for reporting on city hall ethics complaints, recall efforts and more. This is our job. Our job is to be watchdogs of the government. Journalists in this community are smart enough to be fair and weed through to find the facts. Mayor Condon accused us of reporting this information because it's "good for business" - well, these stories are rarely among our top-read stories online. If we cared only about rating, our newscasts would be nothing but adorable puppies. We gave Mayor Condon every opportunity to talk on camera about the recall, to defend his position. Instead, he told our producer to "make [our] own ratings," then went into our company's radio station and blasted "commercial media" for not telling the whole story. We will tell the story, Mr Mayor. Both sides - all sides - without agenda. We have no agenda here, other than to present the facts to the people of our community. It's our job; it's our responsibility. · Melissa Luck KXLY
Spokane mayor David Condon leaves kxly920 studio. Refuses to talk to Kxly4 News. #kxly https://t.co/fZkgtnULTA · BrianKXLY4
Condon says he won't resign following cover-up scandal · KXLY
Political infighting taking its toll at City Hall · KXLY
Raw Footage: Community leaders call for Condon's resignation · KXLY
Spokane City Council to consider Meidl appointment · KXLY
Condon names Craig Meidl as Spokane's new police chief · KXLY
Mayor Condon won't go on camera, but we have cameras in @kxly920 & will share what he says about the recall on tv. https://t.co/kXMvJJHuG1 · Melissa Luck ☘
Recall charges filed against Condon · KXLY
https://storify.com/kxly4news/condon-reacts-tohttps://storify.com/kxly4news/condon-reacts-toMon, 12 Sep 2016 22:57:45 GMT
<![CDATA[Community reacts to Coach Hinz's passing]]>

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Our condolences go out to the family of Jeff Hinz. He was a great coach, family man, and friend. https://t.co/29W8iyrxtb · Post Falls HS
Very sad to report the passing of Post Falls football coach Jeff Hinz. A wonderful man that we will miss greatly. https://t.co/oHXcdDNgbV · Keith Osso
https://storify.com/kxly4news/community-reacts-to-coach-hinz-s-passinghttps://storify.com/kxly4news/community-reacts-to-coach-hinz-s-passingThu, 21 Jul 2016 19:55:09 GMT
<![CDATA[John Lee triple murder sentencing hearing]]>

John Lee is being sentenced in a Latah County courtroom for the murders of his mother Terry Grzebielski, landlord David Trail and Arby's manager Belinda Niebuhr in January 2015.

