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CX San Francisco 2016 begins now. Join the conversation using #CXSF. #customerexperience https://t.co/fsq8k00Y5j · Forrester
Harley Manning cites Alvin Toffler on future shock #cxsf #cxsf2016 @forrester https://t.co/NhNystiAO6 · J. P. Gownder
3 parallel dimensions along which consumer experiences that we call #mobile will evolve. @JulieAsk #CXSF #CX https://t.co/hw1K0OhJiZ · Forrester
Where we are today: We measure, but the data isn't integrated. #CXSF https://t.co/KiVQ22eD3m · Robert Zoch
People are more likely to engage with a dedicated platform than a single app, given the choice. #CXSF https://t.co/azFp5wcg6G · Robert Zoch
Consumers seek greater control over what personal data does or does not go public. #CXSF https://t.co/JauK8pRbhg · Robert Zoch
"The smartphone is finally smart." Eliminating silos, combining all data to deliver outcomes and be accessible anytime. #CXSF https://t.co/FgBl0NL9SN · Robert Zoch
Which technologies will enable the next breakthrough experiences? #cxsf #Nice #livejourneyvisualization https://t.co/ZOMdM86T6v · Adit Moskovitch
Key takeaways from @JulieAsk #CXSF https://t.co/TVudilwkBL · Robert Zoch
Customers who had prior positive experiences spend 140% more than those who did not. Customer-centricity is critical. #CXSF https://t.co/lLiLlb30XO · Robert Zoch
Striking that balance requires these four considerations. #CXSF https://t.co/KOm5z2dsJz · Robert Zoch
Focus on high-value customers. #CXSF https://t.co/fTXQqaOLqh · Robert Zoch
Not all interactions have the same value, either. #CXSF https://t.co/XXcAmENV3i · Robert Zoch
Get each of these right, and you'll see real ROI. #CXSF https://t.co/fr4ADUPRZ9 · Robert Zoch
Hernandez cites a global #telco that used data to "make the right bets" and optimize economic value of their customers. #CXSF https://t.co/xuheiNc31i · Robert Zoch
Mastering the economics of CX #CXSF https://t.co/AN2tl4Ptx0 · Bernarda Miller
What matters, in any #CX interaction. #CXSF https://t.co/VJR4wL1AFA · Robert Zoch
Inspire these emotions, earn loyalty. #CXSF https://t.co/9qDZXaK6PC · Robert Zoch
"Focus on emotion in your designs, especially in context of mobile." Roxy Strohmenger. #CXSF #CX #UX https://t.co/dIe0CYTZ1y · Leslie Tudor
Only 16% of #companies conduct ethnographic studies to really dive into the understanding of their #customers #behavior #CXSF #surveys #data https://t.co/1uy76EuT8D · Atelier US
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<![CDATA[Forrester's B2B Marketing Forum 2016 // Slides + Stats]]>


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74% of buyers will purchase from the first seller to provide helpful information says @sheaforr @forrester #forrb2b https://t.co/rLEFfEexFa · Sarah Berger
When #B2B buyers are ready to engage with a sales rep they want an experience that is insightful, data-driven, and dynamic. #FORRB2B https://t.co/JZpZun4MlF · Forrester
RT @forrester: There is a great content disconnect between marketers and buyers. - @rskin11 #FORRB2B https://t.co/9oY4ZxdVWO · Chris Ferris
RT forrester: #B2B buyers want to move through a series of discrete interactions. #FORRB2B https://t.co/4Of1jkoPFo · Nicolas Larousse
More proof buyers are avoiding engaging with salespeople & marketing is increasingly more important for creating digital content. #FORRB2B https://t.co/75f8DlrwOS · Jill Rowley
Data is out. @andyhoar1 #FORRB2B https://t.co/8ZTmnmJiGQ · Greg Theriault
Salespeople are being replaced by search engines and social networks. Embrace #SocialSelling or become invisible & irrelevant #FORRB2B https://t.co/b7x2bZLNj1 · Jill Rowley
The consultant sales rep will be the most highly paid and needed in the age of the customer #forrb2b https://t.co/c47kIycZkq · Kristi Perdue Hinkle
"Experience is the new IP" Powerful Digital disruption speech by @Jill_Steinhour #FORRB2B https://t.co/Rg84fGGHV4 · Greg Theriault
Becoming customer obsessed in marketing needed a roadmap and here it is #forrb2b #marketing #b2bmarketing https://t.co/OUJ9KM87Ab · Krista
#forrb2b Only 1 in 5 sales persons can describe problems well. #thekeyinselling https://t.co/8ZmIZfb1UR · Christopher Engman
#forrb2b four principles of engagement! @vendemore @forrester https://t.co/cOSgDfLoV5 · Christopher Engman
Andy Hoar of @Forrester reports top areas where automation is enabling the B2B salesperson at #FORRB2B https://t.co/CrSmSzHNaj · MyConversica
Investing in sales training creates top sales performers 2.6x more than average. @AtlantaLaura #forrb2b https://t.co/8MLwMfy3tj · Highspot
Top sales teams 2.6x more likely to invest in training - get 12% $ increase says @AtlantaLaura @forrester #forrb2b https://t.co/6Fr6Kr5qkb · Bonnie Crater
Absolutely brilliant Brand + Demand presentation by @RLKylberg at #FORRB2B #SalesEnablement https://t.co/dzgC8Hx181 · Jill Rowley
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<![CDATA[EY: Experience Innovation Session @ CXSF 2016]]>

