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With a 16.0 overnight rating - ESPN's third-best overnight for any game, ever, in any sport - last night's National Championship game 45-40 win by Alabama was memorable for many reasons. Here, ESPNFrontRow.com shares some of the mega moments from ESPN's third iteration of the college FB Megacast.

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As good as O.J. Jordan (the game's offensive MVP), Derrick Henry and Jake Coker were for Alabama, it was ESPN's PylonCam that may have been the "real MVP."

Nailed it. https://t.co/WR0nabiE95 · College GameDay
This is a helluva shot! #PylonCam. The #BAMA TD. #NationalChampionship https://t.co/qpdbdtmCT9" · The Sage of Sports

So popular was the PylonCam, in fact, that early this year it launched its own Twitter feed. And last night it spoke to its growing legion of fans throughout the game. America felt its pain and shared in its glory.

But an adoring public (and parents?) need to know - how did PC and his pylon siblings survive some of the crushing blows?

"There are four small connectors which are designed to disconnect when the pylon is hit hard, allowing the pylon cam to function as a normal pylon on impact," said ESPN's Senior Vice President of Product Innovation, Jed Drake. "The four wires are re-connected during a TV timeout. It takes about 20 seconds- think of a NASCAR pit stop. The pylon that was hit by (Alabama's Kenyan) Drake [no relation] was not damaged in any way. It was back in business on the next series."

We are not worthy of the #PylonCam’s greatness: https://t.co/9X3BXS0OJ2 https://t.co/JqWizz8lVT · Sports on Earth
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<![CDATA[Run-up to kickoff of ESPN’s CFP National Championship Game]]>

The countdown to kickoff for tonight’s CFP National Championship Game is underway and Front Row will be with you all day long as the anticipation and fervor builds for Alabama-Clemson (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN).

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The last #NationalChampionship prediction for the day from @AdamSchefter outside of the @ESPNNFL studio. #BAMAvsCLEM https://t.co/usMFQSj8ta · ESPN Front Row
This is 1st time ever that Nos. 1-2 have played each other in CBB & CFB in an 8-day span. The 1st game was epic... · SportsCenter
A few short hours from now, one team will claim this for their own. #DrPepperCam · SportsCenter
.@finebaum got his game pick in early. #RollTide #SECNation https://t.co/fvLlmMIxr9 · #SECNation
#CFBPlayoffs #NationalChampionship | @AlabamaFTBL #RollTide / @ClemsonFB #ALLIN | 9:30 PM @ESPNDeportes @espn https://t.co/jfLbSBK1ga · Héctor Luis
With @ClemsonFB legend and @Saints RB @CJSPILLER @CFBPlayoff championship game. #whodat https://t.co/PIIOyFTgLV · stan verrett
Awesome day leading up to #TheNatty!!! @ClemsonFB @AlabamaFTBL @espn https://t.co/kOEYbHicVY · Jesse James Palmer
Caught Trey Wingo after NFL Live and he's pulling for the underdogs because.... #America @trey.wingo #NationalChampionship #BAMAvsCLEM · ESPN FrontRow
Our folks are ready and looking forward to bringing you this game. #SmilingCameraGuy https://t.co/A92siDhObu · Keri Potts
Time to go to work! https://t.co/2sKJVviNdy · Chris Fallica
Set going live soon. Saunders, @ESPN_CoachMack and ND coach Brian Kelly. https://t.co/qWRcxcBSbV · Keri Potts
Tune in for the @CFBPlayoff #NationalChampionship tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on @ESPN! Who are you cheering for? #CFP https://t.co/WCZ4yH7TMU · Disney Sports
Ran into @sportscenter anchor Chris Hassel in the newsroom and he gave us his prediction for tonight. #NationalChampionship #BAMAvsCLEM · ESPN FrontRow
Commentator Will Cain gives his predictions for tonight....who do you have? #NationalChampionship #BAMAvsCLEM · ESPN FrontRow
Alabama sideline! · espnW
Who does Louis Riddick think is winning the #NationalChampionship tonight? #BAMAvsCLEM · ESPN FrontRow
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<![CDATA[What people are saying about ESPN's #TipoffMarathon]]>

ESPN is the midst of nearly 30 straight hours of college basketball in its annual Tip-Off Marathon. In preparation for No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 2 Michigan State (7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN), we've compiled some of the social buzz surrounding the basketball junkie's version of Festivus.