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Belinda Niebuhhr's brother Michael says a life term for Lee is the only sentence that will keep Moscow safe. #Kxly https://t.co/2ig9VK2Wtc · Jeff Humphrey
Judge orders fixed life sentence for Lee on three murder counts and 15 years for shooting Michael Chen. #Kxly https://t.co/A9szaNtxZ4 · Jeff Humphrey
Judge agrees mental health treatment is underfunded but Lee is danger to community a needs lifelong prison. #Kxly https://t.co/k5TwZsELLD · Jeff Humphrey
Prosecutor says Lee is "a ticking time bomb"who is a danger to anyone who appears in Lee's delusions. #Kxly https://t.co/TriqeqoLZi · Jeff Humphrey
Prosecutor concedes Lee mentally ill but still a danger to society & therefore must get life with no parole. #Kxly https://t.co/HMzcZAEE1s · Jeff Humphrey
Prosecutor says John Lee killed his mother last with "an execution style shot to the face." https://t.co/a5hY1nPLbN · Jeff Humphrey
Prosecutor says Lee's pistol misfired 3 times while trying to kill Dave Trail forcing Lee to clear gun X 3. #Kxly https://t.co/Bt4ES9ztGK · Jeff Humphrey
Lee declined to make a statement on his own behalf telling judge, "no thank you." #kxly https://t.co/4mmmdtMb1D · Jeff Humphrey
Lee wrote letters from jail asking the Latah County prosecutor to give him death penalty for his crimes. #Kxly https://t.co/WMRXQA3Ojq · Jeff Humphrey
Says Lee did not kill for revenge or notoriety but because his disease made him paranoid & felt threatened. #Kxly https://t.co/JDBB6vnbEv · Jeff Humphrey
Defense asks that Lee be eligible after 15 years because "his diseased" brain can be treated. #Kxly https://t.co/ttb08Y6IOC · Jeff Humphrey
Says Lee is hypersensitive to sound and actually shot up a transformer at nearby Moscow High School. #Kxly https://t.co/kkCKGpFGbv · Jeff Humphrey
Psychologist who evaluated Lee says Lee could still be a risk to public because of his paranoid delusions. #Kxly https://t.co/aSsikggvCF · Jeff Humphrey
Prosecutor is keeping himself busy making the rounds in the gallery disposing of tear soaked tissues. #Kxly https://t.co/qIjlkPfx1N · Jeff Humphrey
John Lee shows no reaction as even his father and sister have their victim impact statements read in court. #Kxly https://t.co/ZgDkG6xz5X · Jeff Humphrey
In March of this year Lee entered an Alford Plea for the killings after a plea agreement fell through.
Lee enters Alford Plea for deadly Moscow shooting spree · KXLY
John Lee was schizophrenic, heard voices. Killed his mom because he thought Mom was trying to poison Lee. #Kxly https://t.co/lmZWQqmep4 · Jeff Humphrey
Trail rented apartment to Lee even though Lee was unemployed. Jump-started Lee's car, brought him Xmas candy. #Kxly https://t.co/WetItcimES · Jeff Humphrey
Children of David Trail say he was irreplaceable, go- to father and asking the court to sentence Lee to life. #Kxly https://t.co/6bbjg5WCV9 · Jeff Humphrey
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<![CDATA[On patrol with Officer Sierra]]>

Sierra is a Spokane girl who beat cancer. Her wish was to be a police officer and the Spokane Police Department granted her wish Wednesday.

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Thank you for keeping #Spokane safe, Officer Sierra! #kxly https://t.co/ZY3W7MZRM9 · Brittany Paris
The Mayor and Spokane police gave officer Sierra a community service medal and award. #kxly https://t.co/mbhDHst89v · Brittany Paris
Officer Sierra receives a standing ovation for nabbing Spokane's most wanted! #kxly https://t.co/ahwtWEIwxv · Brittany Paris
Even Mayor @david_a_condon is here! #kxly https://t.co/SYuJj2Flub · Brittany Paris
A crowd is waiting outside City Hall to congratulate Officer Sierra on her incredible police work. #kxly https://t.co/sZY8uhqy56 · Brittany Paris
BREAKING: The bad guy escaped police custody AGAIN! He robbed the Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union. #KXLY https://t.co/u4kgTTMMCv · Brittany Paris
He's in custody! Officer Sierra is taking this bad guy back to jail. #kxly https://t.co/EauSHELyxZ · Brittany Paris
Officer Sierra found the bad guy. She's going in for the arrest. #KXLY https://t.co/x2X5VpbQfo · Brittany Paris
The suspect fled to an island. Officer Sierra is getting on a boat to chase him with the help of a helicopter! #kxly https://t.co/Yt1M7AaJK0 · Brittany Paris
She's already being called out. Sounds like they've dealt with this guy before. #kxly https://t.co/fs9sh1EDVS · Brittany Paris
Uh oh. Sierra is getting her assignment. Police are looking for this suspect. #KXLY https://t.co/kh1JZIQuLm · Brittany Paris
Sierra got called in for backup and handcuffed the suspect. #KXLY https://t.co/pPWQXajLcj · Brittany Paris
Sierra passed! She's graduating the academy and her mom put her badge on her. #OfficerSierra #kxly https://t.co/fkuhwWVTJB · Brittany Paris
Sierra's day as a @SpokanePD officer starts with training! She's learning how to handcuff bad guys! #KXLY https://t.co/pRlHMiUMn3 · Brittany Paris
https://storify.com/kxly4news/on-patrol-with-officer-sierrahttps://storify.com/kxly4news/on-patrol-with-officer-sierraWed, 27 Apr 2016 22:45:29 GMT
<![CDATA[Camille's Big Adventure]]>

Camille, our 11 p.m. producer -- you know, the one who live-tweeted Thanksgiving with her family -- is going on a trip to The Big Apple. So of course there will probably be more hijinks and stuff too good not to live blog about.

