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PJ Harvey wins the Mercury Music Prize for the second time with her seventh studio album 'Let England Shake'.

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The nominations were announced in July 2011 and the ceremony was held on the 6th of September 2011. The nominees performed live, apart from Adele who has been ill recently, as she also cancelled live dates on her UK tour. Though a video was played of Adele performing.

There was a lot of speculation over who would win.

But deservedly PJ Harvey won with her seventh studio album Let England Shake.

P.J. Harvey won the 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize for best British or Irish album tonight, beating other artists including Adele, Elbow and Anna Calvi.

PJ Harvey talks to NME.com about the making of the Barclaycard Mercury Prize winning album.

But not everyone is supportive of the outcome. There's always an eclectic group of nominees but the results are often controversial: in 1994 when M People's Elegant Slumming beat the likes of Blur's Parklife and The Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation to win the prize.
Especially one Twitter user who has been wrongly tweeted congratulations. 
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<![CDATA[Londoners aren't all bad in the London Riots]]>

After the three days of riots in London and the horrible images that have been circulated on the internet, the social networking sites blamed for organising the hooligans have been used to begin repairing the damage.

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There have been some horrific acts of violence and opportunism in the capital in the past few days. Both disgusting and disheartening.

Londoners see people from their own communities, their neighbours, attacking it. The senseless violence and looting has caused a lot of anger and outrage, this can be seen in the reaction to pictures and videos.

NO FUCKING WAY, HEARTLESS Footage shot in Barking on Queens Road Just because I am allowing people to comment on the video does not mean i agree with some peoples extreme and racist opinions. We need to work together and be nice. We also tried to get through to the police but they were busy understandably. I would like to raise money for the victim. And I will try and get the money to him via the police. i have been asking TV channels and newspapers if they pay for showing this foota...

There have also been scary images of rioters fending off the police, police retreating and being outnumbered and unprepared.

Londoners gawking at the violence and cheering on the police's strong handed approach are almost equally disconcerting. The fact that the police have to react this way and that people are encouraging it by jeering.

Clapham Junction riots - Police Catch looter coming out of Currys and Beat Him 8/8/11 · fiaz9860
And on the fourth night, in Manchester too.
Arrests #ManchesterRiots · twitpic.com

Then you have terrible individuals bragging online about their behaviour and trying to incite more violence and looting. Luckily, this usually shows their ignorance and the reaction to them is one of both disappointment and humour.

After the third night of riots in London, Riot Cleanup was quickly set up for Londoner's to repair some of the damage done to their local communities and support local business'.
yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/kj5oewj Shared by Lawcol888 · yfrog.com
Riot clean up in Clapham Junction · crickleworm

This includes the singer-songwriter Emmy the Great who has been brilliant in organising some of the cleanup in London.

There's also a lot of support in communities for people protecting local business' and homes.
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<![CDATA[How to cover Amy Winehouse's death]]>

The media has jumped on the death of singer Amy Winehouse with distasteful fervour. Publications have already begun to make apologies and turn on each other.

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The most heart felt, honest and empathetic writing online has come from Russell Brand. As a friend of the star, before and after her fame and a former heroine user he gives the most honest and empathetic account thus far.
Self proclaimed drug user and former xoJane Beauty Editor Cat Marnell spoke frankly about the effect Amy Winehouse's death had on her. She relates the tragedy to her own life which was particularly effective in her article On the death of Whitney Houston: Why I won't ever shut up about drug use.
Punk legend Patti Smith made a tribute song to the starlet in her 11th studio album Banga, released in June 2012. She is one of the few women who is both controversial and brave enough to release such a song and fans receiving it without reading alternative motives.
Patti Smith debuts "This Is The Girl," Winehouse tribute, NYC, 5/13/12. · delphisibyl

British singer Ellie Goulding has given her reaction, stating how media-hounding and sensationalisation causes strain on celebrities and may even fuel their unhealthy lifestyles. She also spoke about her hope that things would change.

The Guardian's comment and features writer Hadley Freeman has written a comment piece in response to the media's coverage, particularly tabloids. In true high brow style, she is able to write on celebrity gossip and lifestyles indirectly by criticising other media coverage.

Her article correctly portrays her disgust, giving a list of what-not-to-do when reacting to such news and it becomes evident how insensitive the responses have been. While The Guardian reader's comments, as always, are well worth a read (found below the article).
A stand out example of what-not-to-do was provided by Huffington Post entrepreneur and marketer Tricia Fox. She seemed to use the tragedy of Amy Winehouse's death to draw attention to small business owners. The connection between these two topics is not immediately evident and it's ploy for internet traffic seems rather insensitive.
Twitter reactions were quick to pounce on the article with their feedback and outrage.

The Huffington Post soon took a more appropriate angle. Although the article seems aware that the cause of death has yet to be announced though they use her death to preach against drug policy. Though celebrities often seem untouched by drug policy, whatever it may be.

After Microsoft encouraged the sales of Winehouse's music they are now taking steps to make up for it, according to Twitter.
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<![CDATA[Mercury Prize Nominees 2011]]>

Barclaycard Mercury Prize nominates the most innovative and influential albums of the year before the annual winner is announced. Running since 1992 this alternative award has become increasingly influential.

