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This is what science communication LOOKS like...

Storified by Paige Brown · Sun, Aug 28 2016 04:09:02

Science art for public engagement...
@FromTheLabBench biodiversity-themed printmaking to get local residents involved in conservation #scicomm #sciart https://t.co/SRb0xTtwML · Ellen Rykers
Getting into the discussion...
One of my faves: talking spiders with Dracula #scicomm @FromTheLabBench (photo by @MikeHrabar) https://t.co/5zaBoGGQm3 · Catherine Scott
Sharing fieldwork with prospective scientists.
& here's one of @Ibycter showing kids how to find spiders under logs #scicomm @FromTheLabBench (photo: @mikeboers) https://t.co/035OI5izqE · Catherine Scott
Engaging students in science communication.
@FromTheLabBench we run a camp called #ROMReporters- it's 20 teen journalists writing about museums & #scicomm. https://t.co/dETYHD2U2S · Kiron Mukherjee
Guest lectures.
@FromTheLabBench or #scicomm of the student engagement type? photo cred to @SolomonRDavid https://t.co/b5G4h3IyH2 · SJanuchowski-Hartley
Science poetry.
@FromTheLabBench #scicomm of the #haiku type? photo cred to @drmichellelarue https://t.co/6LTBWaY7lf · SJanuchowski-Hartley
Immersive fieldwork experiences - shared on social media.
@FromTheLabBench pics of real-time #scicomm on forest pathology, reptile portraiture, acoustic analysis & rewilding https://t.co/Yp9rqw8i0n · David M Watson
Science outreach events.
@FromTheLabBench Trying to distract the kids from @abckids Jimmy Giggle to talk #science of mosquitoes! #scicomm https://t.co/VVsqE02nu7 · Dr Cameron Webb
Science Art.
@FromTheLabBench #scicomm of the #fishy type? https://t.co/x465mPGFNk · SJanuchowski-Hartley
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<![CDATA[Scientists Plus Artists, Journalists, Etc.]]>

Science Communication skills and Collaboration Skills

Storified by Paige Brown · Sat, Jul 16 2016 05:12:27

SciComm 101
https://storify.com/fromthelabbench/scientists-plus-artists-journalists-etchttps://storify.com/fromthelabbench/scientists-plus-artists-journalists-etcSat, 16 Jul 2016 05:12:27 GMT
<![CDATA[Beasts of the Southern Wild ]]>

Thoughts on Story in Film #climatechange #scicomm

Storified by Paige Brown · Tue, Apr 12 2016 19:55:47

In our #LSUStories Digital Storytelling class at LSU this semester, we are learning about storytelling across digital platforms. Today we watched Beasts of the Southern Wild, and students tweeted out their thoughts about the film, its use of narrative and storytelling devices. We will continue our discussion later this week!
https://storify.com/fromthelabbench/beasts-of-the-southern-wildhttps://storify.com/fromthelabbench/beasts-of-the-southern-wildTue, 12 Apr 2016 19:55:47 GMT
<![CDATA[Science Bloggers: How to Break out of your Echo Chamber]]>

Can/do science blogs reach a "general" audience?

Storified by Paige Brown · Fri, Oct 09 2015 03:12:19

As I'm ramping up to survey science blog readers for my postdoc work, I've been thinking of some of the implications of finding out more about our readers. For one, by knowing the backgrounds and science media interests of a blog's readers, we can roughly determine whether that blog is talking to a like-minded or primarily already-science-invested audience, or whether the blog is reaching beyond this niche into a "general audience."
So what characteristics might help a science blog attract a diverse audience, vs. catering to an audience that is already highly science literate (or even as narrow as other scientists)?
https://storify.com/fromthelabbench/science-bloggers-how-to-break-out-of-your-echo-chahttps://storify.com/fromthelabbench/science-bloggers-how-to-break-out-of-your-echo-chaFri, 09 Oct 2015 03:12:19 GMT
<![CDATA[How one scientist uses social media]]>

Cameron Thrash from LSU talked about how he uses social media as a scientist in my science communication class.

Storified by Paige Brown · Tue, Oct 06 2015 01:19:43

Enjoy the full lecture below:
Cameron Thrash LSU ·
Students' Tweets:
Excited to have @DrJCThrash in #scicommlsu today! He is an #ocean microbiologist using social media to share research http://t.co/3emvlqWsb8 · Lauren Hull
the white portion is so far the only microns studied so far in a lab! @DrJCThrash #SciCommLSU http://t.co/Jsr1SeWfT6 · Katie Cannon
Sampling sites for cultivation & community analysis. They deal with multiple landscapes. #SciCommLSU http://t.co/vpLcDQxOtq · Katie Cannon
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<![CDATA[Your Favorite Science Blogs]]>

In which I ask my Twitter followers, do you read science blogs? If so, which ones and what motivates you to read them?

Storified by Paige Brown · Sun, Oct 04 2015 01:27:23

thebrainscoop · thebrainscoop
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<![CDATA[Why is Science Communication Important?]]>

A conversation on Twitter, to continue in the classroom #SciCommLSU #MC4971

Storified by Paige Brown · Thu, Aug 27 2015 19:55:06

Politicians must not ignore science: Mark Henderson at TEDxBrixton · TEDxTalks
Communicating science | Sheril Kirshenbaum | TEDxCongressAve · TEDx Talks
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<![CDATA[Science Communication Essentials]]>

What would you consider the essential topics and/or materials for a 4000-level science communication course?

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<![CDATA[Show Me the Coast Workshop, 2015]]>

The following are live-tweets and various links and resources from Show Me the Coast, a May 1, 2015 workshop about visual communication of science funded in part by the National Association of Science Writers (Idea Grant) and the Reilly Center at the Manship School of Mass Communication!

Storified by Paige Brown · Sat, May 02 2015 02:54:46

Show Me the Coast 2015 Organizers: Zeynep Altinay, Paige Brown Jarreau, Amy Reynolds.
Learn more about the workshop, and catch videos of all panels (coming soon), at https://showmethecoast2015.wordpress.com/

Session 1:

Applying Visual Basics to Coastal Environmental Communication

.@marc_smith kicks us off with a poster about visualization of social networks! #VIScoast http://t.co/57isYasaqw · Dr. Paige Jarreau
Visual Basics, by Dr. Nicole Dahmen
.@nicoledahmen kicks us off talking about visual communication, and psychology of visuals #VIScoast http://t.co/PHWTeCN1EU · Dr. Paige Jarreau
https://storify.com/fromthelabbench/show-me-the-coast-workshop-2015https://storify.com/fromthelabbench/show-me-the-coast-workshop-2015Sat, 02 May 2015 02:54:46 GMT
<![CDATA[#Whatisimpact - Initial Storify]]>

Kirk Englehardt is asking scientists and science communicators how they define impact, from publication impact to broader impacts. Share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #whatisimpact.

Storified by Paige Brown · Tue, Apr 14 2015 21:32:00

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