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Per request of "my readers". @SgtRobKXLY #camilleinthecity #nowtipsy https://t.co/5KhdM6tJFs · Camille Troxel
Beer w/ a side of aleve. Because I'm a #yoldie with a bum hip. #camilleinthecity https://t.co/PyV8kopGdP · Camille Troxel
Seriously. I'd hoped I'd misheard. I didn't. #camilleinthecity https://t.co/o3TQHuNQAs · Camille Troxel
Ordered 1 of only 2 craft beers on tap. Bar tender was shocked and made me try it first. New York doesn't get it. https://t.co/2x6w6Zz7sW · Camille Troxel
Why did I become a journalist? Because I spent every Friday night watching 20/20. Because I had no friends. https://t.co/ZTv69TYVRe · Camille Troxel
The show is remote tonight so I didn't see it in action, but the studio cams are robots. What?! #camilleinthecity https://t.co/SjlQpnksd3 · Camille Troxel
Grabbed a speedy tour of World News #camilleinthecity https://t.co/sSHS2YNAnw · Camille Troxel
@JohnKXLY yeah... Just a little. https://t.co/V2Dxtz77H7 · Camille Troxel
.@CamilleKXLY our vacation spots are strikingly different... #StuckInHawaii #Vacation #NorthShore https://t.co/FuJIpFRYT3 · John Hendricks
Took 3 tries but we found the right building. #camilleinthecity https://t.co/uOf0SDhqbX · Camille Troxel
Magical. But crowded. Stayed long enough to capture this magic. #camilleinthecity https://t.co/727W77aMj1 · Camille Troxel
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<![CDATA[Apple Cup 2015]]>

The Washington State Cougars are taking on the Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup at Husky Stadium in Seattle. Here are the latest reactions from the broadcast booth and the sidelines for the 2015 Apple Cup.

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Our faces right now. But we still love you @wsucougfb no matter what!!! #gocougs https://t.co/i5osKrDkxA · Casey Manahan
Win or lose, we love our cougs. #gocougs #havefaith @alexandria_cp @cherrydude https://t.co/J9YBGptHWo · Alyssa Patrick
https://storify.com/kxly4news/apple-cup-2015https://storify.com/kxly4news/apple-cup-2015Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:16:29 GMT
<![CDATA[Thanksgiving at Camille's]]>

Camille -- our 11 p.m. producer -- is busy live tweeting Thanksgiving at home with her brother. This should go well.

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It's not pretty, but it's perfect. Applies to both my family and my French silk pie. Happy thanksgiving! https://t.co/9XMHaw1Vqj · Camille Troxel
My mom is demanding to see all photos I post. Nope. #thanksgiving https://t.co/Z8TJfpxaqH · Camille Troxel
Happy #thanksgiving from some of my family and he back of grandmas head! #corndles https://t.co/cJJtIBfRTu · Camille Troxel
Lita prefers a solid stout with dinner. #thanksgiving https://t.co/tYwCyNP22S · Camille Troxel
https://storify.com/kxly4news/thanksgiving-at-camille-shttps://storify.com/kxly4news/thanksgiving-at-camille-sFri, 27 Nov 2015 03:18:09 GMT
<![CDATA[Live Blog: Windstorm buffeting Inland Northwest]]>

High winds blowing into the Spokane area, with gusts predicted up to 70 mph, has emergency managers and power companies preparing for outages and damage mitigation.