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Announced this month by Lauren Laverne, the speculation is over. You can watch it below.
Barclaycard Mercury Prize - 2011 Albums of the Year Announcement · MercuryPrize

This year's nominees are:

Singer-songwriter Adele and her second album 21; the alluring Anna Calvi and her self-titled debut Anna Calvi; the 2008 winners Elbow with their latest offering Build A Rocket Boys!; Everything Everything and their hyped debut album Man Alive; the electronic rapper Ghostpoet and Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam; the acclaimed jazz pianist Gwilym Simcock with Good Days at Schloss Elmau; the newly appointed electronic, dubstep champ James Blake and his self titled debut James Blake; the dubstep sensation Katy B and her first album On A Mission; the folktronic duo King Creosote & Jon Hopskins and Diamond Mine; Metronomy and their third studio album The English Riviera; the alternative goddess PJ Harvey and her latest offering Let England Shake and grime rapper Tinie Tempah and the acclaimed Disc-Overy.

Oh look, Adele's on it.

The nominees give their reactions to this highly sought after and sometimes controversial award.

Although this year's nominees shows how eclectic the British music is and pays tribute to that.

Both these statements were shown in 1994 when M People's Elegant Slumming beat the likes of Blur's Parklife and The Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation to win the prize.

Mercury Prize 2011 Nominees · aoluk

A look at the nominated albums and acts for the 2011 Mercury Prize.

Guy Garvey (Elbow) interview at Mercury Prize nominations 2011 · ABSOLUTERADIO
Everything Everything interview at Mercury Prize nominations 2011 · ABSOLUTERADIO

Sainsbury's Entertainment Music CD Mercury Music Prize 2011 - Nominees

Katy B interview at Mercury Prize nominations 2011 · ABSOLUTERADIO

Adele, Everything Everything, Elbow and more up for award...

We've picked our dozen nominees for the 2011 Venus/No-Penis Prize. We'll reveal them at midday, right after we bring you news of this year's Mercury Prize nominations.

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<![CDATA[News from iTunes Festival 2011]]>

Friendly Fires, White Lies, Foo Fighters, Glasvegas, My Chemical Romance, Bruno Mars, Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Beady Eye, Linkin Park, Manic Street Preachers, Seasick Steve and Paul Simon have already headlined the event this year.

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31 Nights of music at Camden's Roundhouse venue in London for iTunes Festival 2011. 60 bands with headliners such as Glasvegas,My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Arctic Monkeys,Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Adele and many more.

Which you can watch on itv.com or listen to on XFM where you can also win tickets.
All tickets have to be won so you can also apply on their official website.

The festival began this year with Paul Simon on the 1st July and you can check out the setlist of his gig and two encores and watch the gig.

Saturday 2nd June Seasick Steve headlined the Roundhouse supported by Smoke Faeries. This followed his success at the Isle of Wight Festival.You can watch the gig.

Seasick Steve - Doghouse Isle of Wight 2011 · JesstheBear

Sunday 3rd July Manic Street Preachers were supported by Dry The River, Ramona and Ukulele for Dummies. They also headlined a stage at Isle of Wight and this weekend played both T in the Park and Oxegen festivals. Watch the gig.

manic street preachers on the Itunes festival SHIT HOT

Monday 4th of July saw Linkin Park supported by the up and coming Neon Trees. See what you missed or saw on Linkin Park's setlist. Watch it here.

Neon Trees - Animal · NeonTreesVEVO

On the 5th of July Beady Eye headlined the Roundhouse after supporting Kasabian at the Isle of Wight Festival and they were also at T In The Park and Oxegen this weekend. Although they've been supported by Miles Kane in 2011, iTunes Festival saw them suported by Steve Cradock and Gwyneth Paltrow in a studio session. you can check out their setlist and watch the gig here.

Beady eye fuckin smashed it at iTunes festival, roundhouse. Nice one liam. Top fuckin boy

Arctic Monkeys hit the stage on the 6th of July supported by Miles Kane in his solo project, which you can watch here. Check out Arctic Monkey's setlist. Or read a review from Insightful Wafflehere.

Adele was next to headline the venue on the 7th of July supported by Michael Kiwanuka which you can catch here. Followed by Bruno Mars supported by Ed Sheeran on the 8th which you can catch up on here.

Saturday 9th of July saw My Chemical Romancecheck out their setlist. You can read a review of their latest album here. They were supported by Evaline and you can watch their set here.

My Chemical Romance - "Na Na Na" (Official Music Video) · mychemicalromance

Glasvegas are back with their second album and headlined the Roundhouse supported by Cat's Eyes on Sunday 10th July, who's album is streamed for free online. You can watch the gig here.

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<![CDATA[Pete Doherty jailed for cocaine possession for 6 months]]>

He pleaded guilty to the charge and has once again been jailed on drug charges after recently been declared innocent of the death of Mark Blanco.

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Pete Doherty back in jail · itn
Pete Doherty jailed for six months for drug possession · Wiki143.com

So pete doherty finally landed himself with 6 months in jail.... the guy's a musical genius but what does he expect!!

PETE DOHERTY IN COURT · hugo - firefox
Pete Doherty In Jail · http://dirtywhorelebrity.com/
Pete Doherty Freed Early From Prison · skynews
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