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On June 24th, 2016, Kartemquin Films celebrated 50 years of making documentaries. As the organization led up to this milestone, we opened our doors, archives, and films to Chicago and beyond, sharing history, values and plans for the future.

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Excitement built up through the spring, with feature profiles and interviews in The Guardian, U Chicago Magazine, Realscreen, Indiewire, RogerEbert.com, New City, HollywoodChicago.com, Criterion Collection, and Keyframe Daily.
We spoke with Steve James about the 50th anniversry of @Kartemquin & the Art of Documentary: https://t.co/txQaTUQaLm https://t.co/P41ZN3IjkG · Criterion Collection
The Art of Documentary: Kartemquin Films · Fandor Keyframe
As we begin the celebrations, our friends took to Twitter to wish us a happy 50th!
Today is the day! Ain't no party like a Semicentennial #KTQ50 Birthday Party! https://t.co/WlfBQtneF6#party https://t.co/uTBtvw1FAv · Kartemquin Films
Happy 50th Birthday to @Kartemquin! We'll be celebrating with them tonight #KTQ50 https://t.co/L3aGnVYNYc https://t.co/kB2Mt1eL24 · RogerEbert.com
Happy 50th birthday to the documentary visionaries at @Kartemquin! https://t.co/UARUCHI718 #KTQ50 https://t.co/quw56r1wCo · IndieWire
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<![CDATA[Summer for 'On Beauty' - in theaters and in the news]]>

Highlights from an event-filled summer for Joanna Rudnick's new award-winning documentary short as it was released in theaters.

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It was an exciting summer for the "On Beauty" team with screenings in multiple cities including Chicago, LA, NYC and DC.
The trailer has more than 100k views while the film and movement have inspired organizations and individuals alike, garnering mass media attention for the work of activist photographer Rick Guidotti and the film's message of seeing the beauty in difference.
.@OnBeautyFilm premieres in Los Angeles at @laemmleroyal: http://t.co/XBo6CvuCpv via @Kartemquin #ArtofChange http://t.co/tqbLccOxAK · Ford Foundation
"On Beauty" kicked off the summer at the female filmmakers night during the Midwest Independent Film Festival where RogerEbert.com reviewer Matt Fagerholm called the film "a masterful example of how cinema can serve as a humanizing force in the world."
"On Beauty" and photographer Rick Guidotti were also part of the annual conferences for three of the film's partner organizations: Sturge-Weber Foundation, Chromosome 18 Registry and Marfan Foundation.
More laughs, wows, tears and a standing ovation at @sturgeweber conference with @PositiveExpo http://t.co/SlApCXs8z4 · On Beauty the film
Great presentation by @PositiveExpo on finding beauty in difference. #2015RegistryConference @Chromosome18Reg http://t.co/tzYoXO77Zm · Lisa Kadane
We are so privileged to have Rick here this weekend! @PositiveExpo @IsaiahAustin @Green5Stars #MarfanConf http://t.co/RsglldYuER · TheMarfanFoundation
The summer also marked the film's theatrical premiere that began in Los Angeles on July 24 and in New York City on July 31.
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<![CDATA[Hard Earned Series Finale]]>

Episode 6 aired on June 7th. People all over the country caught a glimpse of five American families' lives as they struggle with low wages. Hard Earned provides a unique look into the struggle for the 21st century American dream and the will to fight against all odds in order to survive.

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In the series finale of #HardEarned, Diana overcomes her fears to forge a new path in the US Tomorrow at 10p ET http://t.co/IlI0OwRt3F · AJAM Presents
Diana faces and eventually overcomes her fears in order to forge a new life for herself in the U.S.
Diana pushes past her fears of going out alone in the U.S. when she starts a new job as a shop clerk. http://t.co/EU1ku53tJU · Hard Earned Film
Takita struggles with abdominal pain which is only worsened by the anxiety of having to face the repercussions of taking days off from working due to her illness.
Have you ever feared repercussions for calling in sick? #Takita #HardEarned http://t.co/ETOHppF7nv · Hard Earned Film
"They thought that I was faking" #Takita #Walgreens #HardEarned http://t.co/8ugrxfqQFd · Hard Earned Film
Emilia opens up about her story as she gets ready to speak about her past in front of a large group of high schoolers.
"Ultimately, that's what we're all looking for, right? For somebody to say you're going to be ok."#Emilia #HardEarned http://t.co/3LkP4BdIac · Hard Earned Film
A sincere thank you from the entire #HardEarned team for watching the series! Tune in next Sun for a reunion show. http://t.co/yLG69ZyTiT · Hard Earned Film
https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-5-recap-558787e464ab3fdc333b10f2https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-5-recap-558787e464ab3fdc333b10f2Mon, 22 Jun 2015 19:21:05 GMT
<![CDATA[Hard Earned Episode 5 Recap]]>