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Do not disturb me for the next 24 hours. #CollegeBasketball #TipOff #Marathon #24Hrs #ESPN #BestThingEver · Caitlyn Sturm
Elderly Wichita State fans hit the energy drinks for Tip Off Marathon · espn
Second year in a row I am up doing this. 🏀 #24hoursofbasketball #ohboy3am #whoneedssleep #nosleepnovember #tipoff #collegebasketball #collegelife · mkyanks42
Chillin with @samsween505 watching marathon too off while @katyhodges sits in the bedroom snoozing #bet #winning #ncaa #marathon #tipoff · Lenny Pinto
While Your in class...#lasalle #ncaa #espn #tipoff #marathon #turnt · Anthony Feudo
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<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: September 13-15]]>

Mariano Rivera's last Sunday Night Baseball appearance strikes the right tone; Ray Lewis continues to excel; NASCAR coverage praised; GameDay heading to Fargo

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<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: September 6-8]]>

NFL Week 1; Brent and Slim Shady; Sunday Night Baseball; Basketball Hall of Fame; US Open

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The truck is here! It all comes down to Monday night. #MNF #ESPN · reddusfoximus
Ray Lewis' INSANELY oversized super bowl ring compared to Mike Ditka's. From Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. http://twitter.com/louisxnelson/status/376799384534409218/photo/1 · L0uis Nels0n
View from my hotel room at courtyard in Provo. No parking pass needed today. @byucougars http://twitter.com/burkemagnus/status/376347239892803585/photo/1 · Burke Magnus
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<![CDATA[#ESPNMediaDay 2013]]>

On Wednesday in Bristol, Conn., 40 of the nation's finest journalists visited the ESPN campus for a media day featuring panels discussing college football, the NFL and SportsCenter in addition to a lunch with ESPN President John Skipper. Here, we present some of the social buzz from the event.

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ESPN President John Skipper session(LUNCH)
Thanks to the 40 media who visited Bristol for #ESPNMediaDay. Terrific sessions, incl w/our prex (via @SMJournal ) http://twitter.com/SMJournal/status/370233772987670528/photo/1 · Mike Soltys
Coverage from those who attended:
College Session
We've got @DesmondHoward, @cbfowler, Corso and @KirkHerbstreit, on campus for #ESPNMediaDay. #CGD http://twitter.com/ESPNImages/status/370254138275143680/photo/1 · ESPN Images
Senior CP Lee Fitting on ESPN's college football programming slate this upcoming season #espnmediaday http://twitter.com/KristieESPNPR/status/370192904675151872/photo/1 · Kristie Chong Adler
The College GameDay Band is back together again. #10DaysAway #ESPNMediaDay · espn
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<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: August 16 - 18]]>

SportsCenter's "My Wish" airing this week; Sunday Night Baseball on-site for Sox-Yanks fireworks; Little League World Series; Behind the scenes at SportsCenter

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http://storify.com/espnprdscott/weekend-tweetback-august-16-18http://storify.com/espnprdscott/weekend-tweetback-august-16-18Mon, 19 Aug 2013 13:05:35 GMT
<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: August 9 - 11]]>

Dan Shulman plays through the pain; Face to Face with Hannah Storm tonight; Love for SportsCenter

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The definition of a "gamer," Dan Shulman
DShulman getting ready for Dodgers/Rays. #gamer #snb pic.twitter.com/0E1NQocicp · Aaron Boone
Got Aaron Boone and Orel Hershiser autograph!!! At @Dodgers met Aaron yesterday got a pic with him and now the sig pic.twitter.com/vd9Z2yM1Hm · Aldo Ramirez™
This is awesome! @JasonDufner @SportsCenter pic.twitter.com/2TMe415H0W · Auburn Men's Golf
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<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: August 2 - 4]]>

ESPN analysts honored in football and baseball; X Games wraps up banner year

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"@SportsCenter: Coverage of 2013 NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement begins at 7 ET on ESPN. Bring a tissue. pic.twitter.com/dBncK4cWc3" · HannahHannahG
Sad news re passing of #NFL HOFer Art Donovan. He was part of this @ESPNNFL ad campaign in 1995. http://pic.twitter.com/sda4Ph2pXe · bill hofheimer
Newest inductee to @Phillies Wall of Fame: @espn_bbtn 's @gehrig38 http://twitpic.com/d6kbs9 · Dave Nagle
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<![CDATA[Weekend Tweetback: WNBA All-Star Game; Sage Steele on pace in Indy; Crossfit delights fans]]>

WNBA All-Star game; Sage Steele in the pace car in Indy; Crossfit flexes its muscles; The "TJ Quinn Network!!!"

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Talk about Live Access... We ♥ the new view! Great for the game. "@WNBA: Check out #RefCam today during #WNBAAllStar pic.twitter.com/JGdWEj4dZ4" · Tulsa Shock
The @ESPNNASCAR control room alive during live #NASCAR telecast now on ESPN2 http://pic.twitter.com/hJ0lEJ6alX · Andy Hall
Our Sage Steele meets the #NASCAR press @IMS prior to driving the pace car to start the Brickyard 400 this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/Ia9fMiJCUB · NASCAR on ESPN
Just met Sage Steele. Super nice! Look for an interview with her on @IndySportsRep soon. pic.twitter.com/UEezBAQJ8Z · Matt Hicks
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