In this session, EY shared how leading companies are creating the operating conditions and leadership models to foster experience innovation. The session was presented by Michael T. Kanazawa, Principal Strategy, Innovation, and Transformation.

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Come join my #CXSF partner session on Experience Innovation at 10:45 AM PT in Nob Hill B-D #EY https://t.co/bXfxrpyzUE · Michael Kanazawa
Presentation time at #CXSF discussing experience innovation. #EY https://t.co/Ijbb8BYpSE · Michael Kanazawa
Innovation is the art of making hard things easy from Mike Kanazawa of EY at #CXSF https://t.co/bIVRjrfLC6 · tarun chadha
When engaged in improving #CX, think big, beyond little pain points you're trying to solve #CXSF #experience #UX #CX @mkanazawa @EYnews https://t.co/t3jxil6WzQ · Atelier US
@mkanazawa discussing Experience Innovation and Tesla's journey at #CXSF https://t.co/XQLlu3gQZO · Julia Karnaze
Real time analytics driving the end to end experience by Mike kanazawa of EY at #cxsf https://t.co/IWlesIg94n · tarun chadha
@mkanazawa discussing agile innovation at #CXSF https://t.co/A5MmKUKM8I · tarun chadha
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<![CDATA[EY: The Art and Science of Driving Revenue Growth]]>

Twitter coverage of a 2016 LinkedIn Sales Connect presentation, New York, September 13-14

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Woody Driggs - Partner, Americas Advisory Digital Leader, EY [connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter]
Janet Balis - Partner, Head of Strategy Consulting Practice for Media & Entertainment, EY [connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter]
Disruption is hitting businesses constantly from many sources. But winning firms face uncertainty head on by differentiating on content and credibility instead of products and services alone. Building trusted customer relationships is a strategic imperative for the C-Suite and one that requires a stronger tether between marketing and sales. In this session, EY executives discuss how they're building trusted customer relationships from marketing to sales using ART (agendas, relationship, and trust) and science.
Thrilled to be at #SalesConnect and even more excited to be presenting with @digitalstrategy. https://t.co/dG31G9YD2x · Woody Driggs
Excited for this morning at @LinkedIn #salesconnect where @woodha and I will talk about driving revenue @EY_Press https://t.co/mY8EZ9NYcm · Janet Balis
Completely agree w/ @digitalstrategy about the power of thought provoking content. Content still King! #SalesConnect https://t.co/xvWNBYc2qc · Tim Clarke
How we get our customer's attention: content, cross-channel distribution, credibility #salesconnect https://t.co/72GTgPpMXh · LinkedIn for Sales
The changing collaboration btwn sales and mktg via @EYnews at #salesconnect here in New York. https://t.co/hZw8sQAmlK · Jesse Rothstein
Think of sales as fourth #marketing channel. Transition messaging from "big stage" to "little stage." #salesconnect https://t.co/DZSl4QPlnH · Marisa Johnson
A brilliant slide presented @ #SalesConnect redefining how #sales should be viewed! It is an impt #marketing channel https://t.co/YvdmXvXoGQ · Mario Martinez Jr.
Need to go from being the smartest person in the room to the most trusted person in the room #SalesConnect https://t.co/TfkcPEO3ci · Tim Clarke
"A trusted relationship is impossible to steal. " #brilliant @WoodyDriggs #salesconnect @linkedinselling #sales https://t.co/bK2n17DlWA · Amy Slater
EY now measures strength based on trust. "A trusted relationship is impossible to steal." @woodha #salesconnect https://t.co/ToAsQeFnyp · Jill Rowley
"Walk into a meeting armed with RELATIONSHIPS" @Woody Driggs #SalesConnect https://t.co/QE2JAoC3wr · Craig Hess
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<![CDATA[Social Selling: How Sales Organizations Become Digital]]>

