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Now that I am here I don't want to leave and oh, Frank- it was amazing. #sundancelondon #frank http://t.co/NoHzZ2hioW · Eugenie
Enjoyed #frank @SundancefestUK . Now I know the secret of #chinchilla! Looking fwd to the weekend: panels & films http://t.co/7oj4i3KGY6 · S K Downing
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<![CDATA[FRANK - SXSW Reactions]]>

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Letting our Frank flags fly #SXSW #Frank http://t.co/gMKqixRj9G · Chloe Morris
I saw Frank at #sxsw today. Amazing film, Fassbender in particular is brilliant (especially as he's wearing a fak... http://t.co/K54tm3a8OE · Morning Dailies
So excited to get our Frank on! #SXSW #FrankMovie @JonBurroughs83 http://t.co/53JDjjgC5N · Merlinmoe
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<![CDATA[The Secrets Behind Addictive Storytelling]]>

Storified by hugh garry · Sun, Mar 09 2014 22:06:28

Content has to do 2 things. has to engage and has to find an audience. It's a bloodsport because we are competing with so many other pieces of content. In a world where access is democratised we ask ourselves 'Is it worth my time;.
The Time You Have (In JellyBeans) · zefrank1
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<![CDATA[The Future of Genetics in Our Everyday Lives]]>

Is DNA the programming language of the future? What role do genetics and personalized medicine play in the healthcare revolution? Can big data and community unlock secrets to a healthier life?

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Anne Wojcicki: The Future of Genetics in Our Everyday Lives #SXSWi #FutGenes http://t.co/6vL3dwfRbl · Chris De Abreu
“@celiajones: Brutal truth of healthcare today. #futgenes http://t.co/IyywC1WRtp” · madgirlnyc
The Future of #Genetics in Our Everyday Lives at #SXSW2014. #FutGenes @23andMe #saliva is #trending now ;) @adcinews http://t.co/4DHnfhBdu9 · Massimiliano M Longo
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<![CDATA[The LOLs of nations]]>

Global memes add snark and commentary to politics. Memes have helped citizens around the world express political support and dissent: from the meme that helped a cat run for office in Mexico, to the goats that parodied Obama’s visit to Uganda, to the Myanmar kitten.

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Memes teach us about what his happening in the news around the world.
A meme cat came 4th in a Mexican election
The democratization of politics through #memes in Mexico - @andresmh #LOLNations #sxsw http://t.co/hijvt7853d · Steven Davy
Memes help confront taboos such as the 'Negrito' snack by Bimbo
#LOLNations #SXSW #africa #news http://t.co/lIixYUaW8O · Robert Ivan
Signalling our preferences to others is a key dimension to human action
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<![CDATA["Show Your Work" - Austin Kleon]]>

Good work is all about process, yet we tend to only share the products of that process, and not the process itself. Learn how opening up and sharing your process brings you closer to an audience, adds value to your work, and makes you better at what you do.

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"I thought newspapers would be dead in a couple years......9 years later" -Austin Kleon #SXSW… http://t.co/pWApx85FHg · Crush Toronto
Vampires vs Human Spams: Austin Kleon dispel the myth at #sxswi http://t.co/kWeMvIKWGS · Chris De Abreu
Austin Kleon talking about creativity and how to avoid vampires and human spam at #sxsw @ Austin… http://t.co/koEuWtjyvj · Tim McAlpine
Scenius the new way for creativity, away from the suffering of the process to genius #austin Kleon #SXSW http://t.co/WAkgvCK0Za · agnes alazard
The way to become part of a scene is to shut up and start listening. Pay attention. To be accepted by a community you have to be a good citizen. 
#ShowYourWork with Austin Kleon Don't be a Genius. Be part of a Senius. Be a contributor and a collaborator. #SXSW http://t.co/FMNZp4UbG7 · CDM New York
Look at the scene and make a note of whats not being done as well as what is being done. 
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<![CDATA[The New Digital Age - Erick Schmidt/Jared Cohen]]>

Much of today’s news coverage dwells on images of violence, stories of government instability, and a world in chaos, but there is another story to tell here. Technology is reshaping human society in ways we never imagined, and the story for the future is one of promise and innovation.

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First #SXSW14 session with @ericschmidt on #NewDigitalAge http://t.co/4WDr7FvvIU · Convecto New Media
There is a role for secrecy that needs to be narrowly defined says Eric Schmidt in The New Digital Age #SXSW http://t.co/TlaFQo70py · Yoli Chisholm
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<![CDATA[The Story 2014]]>

Highlights from The Story 2014

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@pietrosperoni @fortyfoxes I am in Conway Hall this morning attending #thestory2014 http://t.co/ZHPHEf4w8J · Hoz
Exciting! #thestory2014 http://t.co/0sEQjdVXUn · Leonora Oppenheim
Book art making mad skillz #thestory2014 http://t.co/K5qduu3Z9R · Sharna Jackson
Wonderfully powerful but delightfully simple quote highlighted by @kylebean at #thestory2014 http://t.co/nwe2M0R4Um · Matthew Desmier
A digital whistleblower #thestory2014 http://t.co/88atPhQqNP · Ania Mendrek
#thestory2014 audience welcomes @kenyatta to the stage http://t.co/6Bb97Ii0hk · Meg Pickard
This is happening #thestory2014 @ Conway Hall http://t.co/kOKjphanSg · Mun-Keat Looi
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<![CDATA[Frank - Sundance Reactions]]>

A certain bored keyboard player on Twitter https://twitter.com/JonBurroughs83

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Frank's everywhere! #sundance http://t.co/uKhrSDIGtS · katie holly
This is me in a FRANK mask. http://t.co/QN1NDS903I · Jordan Hoffman
Great night. And now, hashtags: #frankthefilm #Frank #chinchilla #Sundance #hashtag @frankthefilm · Chelsea Morgan
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<![CDATA[Matthew Inman (Oatmeal) Keynote - SXSW13]]>

Storified by hugh garry · Tue, Mar 12 2013 19:46:16

Here he is! @Oatmeal takes the stage to talk cartoons, web, cats and creativity #SXSW #BearsWin http://pic.twitter.com/8bgo2x6zBU · perfeckt australia
Matthew Inman's view of the audience (on the last day of #sxsw) #BearsWin http://pic.twitter.com/XulD3BKw7R · Catherine K. Nodurft
Map of the sexual habits of the various regions of America via @Oatmeal at #SXSWi #BearsWin http://pic.twitter.com/pb4GYZl8km · Mayu Arita
Hilarious @mashable jokes from @oatmeal #bearswin #sxsw http://pic.twitter.com/MkzpjRJnud · Raquel Peña
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