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Brands embarrass themselves by trying to get in on #TheDress debate

Storified by CBC News Community · Sat, Feb 28 2015 01:23:08

Always quick on the uptake when it comes to Tumblr trends, Denny's was in fact one of the first brands to mention the dress.
IHOP, which was clearly refreshing Buzzfeed's homepage compulsively in an attempt to learn cool teen slang yesterday, posted this tweet just minutes after the website's dress article went live:
A lot of brands came up with the exact same original idea of "seeing" the dress in their own logo or product's colours.
Definitely Red and White! #HaveAbreak #TheDress #breakfromthedress #TeamRedAndWhite http://t.co/BFVVMRGn5m · KITKAT
We see it as blue and yellow, but we may be a tiny bit biased. #TheDress http://t.co/JGs4XuyiZ8 · Cirque du Soleil
You're not the only ones @Cirque! We see blue & yellow too :) #TheDress http://t.co/jOcsQrOCUN · IKEA USA
Proud to be black & white, or is it white & black? #TheDress --- Drinkaware.ie http://t.co/Turyk9zYfc · Guinness Ireland
It's white and gold. http://t.co/OqrPgKx6r4 · Pizza Hut
Let's settle this once and for all, it's blue and white. #Effortless #TheDress http://t.co/EndigfjSVB · AT&T
This is awkward, it's actually white and red. http://t.co/DpCKsBkPiI · Domino's Pizza
White and gold, black and blue... We only have eyes for silver. #TheDress #AvGeeks http://t.co/byFXj746Sd · American Airlines
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<![CDATA[RIP Leonard Nimoy: Friends and fans mourn iconic Star Trek actor's death]]>

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The world of entertainment
RIP Leonard Nimoy http://t.co/uIcnvI8wNN · J.K. Rowling
Live Long And Prosper. RIP Leonard Nimoy #Spock http://t.co/ywyZ7RGynd · Randy Jackson
Star Trek alumni from films and iterations of the series both old and new took to Twitter with their condolences:
my heart is broken. i love you profoundly my dear friend. and i will miss you everyday. may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. · zacharyquinto
https://storify.com/cbccommunity/rip-leonard-nimoy-friends-and-fans-mourn-iconic-sthttps://storify.com/cbccommunity/rip-leonard-nimoy-friends-and-fans-mourn-iconic-stFri, 27 Feb 2015 18:33:21 GMT
<![CDATA[#RIPElijah: Canadians Share Outpouring of Grief After Death of Toddler ]]>

Toronto boy was rushed to North York General Hospital in life-threatening condition

Storified by CBC News Community · Fri, Feb 20 2015 02:19:08

Toronto held its collective breath in the hope that Elijah Marsh, a three-year-old boy who had wandered away from an apartment into the bitter cold, would recover.
The little boy was found without vital signs mere blocks from the apartment he had roamed from early Thursday morning. With a heavy heart, Toronto police later confirmed he had died.
The city was immersed in the search for the young boy Thursday morning and heartbroken by the news of his death.
Many tweeted their condolences to Elijah's family and spoke of the tragedy of losing a child.

My heart breaks for the family, but mostly for this poor child's last thought, alone and cold frown emoticon I will hold my daughter tighter tonight

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the boy's name as Elijah March. His name is Elijah Marsh.
Please leave your condolences below.
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<![CDATA[Happy lunar new year, but is it the Year of the Sheep or the Goat?]]>