Presented by Chris Hergesell at CRM Evolution, Washington DC, May 23, 2016

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Chris Hergesell is an Executive Director leading the Sales Strategy & Effectiveness capability within EY Advisory. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter.
CRM Evolution, a conference organized by the editors of CRM Magazine and chaired by Paul Greenberg, brings together the brightest and most influential people in the CRM industry.
#CRMevolution https://t.co/6pvcY6qHzJ · Telnorm Development
Social selling is about building trusted relationship #cx #CRMevolution https://t.co/jhk78fDCVr · Dave Capuano
Sales reps get disintermediated, so they need to move upstream engage where #customer is #cem #cex #CRMevolution https://t.co/SfqCXFwF1W · Thomas Wieberneit
#CRMevolution https://t.co/a9fm9CMPbE · Telnorm Development
#social engagement becomes the new cold call #cex #cem #crm #CRMevolution https://t.co/9qYhIK7UVU · Thomas Wieberneit
A fool with a tool is still a fool - who can create far more damage. Better be good using it #cex #cem #CRMevolution https://t.co/NBZlNOJ6au · Thomas Wieberneit
Which type of business benefits most of #social selling? Mainly b2b! #cex #cem #crm #CRMevolution https://t.co/S6xfaUUA8z · Thomas Wieberneit
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<![CDATA[Delivering On Campaign To Commerce]]>

Visionaries panel at Constellation’s Connected Enterprise 2015

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Aggregation of tweets from a "feisty panel on Commerce" (HT Paul Wright)


Principal-Americas IT Advisory Emerging & Cloud Applications Leader, EY: Joe Hughes, @jphughes3
Chief Strategy Officer, Sitecore: Darren Guarnaccia, @dguarnaccia
Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President Marketing and Products, Avangate: Michael Ni, @mikeni
Executive Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development at Netsuite: Jason Maynard, @jasonamaynard
MODERATOR: R "Ray" Wang, @rwang0
Commerce faces rapidly changing business models and new payment options that are often misunderstood and poorly integrated. Learn how leading brands and organizations master demand signals and supply chains in an increasingly complex world of buyers seeking frictionless buying experiences. Hear how leaders address the digital business model shifts.
#cce2015 panel @johughes3, @rwang0, @dguarnaccia, @mikeni, @jasonamaynard https://t.co/bEbOW1J2Us · Chris Boudreaux
Don't be distracted by omni-channel #CCE2015 https://t.co/jQAJ0wLlaT · Vala Afshar
"CRM is dead" says @rwang0 with @dguarnaccia @mikeni @jphughes3 @jasonamaynard #CCE2015 https://t.co/rA2YtTm3aP · VaughanTA
"I hate the term #omnichannel" - says the whole panel. And the audience. #CCE2015 https://t.co/ZalcU2pI0o · Steve Wilson
Today: forget a data warehouse that takes two years and build a data swamp now! #CCE2015 https://t.co/yKJr8OZ4dV · Andrew Nebus
Why digital matters... #CCE2015 https://t.co/twlgE52nyR · Vala Afshar
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<![CDATA[Forbes CMO Summit: Marketing Organization of the Future]]>