Episode 5 aired on May 31st. People all over the country caught a glimpse of five American families' lives as they struggle with low wages. Hard Earned provides a unique look into the struggle for the 21st century American dream and the will to fight against all odds in order to survive.

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Watch Ep. 5 of #HardEarned tomorrow at 10p ET: http://t.co/P7y58pEmRW Tune-in to the series finale Sunday at 10p ET http://t.co/iExngKwr5U · AJAM Presents
In episode 5, Percy gets a $1.50/hour raise at a new custodial position.
Tune in to episode 5 of #HardEarned, starting now on @AJAMPresents! http://t.co/swp1TLMkgh · Kartemquin Films
'If you read between the lines, you will find something you can relate to in this film' - Jose on @HardEarnedAJAM http://t.co/OmlQlHsW79 · MeridianHillPictures
DJ becomes more involved in the union despite working harder than ever. While only having a year left until receiving his degree, DJ reflects on his inability to finish college because he isn't eligible for financial aid after not being able to pay back his student loans.
DJ: "[Companies] make billions. We're doing all the work, but we're not seeing the pay." #HardEarned http://t.co/PcleI74MFr · Women Employed
About 12 million households pay more than 50% of their annual incomes for housing http://t.co/ttaVQCGIDK #HardEarned http://t.co/3tdjLLYzMr · Fault Lines
After badly needing another job, Emilia gets an unexpected call for a job opportunity.
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<![CDATA[Hard Earned Episode 4 Recap]]>

Episode 4 aired on May 24th. People all over the country caught a glimpse of five American families' lives as they struggle with low wages. Hard Earned provides a unique look into the struggle for the 21st century American dream and the will to fight against all odds in order to survive.

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Watch Ep. 4 of #HardEarned tonight at 10p ET. Ep. 5 premieres tomorrow night at 10p ET. http://t.co/XVxN3ugZT7 · AJAM Presents
As Diana experiences complications with her pregnancy, Hilton must take off time from his cafeteria job at Google in order to take Diana to her doctors' appointments. Not only are the couple worried about their unborn child but, they also have to take hit of lost income due to Hilton's time taken off to take care of Diana.
In episode 4, Percy and Beverly gather their family together at their home as they prepare for a holiday meal. Meanwhile, they must face the reality that they may never be able to retire.
Even though her financial situation continues to worsen, Emilia prepares for the holiday and tries to keep up with family Christmas traditions.
"She didn't like being a passenger. It's independence. The freedom to get up and go." #Emilia. #HardEarned http://t.co/nVepK9lFOJ · Hard Earned Film
Don't miss a FREE Chi screening of #HardEarned episode 1 & a discussion w/ @Kartemquin on 6/3: http://t.co/uPI5bFnevT http://t.co/UwyIMiHkkF · Women Employed
https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-4-recaphttps://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-4-recapMon, 22 Jun 2015 19:22:19 GMT
<![CDATA[Hard Earned Episode 3 Recap]]>

Episode 3 aired on May 17th. People all over the country caught a glimpse of five American families' lives as they struggle with low wages. Hard Earned provides a unique look into the fight for the 21st century American dream and the will to survive against all odds in order to survive.

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Tomorrow on #HardEarned, Hilton and Diana prepare for the birth of twins. Sunday at 10p ET http://t.co/D75vKVsuOt · AJAM Presents
Producer Maggie Bowman reflects on Diana's hardship and bravery as a new mother.
Tonight on #HardEarned, Jose and Elizabeth deal with a surprise on the housing front. Tune-in at 10p ET http://t.co/0mnQTwROsA · AJAM Presents
Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns endorses Hard Earned!
Nationally, only 20% of low-wage workers enjoy paid sick leave: http://t.co/vHl5V5nJrA #HardEarned Tomorrow, 10p ET http://t.co/CSWqvk2QlT · AJAM Presents
https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-3-recaphttps://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-episode-3-recapMon, 22 Jun 2015 19:22:48 GMT
<![CDATA[Hard Earned Episode 2 Recap]]>

Episode 2 of Hard Earned aired on Sunday night. People all over the country caught a glimpse of five American families' lives as they struggle with low income wages. To catch the next episode, and join the conversation, tune in to Al Jazeera America this Sunday night at 10P ET/7P PT.

