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Once upon a time, I borrowed a few Christmas carols and altered them just the tiniest bit. I think they came out nicely creepy, don't you?

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<![CDATA[Let's Remember that Time When Humans Walked on the Moon for the First Time Ever. ]]>

On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time. Their trip was dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than any trip ever taken before. They saw things heretofore unseen and brought back samples. Here, a little travelogue, in photos. Thanks, NASA!

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We built a hellacool rocket, over 900 feet tall to go to that distant round moon, because we wanted to. http://t.co/ZxLXLX4ECw · Jimmie
Okay, I was wrong here. The Saturn V rocket was over 360 feet tall, not 900. I think I meant to hit a 3 but hit a 9. I was excited and working quickly.
Then we lit the hellacool rocket on fire. With people riding in a tiny space on top. http://t.co/ayMpwi2g07 · Jimmie
Oh, baby, did we kick that pig like we'd never done before. it was the 2nd-loudest man-made noise ever. http://t.co/CtngC9FVYi · Jimmie
Baby, did it fly. http://t.co/EsGWZlavh3 · Jimmie
And we used a room full of geniuses, working like blazes, improvising sometimes, to hurl it skyward. http://t.co/LP6JmNuZ8g · Jimmie
This picture, which I've seen a bunch of times, always makes me smile. http://t.co/KQp71LKhJo · Jimmie
They went to space, and Michael Collins pointed a camera back at us. In 1969. http://t.co/8d3Vrc57Q0 · Jimmie
"Hiya Earth. Just headed to the Moon. Back in a bit with rocks and stuff for you!" http://t.co/vCv0mUree5 · Jimmie
I wonder how many kids waved hello to Apollo 11. http://t.co/TmTbr7m9WI · Jimmie
Farther away. http://t.co/jp1ygrsq2J · Jimmie
And farther yet. I wonder if they got scared, even just a little, those steely-eyed explorers? http://t.co/czxzN8VWiD · Jimmie
So, so far away. http://t.co/GZenaTiUvA · Jimmie
And then, THE MOON! http://t.co/XeS3SetwVH · Jimmie
it was kind of bright up there near the surface. They had no Instagram filters. Sad astronauts. http://t.co/hARMvwPB59 · Jimmie
Earthrise. Because that's what you get from the moon. They didn't have a lot of window space. http://t.co/WRiDhn9Hu6 · Jimmie
And off they went! Well, two of them. One had to stay behind and pick them up. http://t.co/r1gbcZme88 · Jimmie
All right. Just do a quick scan to make sure there aren't any monsters. There were rumors, y'see. http://t.co/GAfYtHQQi2 · Jimmie
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<![CDATA[Does Anyone in Washington Give a Rip About Veterans Killed by a Callous VA?]]>

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https://storify.com/jimmiebjr/veterans-die-and-the-va-gets-paidhttps://storify.com/jimmiebjr/veterans-die-and-the-va-gets-paidTue, 29 Jul 2014 01:56:16 GMT
<![CDATA[Do Awesome Things]]>

Remember when we applied "awesome" to things that truly inspired our awe? Nowadays, everything even slightly above the average is awesome, from Justin Bieber to the newest flavor of potato chips. Still there is plenty of room in our lives for awesome, in the true meaning of the word. Read on.

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<![CDATA[Kevin McKeever on How Conservatives Can Work in Hollywood]]>

Kevin McKeever, a conservative with extensive experience in Hollywood, took to Twitter yesterday to give some advice for how conservatives can break into the entertainment industry. With his permission, I've collected his Twitter monologue (Twitterlogue?) here so it's not lost down the memory hole.

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Kevin's monologue is fairly long, so I've interspersed it with breaks here and there, mostly to define a term he couldn't because of the limitations of Twitter or to add an explanatory link.

When he refers to #tcot, he means conservatives generally. The #tcot hashtag stands for "Top Conservatives on Twitter" and has been around, thanks to Beulah Garrett (@beulahgg on Twitter), who first coined it in 2008. Duane Lester wrote a massive post on Twitter and seeded the first #tcot list with 200 must-follow names in late 2008. Since then, the hashtag has become one of the most-used in the history of Twitter.
With that out of the way, here's Kevin.
Jimmie here. This is the article to which Kevin refers. The second article, by William Jacobson, covers the same subject from a different angle. Kevin didn't include it, but I will, because it's helpful.
Jimmie here. #Hollywood works for pretty much any entertainment medium, whether is the traditional Big Four or some of the new ones springing up on the internet. Back to Kevin.
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<![CDATA[My Ten #LifeTruthsFromThePrincessBride]]>

If you watch carefully, "The Princess Bride" isn't just a story of swordplay, adventure, vengeance, friendship, and True Love. It also holds a few valuable life lessons. Here are a few I found.

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And a couple bonus points, from a friend on Twitter, because why not?
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<![CDATA[My Ten #LifeTruthsFromGhostbusters]]>

If you watch carefully, the movie "Ghostbusters" has a few practical lessons you can apply to your own life. Here are a few I found.

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Ghostbusters cake · poppet with a camera
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