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Concrete advice on debunking rumors and correcting misinformation, from the new Tow Center report "Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content" by Craig Silverman.

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1) Debunk the rumor not the person

2) Don't Repeat the Rumor You are Debunking

3) Rumors Are a Natural Reaction

4) Choose the Right Messenger

5) Correct Your Headlines

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<![CDATA[Valentine's Day Messages for the Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger]]>

The newest media couple on the block is Comcast and Time Warner Cable. But the deal - which was announced one day before Valentine's Day - sparked outrage and concern from the public. Here are some of the best #NoMergerLove responses, where people were sounding off on the dangers of this bad deal.

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Valcardall · Free Press Pics
You can download one of these great merger Valentine's Day cards and "share the love."
Candace Clement, of Free Press, wrote a letter to Comcast, a sort of intervention for a company who is always looking for love in all the wrong places.

Dear Comcast,

Let me just start by saying we’re in your court. We’ve been your friends for years. We’ve lost track of how much money we’ve given you. And yet every time you say that you want to get together with someone else it’s like all the good things about you vanish. And the hard truth is this: Every time you find someone new, it’s always a bad match.

Read the rest here.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I don't love this merger, how about you? More #NoMergerLove: http://t.co/mcDaHAkxBh http://t.co/X5cXouaWzS · Josh Stearns
There's nothing 2love about the #ComcastTWC merger. Stop the merger: http://t.co/trMrIUzAAD #NoMergerLove http://t.co/ocPdQQ9gmH @freepress · MAG-Net
We may have channeled Beyoncé ... Tell the FCC to stop this merger: http://t.co/TkPHpCjx3p #NoMergerLove http://t.co/jWt0xjGIKU · Free Press
Comcast is Red, Time Warner is Blue, Don't let them merge To gouge more from you! http://t.co/wDPztKDwTj http://t.co/YXwcfDGiQP · CommonCause
There is nothing to love about the #ComcastTWC merger. Stop this merger: http://t.co/2L8rSOxTjw #NoMergerLove http://t.co/xHsvtJN0gc · JCade_Sim7447
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<![CDATA[What Makes "The Intercept" Different?]]>

Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill have launched the first nonprofit journalism effort at First Look Media, the media and technology company founded by Pierre Omidyar. Already, in the first few hours, the site is setting itself apart. Here are a few things that caught my attention.

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Screenshot 2014-02-10 09.07.18 · jcstearns
Pierre Omidyar has been clear from the start that First Look Media will be about fighting for our rights to gather and disseminate news as well as using those rights to hold government to account. In their initial welcome message Greenwald, Poitras and Scahill argue that you can't divorce the act of doing journalism from the act of protecting press freedom. "A primary function of The Intercept is to insist upon and defend our press freedoms from those who wish to infringe them. We are determined to move forward with what we believe is essential reporting in the public interest and with a commitment to the ideal that a truly free and independent press is a vital component of any healthy democratic society." To that end, First Look Media recently hired acclaimed First Amendment lawyer Lynn Oberlander. 
Trevor Timm, at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, highlights the important steps that the team at First Look Media have taken in terms of implementing technology in service of press freedom. 

"The Intercept is the first major news publication in the United States to make its entire site HTTPS encrypted by default. As the NSA documents have shown, this is vital for reader privacy, as every site you visit is vulnerable to snooping by intelligence agencies if left unencrypted. HTTPS can also help protect readers against getting hijacked by outside attackers, like we have also seen in recent NSA revelations. This should a minimum best practice followed by every news organization, but unfortunately, for various reasons, no other news organization has done so before today. In the coming months, we hope to help change that."
Every staff member has PGP keys listed prominently with their bios.
First Look Media and The Intercept have also implemented SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower dropbox originally coded by Aaron Swartz and now maintained by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. The Intercept is the fifth newsroom to install SecureDrop.
Launching any new site is an adventure, and can often be rocky. The Intercept had some problems early on, but they were consistently open and responsive on Twitter, acknowledging both the early praise and the early criticism coming their way. If the site and its staff can continue to listen thoughtfully and honestly to its community, it will help build trust early on. 
Disclosure: I serve on the board of directors of the Freedom of the Press Foundation with Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Micah Lee, who all work for First Look Media. 
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<![CDATA[Journalists Attacked in Oakland During Trayvon Martin Protests]]>

Around the country people gathered in the streets to protest the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. Most of the rallies and marches were peaceful but in Oakland police clashed with protesters. At least one photographer and cameraman were attached by protesters.