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Today marks the beginning of the lunar calendar used in many parts of Asia and celebrated around the world. But the lunar new year brings an interesting linguistic and cultural question: Are we in the Year of the Sheep or the Ram or the Goat?
The Year of the Sheep? · cbcthenational
Google's animated "doodle" for the lunar new year, with its curled-back horns, appears to be squarely on the side of "ram," but its tweet from the official @GoogleDoodles account covers all the bases:
Happy Year of the Ram/Sheep/Goat! http://t.co/3enXk4nNdo http://t.co/09qzMlYGwu · Google Doodles
But in many English-speaking parts of the world, today marks the beginning of the Year of the Goat. Canadian government agencies and MPs appear to be using that terminology.
Happy New Lunar Year! 2015 is the Year of the Wood #Goat http://t.co/oprFZhBLRM #lunarnewyear http://t.co/mrpz5umUL8 · Statistics Canada
Great night at @SonyCentreTO, ringing in Year of the Goat at CNTV #ChineseNewYear Gala. Busy day ahead in #Toronto! http://t.co/XFu6lqDJCh · Justin Trudeau, MP
The confusion stems from a bit of ambiguity in the Chinese language.
Watch BBC News (World)'s Vine "#Mandarin uses the same word for horned animals so #ChineseNewYear could be dedicated to several creatures bbc.in/cny #CNY #Sheep #Goat #Ram" taken on 18 February 2015. It has 11 likes. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. · BBC News (World)
The Chinese character "yang" describes any of the ruminating mammals, with or without horns. A goat is "shanyang," while a sheep is "mianyang." (A ram is just a male sheep.) Curiously, it's never referred to as the Year of the Gazelle ("lingyang").
Happy lunar new year! Fun fact: the Chinese word for ram/sheep/goat is 羊, translated just as 'horned animal' #CNY2015 http://t.co/QTNjXbRSqp · F1000
Many English-speaking Chinese prefer to call it the "Year of the Sheep," because woolly, cuddly sheep lend themselves more to the cute merchandise, toys and decorations that accompany every new year.
However, the goat is likely what the Han Chinese had in mind when they started the calendar. Goats were a common farm animal among the Han, said Huang Yang, a researcher on Chinese culture, in an interview with the state Xinhua News agency.
Happy new year of the goat (or sheep or ram) -painting by Zhang Fu http://t.co/n2t4KdkXlO · Yenni Kwok
Still, Xinhua is using the "Year of the Sheep" in its English-language reports rather than "Year of the Goat."
"Few ordinary Chinese are troubled by the sheep-goat distinction," Xinhua said in its report.
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<![CDATA[92-year-old man crashes into 9 cars while trying to exit a parking lot]]>

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If you've ever wondered what someone playing Grand Theft Auto might look like in real life (if the entire game were restricted to a parking lot in Wisconsin,) we've got a video for you:
WATCH: US Worst Car Driver | 92-Year-Old Man Crashes Into 10 Cars In Grocery Store Parking Lot · gxFuEbGAeUEve4lh-tAQlw
The stunning footage above was taken from security cameras outside a Piggly Wiggly supermarket in Mayville, WI. after a 92-year-old man hit nine cars with his Chrysler Pacifica while trying to exit the store's parking lot on Friday.

Local police say that while two of the nine cars were occupied with passengers at the time, nobody was hurt during the approximately 60-second-long smashing spree.

"I can tell you in 23 years of law enforcement, I've never seen anything like this,” said Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill to ABC affiliate WISN during an interview today.

"My first thought was, ‘you only see these situations when someone is trying to elude police or in incidents of road rage.’”
But the driver, Russell Kerr, was neither angry nor trying to flee the scene of a crime according to police — he was simply panicking because his foot had become stuck on the vehicle's accelerator.

WISN reports that police are considering the incident an accident, not a medical emergency. Because of this, Kerr will not be ticketed or face any charges.

"Police don't have the power to take away Kerr's license, but the report is being sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which will determine if Kerr needs to be retested," the local news outlet explained.
According to the Wisconsin DMV's website, there is no maximum age on who can legally drive in the state — though drivers must have their eyes tested in order to renew their licenses every eight years.

"Statistics show that senior drivers are the safest drivers because they are experienced, knowledgeable and responsible," reads the website's section on senior drivers, which links to several other government resources meant to help older drivers.
While no numbers have been released to indicate how much damage was caused by Kerr's spin around the parking lot, one man whose car was hit told WISN that it will cost about $2,400 to repair his vehicle.

