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En el marco del Taller de Emprendimientos Periodísticos Digitales - organizado por la FNPI y patrocinado por CAF - buscamos las claves del éxito en sitios dedicados a la difusión de noticias.

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<![CDATA[Best time in 2011 NYC marathon: 15 hours 22 minutes]]>

Meet Maickel Melamed, a very special Venezuelan runner who left his mark on the world´s greatest race.

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There is always a catch

A 36-year old economist dedicated to adult education. He is also a motivational speaker who loves extreme sports. As personal achievements, he has climbed the snow-topped summits in the Andes, he has surfed in the blue Caribbean waters, and he has his own Foundation.

He just might be another runner setting high hopes on the annual New York city marathon, but... where's the catch?

Vamos Maickel - Indiegogo · maickelmelamed
Rompelmolde Maickel Melamed · MrKlein17
"No goal is too big to discourage an attempt"

He seldom speaks in first person. Maickel Melamed is just the tip of the iceberg, supported by a loving family, a team of generous professionals, a legion of loyal fans and some corporate sponsors who see in him a role model in terms of determination and resolve, a symbol of hope and unity in the much polarized Venezuelan social environment.

Overcoming his physical limitations, Maickel decided to show the world that his signature motto "If you dream it, make it happen" was not just made out of words and decided to attempt the New York City Marathon. 

He is clear about his goals and he follows a demanding training program. Building strenght and courage upon personal victories in local events, he made the qualifying requirements for the big race. 
“Nada Es Tan Grande Como Para No Intentarlo”Maickel Melamed"♥ http://t.co/Y3H0Iogl · alelarreal
The big day, the big race

It was a great day for running. More than 40,000 athletes gathered to take part in the world's most famous race in New York City.

All of them had high expectations. Some of them hoped to take the lead from the beginning, some knew they had to wait for the right moment to advance. Many were in a competitive mood and wondered about the position they would have when they corssed the finish line.

As for Maickel, this was a different story. He wasn't challenging the stopwatch, he was challenging himself and his particular condition. 

He may even be convinced that he would be the last to cross the finish line... and no doubt that he would cross it that day.

Touching the dream

In the middle of that chilly autumn night, Maickel kept on running. The absolute winner crossed the line about 12 hours before in a beautiful and sunny day at NYC, smashing all previous records.

After more than 15 hours of relentless effort, Maickel touched his dream. Most of the Marathon's officials had left, but more than 500 people were at the finish line, waiting for him.

Some Venezuelan runners who ran the marathon were there too. Even though they finished many hours before in very good positions, they received their medals but never wore them.

Aware of Maickel's cause, they were there with their medals in their hands. They were waiting for Maickel to get his own and to wear them alltogether, as a team.
Maickel Melamed llegando a la meta en el maratón de New York · elchinochang
La cara de la tenacidad, el valor y la dedicación! Maickel Melamed completo los #42KNY #VamosMaickel http://t.co/AGjt2F1p · gabbyoria
Si se puede!! @mickaelmelamed http://t.co/QXUcRMYo · nayelichavezg

Para él, después de todo, el triunfo es un logro colectivo. "Aquí no llegó un hombre a la meta", dice. "Aquí llegó un mensaje". "Ese mensaje es que nada es tan grande como para no intentarlo. Si lo sueñas, haz que pase". A las 11:50 de la noche del pasado domingo, el último de los 46.795 corredores que finalizaron la maratón de Nueva York cruzó la meta. Con un "cansancio supremo" e incluso algo de hipotermia, pero con la determinación intacta, el venezolano Maickel Melamed llegó al Central Park de Nueva York con la satisfacción de haber cumplido "el evento más importante" de su vida.

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