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Below are initial tweets from July 15. I'll update this as more details emerge.
In the early morning on July 16, protesters in Oakland smashed the windows of Youth Radio, a media education and youth journalism project in Oakland that was out covering the protests. 
Dogwood helps Youth Radio board up windows broken tonite at #oakland #trayvon protests. Theirs were broken Saturday. http://pic.twitter.com/KFAHdeKydQ · Karl Mondon
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<![CDATA[Public Policy and Twitter: Advice for Students]]>

I'm teaching a class for public policy students and asked my Twitter followers what advice they would give about how Twitter can be used for public policy, advocacy and community engagement.

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Many people said public policy students, organizers and advocates should be on Twitter to track news and reach journalists. 
Others pointed out the benefit of getting real time feedback on ideas, policies, etc...
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<![CDATA[Social Media Tools for Public Engagement and Policy Debates]]>

How can we use social media tools to better engage the public in meaningful policy debates, foster agency in politics, and facilitate creative conversations that address critical community concerns.

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My name is Josh Stearns - I'm the Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director at Free Press, where we fight for press freedom and Internet freedom.
Free Press is building a powerful nationwide movement to change media and technology policies, promote the public interest and strengthen democracy. We advocate for universal and affordable Internet access, diverse media ownership, vibrant public media and quality journalism.
Here is how my son describes it:
Our goal at Free Press is to engage the public, including our half a million members around the US, in the critical media policy debates shaping everything we watch, read and hear. The question before us today is:

How can we use social media tools to better engage the public in meaningful policy debates, foster agency in politics, and facilitate creative conversations that address critical community concerns.

For me, the answer to this question starts with story.
Benker-quote · jcstearns
Thomas Berry Storytelling · jcstearns
The Nigerian author Ben Orki says that "Stories are the secret reservoirs of values." And, those stories are written and re-written in the contested terrain of culture. But culture has real implications for politics. 
"Culture is the space in our national consciousness filled by music, books, sports, movies, theater, visual arts, and media. It is the realm of ideas, images, and stories -- the narrative in which we are immersed every day. It is where people make sense of the world, where ideas are introduced, values are inculcated, and emotions are attached to concrete change. Cultural change is often the dress rehearsal for political change. Or put in another way, political change is the final manifestation of cultural shifts that have already occurred.  - Jeff Chang
"Jackie Robinson's 1947 Major League Baseball debut preceded Brown v. Board of Education by seven years. Ellen DeGeneres' coming-out on her TV sitcom preceded the first favorable court ruling on same-sex marriage by eight years." - Jeff Chang

But today, our stories are scattered across sites, our conversations are fractured across platforms. 

In many respects, this is a good thing. The Internet and new technology has democratized media making, putting the tools of journalism in the hands of more and more people. And social networks have given citizens and policymakers new ways to communicate and connect.
World Leaders on Twitter · jcstearns
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<![CDATA[#Give4News: Funding the Future of Nonprofit News]]>

Raising the profile of nonprofit news and fostering a culture of philanthropy for investigative journalism.

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As 2012 drew to a close I saw a lot of buz about end-of-year giving, but for the most part journalism wasn’t part of this conversation. By all accounts nonprofit news continued to expand in 2012. Even as some start-ups folded and merged, many others launched, new collaboration emerged and the quality of nonprofit news continued to make an impact on the national debate. Indeed, one of the biggest scoops of the election came from the longtime nonprofit magazine Mother Jones.