Gauging by the severity of the crashes captured on camera — one in which Kerr's mini-van knocks the bumper of another car clean off — it's safe to say that many of the cars hit will also need to be repaired.

The YouTube video at the top of this post has been tearing up the viral web since Wednesday morning, spurring lots of debate over whether or not elderly people should be driving, and how they should be deemed competent to drive if so.

"I hate to bash on any old person, because, you know, they’re old but when you manage to turn a crowded parking lot full of stationary vehicles into your own version of bumper cars, you probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel," wrote Jessica Toomer for Uproxx.

"Accidents caused by the elderly are rare, but they can be deadly," pointed out AutoBlog.com in response to the video. "In 2012, a 100-year-old man got behind the wheel of his car and drove backwards down a sidewalk outside a school yard, hitting nine children and two adults."

Many on Twitter and Reddit shared their sentiments.

I swear, past 65 everybody should have to retake their drivers test every 3-5 years. A 92 y/o shouldn't be driving if he can't control his car. An elderly man was the reason my grandmother died.

This is where a study needs to look at the age this starts to happen, looking at a large sample group and looks for a threshold where age becomes a factor in someone's driving ability.

Was his 'medical condition' being 92 years old? I feel like after a certain age people need to be completely retested at least once a year.

Others are saying that, regardless of the driver's age and situation, he doesn't deserve to get off without at least a ticket after causing so much damage.

Not ticketed? Hopefully his insurance rate skyrockets high enough that he can no longer afford it on an obviously fixed income and thus can no longer afford to drive.

They DID NOT ticket the driver of this car. Lack of accountability = irresponsible drivers. http://t.co/OcdEo9qFFj http://t.co/yvHZ2G6gTi · Sumer Mixon
https://storify.com/cbccommunity/92-year-old-man-hits-9-cars-in-a-parkinghttps://storify.com/cbccommunity/92-year-old-man-hits-9-cars-in-a-parkingThu, 19 Feb 2015 00:20:43 GMT
<![CDATA[Canada's smart gun: Department of National Defence wows the world with new high-tech assault rifle]]>

Canada wows the world with new, high-tech 'smart gun'

Storified by CBC News Community · Fri, Feb 20 2015 14:21:55

The Canadian army has actually made the gun from Halo http://t.co/X2VKWO87Ca http://t.co/ds3V7fMrQD · Hoopnod
Of all the many things our country is known for producing – maple syrup, hockey stars, ketchup chips, snow — "firearms" have never really been associated with Canadian innovation.

Canada did not invent the gun, nor do its citizens even have the constitutional right to carry one without a license, proper training and a thorough background check.

So why is Canada being credited this week for shaping "the future of firearms?"

Because it appears to be true, that's why.

As it turns out, our government is leading the game when it comes to building next-generation assault rifles.
Tech and innovation enthusiasts have been buzzing about Canada's new "smart gun" since a prototype video (seen above) was released earlier this month by Defence Research and Development Canada, a civilian agency of the Department of National Defence.

Developed in partnership with Colt Canada for the Canadian Armed Forces, the headline-grabbing integrated assault rifle concept boasts "more firepower, improved accuracy and smart integrated accessories that connect to command and control networks" according to a DRDC press release.

It also includes "a firing mechanism to shoot lightweight cased telescoped ammunition, a secondary effects module for increased firepower and a NATO standard power and data rail to integrate accessories like electro-optical sights and position sensors."

Oh — and an M203 grenade launcher.
The evolution of the next generation rifle prototype for the Canadian Armed Forces · canadianforcesvideos
"In the medium term, this weapon concept represents a lethal, flexible general-purpose platform,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Serge Lapointe, from the Soldier Systems group in Director Land Requirements – Soldier Systems (DLR 5) of the Canadian Army. “It will be able to operate in all theatres of operations in the most complex terrain including urban areas, mountains, jungles, deserts and the Arctic.”