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Episode 2 of #HardEarned premieres tonight at 10p ET http://t.co/TlwFVjxgSh · AJAM Presents
Producer Maggie Bowman points out how important "home" is to these families. Each one is struggling in his or her own way to secure shelter and stability for their families.
Hilton and Diana live rent a garage in Silicon Valley, where he works over 80 hours a week to support Diana, who is pregnant with twins.
A family of 4 in Silicon Valley must earn $100,948/yr to pay for basic expenses. How does this work for a dishwasher? http://t.co/ZVpC2RXx25 · Hard Earned Film
DJ and Takita struggle to support their two children on Walgreens wages. They live in Garfield Park, Chicago.
"Being a man that can't put my family in a home they deserve... that's a problem for me." #DJ #HardEarned http://t.co/PqHubtVZnV · Hard Earned Film
#GarfieldPark is one of the few areas #DJ & #Takita can afford to live in on their @Walgreens wages. #HardEarned http://t.co/5hLPhZdKec · Hard Earned Film
DJ supports the union Fight for 15 (who tweeted us below!) and is protesting that Walgreens and other large corporations raise their minimum wage to $15 so that workers can afford to support themselves and their families.
"A lot of the time I'm panicking. But I can't show her that... $170, that's what I'm down to." #DJ #HardEarned http://t.co/KVWHilbmHH · Hard Earned Film
Jose is an Iraq war veteran. He and his wife Elizabeth are trying to buy a home for themselves, their son Ayden, and Elizabeth's two parents. They live in Montgomery County, Maryland, where the average income in among the highest in the country.
"Where is the guy that is supposed to make me into a man? I want Aiden to have a home." #Jose #HardEarned http://t.co/GsMnVCNNDw · Hard Earned Film
"I thought: 'If you can afford the payments, you could afford it.'" #HardEarned #JoseElizabeth http://t.co/2N6Z4BI4Sw http://t.co/BnzHE3nVsx · Hard Earned Film
"I work, I work, I work... it's still like there's no way out. This house is a way out." #Elizabeth #HardEarned. http://t.co/PrANYpyyGO · Hard Earned Film
Fight for 15 showed their unparalleled support for the series.
https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-ep-3-recaphttps://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-ep-3-recapWed, 13 May 2015 14:13:51 GMT
<![CDATA[Hard Earned Al Jazeera America Television Premiere!]]>

The first episode of Hard Earned, a six part series focused American households living on minimum wage, premiered on Al Jazeera America on May 3rd! Here's a recap of the night including moving fan reactions and exclusive tweets from the directors. Next episode airs May 10th.

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DJ's hourly wage at Walgreens adds up to just $21,000/year. #HardEarned #DJTakita. http://t.co/jzxp9jEgoZ http://t.co/WAjrisFGKw · Hard Earned Film
39% of students in debt are paying off loans. As they are battling, the loans just gain interest. #DJ #HardEarned http://t.co/t5MYZcdwFI · Hard Earned Film
"Y'all know how we doing homework. Don't act brand new." #Takita #HardEarned. http://t.co/2N6Z4BZFK4 http://t.co/cXMUcHHh2f · Hard Earned Film
"How do you feel about the house?" "Scared... it's a big purchase... what if something happened?" #HardEarned http://t.co/5YQ9aREVxa · Hard Earned Film
https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-premiere-on-al-jazeera-america-sunday-https://storify.com/kartemquin/hard-earned-premiere-on-al-jazeera-america-sunday-Fri, 08 May 2015 19:57:52 GMT
<![CDATA[Raising Bertie at Good Pitch!]]>

Raising Bertie -- our new film following three young men contending with underfunded educational systems as they grow into adulthood in Bertie County, North Carolina -- enjoyed wild success this week at the second annual Good Pitch!