In an effort to raise the profile of non-profit news and remind people why it is so important to support this kind of journalism I launched #give4news. I asked Twitter users to tell me what journalism non-profits they are donating to and why, then tag it #give4news. The goal was to making giving to journalism organizations more public and encourage people to share the organizations they support. In exchange, I promised to choose two groups from the collected tweets and donate to them as well. For the people who suggested those two groups I would give them a subscription to Orion Magazine or Mother Jones.

Here is my original post that goes into much more detail about the ideas behind the project.

The nonprofit journalism organizations I donated to this year were: Free Press, New England Public Radio, Homicide Watch, the Freedom of Press Foundation and the Our Reality documentary project. I continued to subscribe to a number of other nonprofit journalism efforts including Orion Magazine and others as well.

And the winners are….

It was wonderful to be introduced to so many fantastic organizations through this process, and at the bottom of this post you can see the tweets and links to journalism organizations that people were supporting this year.

Michael Marcotte had a great tweet that started, “I give where I live.” I can relate to that sentiment. But of all the organizations that were suggested, I decided to choose two that were in communities far from my own location, specifically, in places where nonprofit news is working to get a foothold.

So, the two organizations are: Buffalo, New York’s Investigative Post, tweeted by Martina Fern & Asheville, North Carolina’s Carolina Public Press, tweeted by Andria Krewson

I’ll be making a donation to those two groups and Martina and Andria will get subscriptions to Orion Magazine or Mother Jones as a thank you for making their giving public and helping promote nonprofit journalism.

What’s next for #give4news?

I had a tremendous response from journalism organizations and coalitions when I launched #give4news and I hope that we can work together to do a much larger and more coordinated nonprofit news giving challenge in the future.
Below are the tweets and links to all the groups people gave to during the #give4news effort.
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<![CDATA[What Goes Unsaid When We Talk About the Future of News]]>

There is a lot of talk about the future of news, but sometimes what is most telling are the topics people won't talk about. So I asked Twitter what is one big thing no one is willing to talk about when it comes to the future of journalism.

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<![CDATA[Your Media in Three Words]]>

When we talk about the future of journalism, what exactly are we talking about? Is there a shared understanding of what that future should look like? I asked my Twitter followers to describe the media they want to see in three words. Here is what they said.

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What are your three words?
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<![CDATA[Million Puppet March: Standing Up for Public Media]]>

On November 3, more than 1,000 people hit the National Mall in Washington, DC, in a massive show of support for NPR and PBS. The grassroots movement began after the first Presidential debate when Mitt Romney said he would zero out funding for PBS.

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For more background check out their website. If you can, donate to the effort because they are using money from their on pockets to make this happen.
And send a message to Congress about why you care about public media here:
Here are some of the best photos from the Million Puppet March (UPDATES ONGOING)
The Million Puppet March is about to set off! · delfuego
Current is at the Million Puppet March #MPM2012 #pubmedia http://pic.twitter.com/ZIQavbm0 · Current Public Media
"When puppets are outlawed, only outlaws will have puppets!" And no one would want that.
Million Puppet March · §83(b)
Defend Public Media! Defend the Puppets!
Free Press is at the Million Puppet March right now! Check out our stickers (Thanks to Chance Williams for the photo) · Josh Stearns
Shirt: No Puppets, No Peace!  or  Know Puppets! Know Peace!
#mpm2012 @myopennotes @reginaholliday this one's for you! @ Lincoln Park http://instagr.am/p/RkiPKDOPhi/ · Ted Eytan, MD
Bi-partisan Puppets. 
Master of puppets #millionpuppetmarch #mpm2012 · at3k
There was even a wedding at the Million Puppet March today. 
These 2 chose the Million Puppet March as a venue for their wedding. We want to wish them every happiness. And just for the record, we support marriage equality for all puppets. · Million Puppet March
Big Bird is waving hello (or showing his muscles) -- maybe both!
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