These features, and the fact that this "smart gun" would allow soldiers to generate or receive data from their command networks is exciting to many — but what's really got the internet paying attention is the promise of a gun that can shoot on its own.
Several international media outlets have run with the angle that Canada's new smart gun, which has been in development since 2009, can "find, aim and shoot at a target all by itself," sparking even more interest in the project.

The DRDC did not actually mention this set of features in its official release, however.

What the agency did share was that its team "studied how to increase the rifle’s accuracy using technology that can automatically detect targets and assist with engaging them."

"In the next phase of development, automated target detection and assisted target engagement will be the subject of an in-depth study in the Future Small Arms Research (FSAR) project," reads the Feb. 9 release on DRDC's website.
Self-shooting or not, many are impressed by what they've seen of the weapons thus far.

Calling the prototype a "smart gun worthy of a Schwarzenegger movie," Gizmodo's Adam Clark Estes wrote "the new Colt-made Canadian smart gun is a glimpse into the future of firearms."

"America's friendly neighbor to the north has designed and tested a new smartgun with foreboding firepower for its military," wrote Dylan Love for The Daily Dot. "That's right, Canada has made a digital killing machine."

Learn more about this weapon and the Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems (SIPES) project here, and share your own thoughts in the comment section below.

https://storify.com/cbccommunity/world-s-first-smartgun-unveiled-by-canadian-armedhttps://storify.com/cbccommunity/world-s-first-smartgun-unveiled-by-canadian-armedFri, 20 Feb 2015 14:21:55 GMT
<![CDATA[Boston mayor to snow jumpers: 'Stop your nonsense right now!']]>

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The mayor of Boston has a message for people who are jumping out of windows into the record piles of snow in the city: "I’m asking people to stop their nonsense right now."
Watch Roderick's Vine "#BostonBlizzardChallenge" taken on 27 January 2015. It has 6 likes. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. · Roderick
At a news conference intended to update Bostonians on the city's efforts to plow and remove the snow, Mayor Marty Walsh addressed the trend, known on social media by the hashtag #BostonBlizzardChallenge.
Boston Mayor Warns Window Snow Jumpers · associatedpress
"These are adults jumping out windows… It’s a foolish thing to do and you could kill yourself,” he said.
Although the #BostonBlizzardChallenge has been going on for the better part of a month, Walsh said he'd first heard about the trend on the Sunday evening news.
“We’re asking people to act responsibly in the city of Boston,” Walsh said.
"This isn't Loon Mountain, this is the city of Boston, where we’re trying to remove snow off of the street and it becomes very dangerous," he said. "And the last thing we want to do is respond to an emergency call where somebody jumped out of the window because they thought it was a funny thing to do."
#bostonblizzardchallenge 😂😭😂😭 3rd floor edition !! It's a costume · Kiara Gomes
‼️REPOST AND SHARE ‼️#BostonBlizzardChallenge #LoveLifeGoHard · bro_got
Reckless dudes be like #BostonBlizzardChallenge · zepeda116
Watch PzFeed's Vine "Boston Mayor: Stop jumping out of windows into the snow. (Instagram user tycooee_)" taken on 18 February 2015. It has 1 likes. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. · PzFeed
It appears that the #BostonBlizzardChallenge began as the relatively safe practice of jumping into a snow bank in one's underwear and escalated from there.
Watch CAPiTaL STEEEVE's Vine "#BostonBlizzardChallenge #boston #blizzard2015 #blizzardchallenge" taken on 27 January 2015. It has 13 likes. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. · CAPiTaL STEEEVE
Watch Young Cartel's Vine "The #BostonBlizzardChallenge lets see who's brave enough lol" taken on 27 January 2015. It has 48 likes. Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. · Young Cartel
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<![CDATA[Quebec Minister Says High School Strip Search Allowed. Canadians Not Impressed]]>