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After being selected as one of only six in-progress documentaries to pitch to an audience of 300 potential funders and community partners, Raising Bertie was ready to rock at Good Pitch Chicago 2015...
It's today! Good luck at #GoodPitchChi to all on #TeamBertie. You are going to rock it. https://t.co/zxzoWiWAwN http://t.co/JWPlNFZpJU · Kartemquin Films
Raising Bertie was in good company, featured alongside five other work-in-progress documentaries and hundreds of community members
Here's the run of play for #GoodPitchChi. First up, #AlmostSunrise. Good luck, Michael and Marty! http://t.co/n9f04AaUEX · Kartemquin Films
Getting #GoodPitchChi 2015 started off in #CincoDeMayo style with Mariachi Perla Da Mexico! http://t.co/MH9gcGAVRX · GoodPitchCHI
The event opened with a keynote address by Kartemquin friend Chaz Ebert honoring the great Charles Benton.
"We should be proud to use the word documentary." - @ChazEbert rallies troops at #GoodPitchCHI with rousing keynote. http://t.co/JJnlBHn5ER · Kartemquin Films
Director Margaret Byrne took the stage for her seven-minute pitch...
#GoodPitchChi Margaret Byrne went for a week stayed for 6yrs. why she made the film "I saw excellence in these boys" http://t.co/1tC0Myw3lz · JoAnne Fishburn
At #GoodpitchChi, Davonte of @RaisingBertie takes the mic. http://t.co/c8HVIIKh0K · Kartemquin Films
... then BOO-YAH.
“@thompowers: Ford Foundation commits $50k to @RaisingBertie at #goodpitchchi http://t.co/FZ8XBrVIwO” #thankyou x 50000 · Raising Bertie
https://storify.com/kartemquin/raising-bertie-celebratedhttps://storify.com/kartemquin/raising-bertie-celebratedFri, 08 May 2015 19:50:52 GMT
<![CDATA[Almost There at The True/False Festival! ]]>

Almost There -- our new film about Peter Anton, an elderly "outsider" artist living in at-risk conditions who befriends two filmmakers -- had a weekend to never forget at True/False Film Festival. Come with us as we recap all of the festivities!

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Directors Dan Rybicky and Aaron Wickenden started off by appearing on local NPR station KBIA to discuss Almost There:
The Man who is ‘Almost There’ @almostthereproj #TrueFalse http://t.co/We1ArCvhPD http://t.co/qIGW8nUA8Y · KBIA
"We went to a Pierogi Festival to see the World’s Largest Pierogi, while we were there, we were walking around, we met Mr. Pierogi, we saw a lot of dancing pierogies, and then at the like very end of this long pathway was this rickety table and this man sitting there doing pastel portraits of kids and telling, you know, hilarious, corny jokes." -Dan Rybicky
We then made the rounds in Columbia, MO, and came across something delightful:
Espresso AND Pierogies?? A dream come true. #Almostthere makes the rounds at @truefalse! #truefalse http://t.co/vfMcd8L664 · Almost There Project
We were also big Mizzou fans for the weekend... when in CoMo, right??
Go Tigers! Making our way through beautiful Columbia, MO for @truefalse #truefalse #Mizzou #Almostthere http://t.co/xr8Q5pHJVh · Almost There Project
Aaron took part in a True/False panel discussion called "Try A Little Tenderness," where he discussed the ethically complicated process of making Almost There.
Great turnout for doc discussion called "try a little tenderness" @truefalse w @almostthereproj @AaronWickenden http://t.co/1Hcut5PptY · Jennifer Brandel
Several students taking notes for a class, but even more people here just to listen. Inspiring. #truefalse #TFpanels http://t.co/vw0Wz7vfH5 · Dominique Feldman
Aaron shared his thoughts on how he and Dan approached Peter and the controversy that arose during his 2010 art exhibition:
And he dropped the most important bit of knowledge that every documentary filmmaker needs to keep in mind:
The premiere screening was bittersweet. We dedicated it to one of the great heroes in documentary history: Al Maysles, who passed on March 5th, 2015. Grey Gardens was a watershed film for Dan and Aaron, and something they shared with Peter when making Almost There.
Look closely. You'll see GREY GARDENS sitting in Peter's DVDs. In 2009 we shared it with him. https://t.co/umz27KRCVE http://t.co/EvcnsGrsgs · Almost There Project
https://storify.com/kartemquin/almost-there-at-true-false-fhttps://storify.com/kartemquin/almost-there-at-true-false-fFri, 13 Mar 2015 22:20:16 GMT