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November 2015 Windstorm - YouTube · YouTube
Falling trees knock out power in Post Falls neighborhood · KXLY
Trees coming down across Spokane · KXLY
No power at home, so i took this pic of me & my family. #pioneerdays https://t.co/k6iR0cr7YU · Melissa Luck #kxly
Here are some of the most impressive wind gusts from the Inland Northwest today: https://t.co/mjFdQmosu7 · Kris Crocker
Massive winds cause extensive damage to SpokAnimal facility · KXLY
https://storify.com/kxly4news/november-17-windstormhttps://storify.com/kxly4news/november-17-windstormWed, 18 Nov 2015 05:37:42 GMT
<![CDATA[Crews press attack on deadly Twisp wildfire]]>

The morning after three US Forest Service firefighters died on the fire lines, fire crews are continuing to press the attack on a wildfire burning in the Methow Valley near Twisp.

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These flowers and sign in Twisp absolutely break my heart. #KXLY #WaWildfire http://t.co/xbVl80fbJD · John Hendricks
Press Conference on wildfire fatalities near Twisp (Part Two) · KXLY
We're watching helicopters and tankers drop on the Twisp River Fire near Twisp right now. #KXLY http://t.co/NwKIBHkdyM · John Hendricks
Press Conference on wildfire fatalities near Twisp (Part One) · KXLY
Just watched this RJ85 do a dump on the fire near Twisp. Several heli also working. #KXLY #WaWildfire http://t.co/oK6m5afZ0z · John Hendricks
Officials Confirm Identities of Three Firefighter Fatalities and Injury
Wenatchee, Wash.—Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (OWNF) officials announced notifications have been made to the families of the three fallen and one injured USFS firefighters and can now confirm the identities of those lost and injured:
Tom Zbyszewski, age 20
Andrew Zajac, age 26
Richard Wheeler, age 31
Daniel Lyon, age 25, was injured and is being treated at Harborview Hospital in Seattle.
“We are mourning the loss of Tom, Andrew, and Richard and are in connection with and closely monitoring the recovery process of Daniel,” said Mike Williams, Forest Supervisor on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.  “This was a tragic incident, and our hearts go out to their families, friends, and colleagues.”
Harborview Hospital posted the following statement on its Facebook page concerning Daniel:
“The 25-year-old male firefighter, who is a resident of Puyallup, WA, remains critical in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle,” the hospital statement said.  “He has burns to approximately 60 percent of his body. He arrived to Harborview’s Emergency Department last night (Aug. 19). His family is not doing any interviews at this time and appreciates the support from the community.”
According to Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers, the three USFS deaths occurred in a wildfire on DNR land near Twisp, WA. 
A national incident management team has arrived at the OWNF headquarters to provide assistance.
A Critical Incident Stress Management team will soon arrive on the Forest to support employees and help them work through the tragedy.
Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.
Here's video of the #OkanoganComplex fire burning near #Riverside. This area was evacuated yesterday. #wawildfire http://t.co/clCaBoWtUU · Grace Ditzler
#OkanoganComplex #WaWILDFIRE #kxly #Riverside #Omak http://t.co/DkpVV5Jpt9 · Grace Ditzler
We're grabbing new video of the #OkanoganComplex. It's so smoky it's hard to even see the helicopters overhead. #kxly http://t.co/Pb2YbreODb · Grace Ditzler
This is as far as we can go into the town of #riverside that was evacuated last night. We can see flames on the hills http://t.co/E3VJDdUoHO · Grace Ditzler
The visibility is so poor, it's hard to even make out the helicopter in this picture. #OkanoganComplex #wawildfire http://t.co/wQxFxCXaYr · Grace Ditzler
Firefighters battling to keep flames out of Riverside north of Omak #kxly http://t.co/hVPHA3gel7 · BrianKXLY4
The @Walmart in #Omak has become a place for evacuated people from the #OkanoganComplex fires. #KXLY http://t.co/Eoh4TDHXir · Grace Ditzler
Light ash is falling as the Walmart parking lot in Omak fills with evacuees. #kxly http://t.co/Bf8TPXUK8s · BrianKXLY4
Grace Ditzler talking to fire evacuees in Omak #kxly http://t.co/RpvtjMBp0s · BrianKXLY4
https://storify.com/kxly4news/twisp-wildfirehttps://storify.com/kxly4news/twisp-wildfireThu, 20 Aug 2015 23:39:42 GMT