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Mom calls daughter's strip search at school 'excessive.' Minister says it's legal. Your thoughts? Tweet @cbchh #CBCNN http://t.co/9O70ae86qH · Lily Boisson
Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc says high school staff are permitted to strip-search students, as long as it's done "in a respectful fashion."
Bolduc's comments came today in reaction to a 15-year-old female student who was strip-searched last week because she was suspected of selling drugs.
"There are reasons why staff may have to search students, but what's important is that they respect the law and the framework and that it's done in a respectful fashion."

this should not be happening in high schools as a parent I would definitely be mad, they would have to get adult permission and I certainly wouldn't as a parent give them the ok, if I were that girls' parents I would be calling the police and suing the school board

In a news release, the De la Capitale School Board, which oversees Neufchatel High School where the strip-search took place, did not dispute that version of events.
Citing a 2010 government policy document, the board said staff can search students' personal effects if they have reason to believe a school rule has been broken and evidence could be located in a student's locker or on the student's person.
"Two people must be present during the search, preferably both staff members of the same gender."

"Two people must be present during the search, preferably staff members of the same gender."Preferably? ...Holy hell.

Maybe if this was so concerning to the school officials and related to an illegal activity the police should have been called. Seems way out of the scope of practice for educators. I can't think of any reason that would warrant strip searching that couldn't be handed of to the police.

not a chance in hell would anyone be putting their hands on my kids.

I'd be interested in what the Canadian Human Rights Commissioner, and eventually the SCC says about that - she's a minor.

how the hell can a strip search be done respectfully? and since when do high school staff take on the role of policemen? Not even police can strip search a kid unless he's being processed into the prison system! If they would try that with a teen of mine they'd be facing a law suit!

Do you feel the strip search violated the teenager's civil rights? We want to hear from you! Please leave your comments below:
https://storify.com/cbccommunity/canada-s-first-school-based-program-to-counter-radhttps://storify.com/cbccommunity/canada-s-first-school-based-program-to-counter-radWed, 18 Feb 2015 14:08:47 GMT
<![CDATA[#SNL40 anniversary show spotlights highs, lows of Saturday Night Live]]>

Storified by CBC News Community · Mon, Feb 16 2015 20:26:46

Last night's three and a half hour Saturday Night Live 40th-anniversary show was on par with how SNL usually goes down: sometimes effortlessly hilarious, leaving viewers giggling like mad; sometimes so awkward that "cringe-worthy" doesn't come close to defining the human reaction.
And so, the show could well be characterized as a success and true to itself.
With the exception of five seasons in the early 1980s, Canadian Lorne Michaels has been the show's executive producer (not to mention being the show's creator.) SNL has also made the careers of a number of very famous comedians including well-known Canadians Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Martin Short.
NBC reported the special was the network’s most-watched prime-time entertainment telecast (excluding Super Bowl coverage) since the ER finale in 2004.
Several comedians, actors, former and current SNL cast members reflected on the massive production via social media:
Woke up this morn and realized I didn't take enough pix at #SNL40. But here's one. http://t.co/8iAblSZ2pI · Rachel Dratch
Party time excellent!!!!! http://t.co/HiXin9RTGR · Kim Kardashian West
Congratulations SNL on an incredible 40yrs. Love ya.. #3xHost #AlwaysAnHonor #EstrogenAndPecMeat #SNL40 http://t.co/Sus3Mpy35d · Dwayne Johnson
#SNL40 http://t.co/6mCAzlyazm · Bobby Moynihan
SNL writer Paula Pell reflected on the week with this tweet:
“@shoemakermike: Tina's engagement party. #mySNLdays http://t.co/zlTI4qX6pR” Good lord, Shoe. Was I into motocross or the Osmonds? #SNL40 · jimmy fallon
What did you think of the 40th-Anniversary special? Leave your comments below:
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<![CDATA[Barack Obama uses selfie stick to promote healthcare.gov in Buzzfeed video]]>

Yes, this is a real headline. Welcome to 2015.

Storified by CBC News Community · Sat, Feb 14 2015 01:48:26

It's no secret that U.S. President Barack Obama knows how to flex his sense of humour — whether it be to dish out sick political burns, banter with Zach Galifanakis, or simply crack corny one-liners of the "dad joke" persuasion.

Sure, Sasha and Malia may roll their eyes when the president channels Jay-Z, but it's hard to deny how well his raw comedic charm has been serving him in recent years when it comes to impressing young voters.

And there's no place online that reaches more of young America than Buzzfeed.

According to comScore, the internet media juggernaut absolutely dominates in the 18-34 year old age bracket, reaching more than 75 million millennials each month in the U.S. alone.

And there you have it; this is why animated GIFs of the president of the United States wielding a selfie stick and sticking his tongue out in the mirror are blowing up the internet right now.

Thanks Buzzfeed.
BuzzFeed Video | Facebook · Facebook
The video above, found exclusively on Buzzfeed's Facebook page, is essentially Obama's humour-infused way of promoting healthcare.gov while reminding young Americans of the upcoming Feb. 15 Obamacare enrollment deadline.

"President Obama made a BuzzFeed video: Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About," reads the video's description. "How did we get Obama to use a selfie stick? Oh, because he wants you to go to https://www.healthcare.gov/."

An accompanying Buzzfeed post breaks down the many things Obama does "when no one's around" with GIFs.

"He checks himself out in the mirror…," reads the caption above this one:
"He tries out new looks… (These are Joe Biden’s sunglasses, btw.)"
"And sketches pictures of his crush."
Along with the on-point Michelle Obama doodle and Biden shades reference, the video also shows the president making funny faces, trying to perfect his pronunciation of the word "February," and shooting invisible hoops.

At one point, Obama becomes frustrated when a large cookie won't fit into his glass of milk.

"Thanks Obama," he says, simultaneously poking fun at his media critics while winking to a well-known internet meme.

Other choice quotes include "YOLO, man," and "Can I live?"
What seems to be getting the most attention around the web this week, however, is a shot of Obama playing with a selfie stick — the oft-debatedphoto-taking contraption nobody could seem to stop talking about (or buying) as 2015 approached.
"YOLO man!" Find out why President Obama has a selfie stick—and #GetCovered by February 15: http://t.co/edMm32q3mA http://t.co/VqzhrcrA7I · The White House
"This is a controversial decision, but we can defend it," wrote Philip Bump for the Washington Post. "How many pundits know how deeply embarrassing selfie sticks are? We propose: Not many. This would however be the most damaging clip for an attack ad — if Obama could run again."

Gizmodo's Darren Orf took a more thoughtful look at the inclusion of a selfie stick in Obama's video.

"Yes, [Obama]'s hawking his own platforms and legislation, but at least he's smart enough to realize how people consume news now. It's about going viral, making fun of Zach Galifinakis, and yes, sometimes using a selfie stick," he wrote. "And if people have a problem they're just going to have to get used to it, because I can almost guarantee you whoever wins in 2016 is destined to do an entire interview for the Oculus Rift or something."

Twitter had plenty to say about the stick as well — nearly 9,000 tweets worth over the past 24 hours, according to social analytics service Topsy.
Everyone quit the internet. Obama just used a selfie stick. IT’S OVER. https://t.co/9bPvIk43K6 http://t.co/sbNYe4FApF · Tom Warren
Elsewhere online, reaction to Buzzfeed and Obama's "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About" video has been mixed.

Many of those who've commented on Facebook appear to have found it hilarious, and there are indeed media outlets who have also billed it as such.

Yet, while the video purports to show that Obama is "just like us," as the official White House website puts it, some commentators have been quite critical of how the president acted in his Buzzfeed collab.

Regular critics of the Obama administration (like Fox News and the National Review) had a field day with the selfie stick video on Twitter, accusing the president of goofing off amidst tragic world events.
https://storify.com/cbccommunity/barack-obama-s-selfie-stickhttps://storify.com/cbccommunity/barack-obama-s-selfie-stickSat, 14 Feb 2015 01:48:26 GMT