A selection of tweets from the 2015 Forbes CMO Summit panel

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Never before have CMOs been tasked with as much coordination of disparate platforms and customer data. The most effective marketing requires a restructuring internally to meet and exceed ever more challenging brand and business goals. How best to connect the dots within marketing departments—as well as with other relevant disciplines in corporations? How do you create agility and a fluidity that is unprecedented, knocking down functional silos? Panelists will share best practices, anecdotes and persistent pain points they have yet to overcome as they work to build a better marketing organization.
Woody Driggs, Principal, EY - @woodha
Hannah Grove, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, State Street - @HannahGrove9
Maggie Chan Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP - @maggiecj
MaryKay Kopf, Chief Marketing Officer, Electrolux
Moderator: Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer & Head of the CMO Practice, Forbes Media - @Brogers825
Check out the #ForbesCMOSummit today - great line-up, including EY's @woodha @MarcieMerriman https://t.co/VkjH9EdSm3 https://t.co/u5JAXeUmg6 · Constantin Basturea
CMOs Hannah Grove @StateStreet Mary Kay Kopf @ElectroluxUS @maggiecj + @woodha w @Brogers825 #ForbesCMOSummit https://t.co/LtnmIfH7EI · Jenny Rooney
"Do you have the experimentation built into your operating model?" -@Woodha at #ForbesCMOSummit https://t.co/zMUw31dwqF · Brian Goonan
Recap of Woody Driggs's remarks (from live notes)
Operating Models
The operating model is shifting today. What’s really changing goes well beyond marketing. Do we have experimentation in the operating model?

You have to include product plus experience. Are you constantly innovating the experience? You need to have an experience factory with a constant reinvention to innovate experiences.

EY is helping to sort out the technology and making good use of it. Companies are asking us to help them look at their supply chain. We are helping companies optimize the supply chain or mobile or social management. Companies are looking for help with process changes.

Culture and Collaboration
We talk a lot about culture and alignment around the C-suite. As we think about cultural alignment and collaborating within the C-suite, we need to keep the end purpose in mind.
More about EY's vision on the new roles of CMOs and CSOs in this study: ey.com/dna-csmo
@Woodha. #CMOs are becoming chief innovator, simplified, customer advocate. #ForbesCMOSummit https://t.co/XEwlnx5pYp · Kaenan Hertz
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<![CDATA[2015 EMEA Crisis Survey]]>

40% of companies don't have a crisis plan; 34% have not reviewed the plan in the last 2 years; 44% don't have a digital crisis plan

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Methodology: Penn Schoen Berland conducted a total of 426 online interviews in Europe, Middle East and Africa, amongst business-decision makers in August 2015.
"40% of businesses polled don't have a crisis plan, 44% don't have a digital crisis plan" @ggodsal #BMCrisisClub http://t.co/WwJKKdNdNP · Burson-Marsteller UK
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<![CDATA[Best* Slides from LinkedIn SalesConnect 2015]]>

*Highly subjective collection; work in progress

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Oct 7-8, Las Vegas | Conference agenda | List of speakers on Twitter
Companies on the front end take the most risk, but reap the best rewards = transient advantage. #SalesConnect http://t.co/8Q84CUpjGY · Sarah Lindsay
ROI = Risk of Ignoring. Don't miss the #SocialSelling boat! #SalesConnect http://t.co/eM8pJUGvj9 · Jill Rowley
Where are you in the Recruiting #Chasm? #SalesConnect via @LinkedIn & @mikedfresh http://t.co/ZfiPtjwmXf · Sarah Shehata
RT @pteshima: @LinkedIn believes #SocialSelling has crossed Chasm. MT Finally, been waiting 5 yrs. #SalesConnect http://t.co/CmIExSx8A4 · Kurt Shaver
Wow!! --> 78% of social sellers outsell their peers. #SocialSelling #SalesConnect http://t.co/fgXAmLnpAC · Phil Gerbyshak
Key indicators of #socialselling success #salesconnect. MSFT will be sharing our journey at 11:15am PST http://t.co/IHceef36xI · Brian Galicia
How can you seize the #SocialSelling opportunity? Here are 3 heroes who have found huge success. #SalesConnect http://t.co/5DbKeyq267 · Phil Gerbyshak
When @mikedfresh discusses my current @audible_com #read at @LinkedIn #SalesConnect 💁🏻 http://t.co/yagq8NamIG http://t.co/FTqikoPWvv · Kristi Dula
http://t.co/JjobBaLlYh via linkedinselling #socialselling · TaShan Parks Twyman
There are three key components to capitalize on social selling #SalesConnect http://t.co/BiYy0Usk7c via linkedinselling #socialselling · TaShan Parks Twyman
Your SSI score is made up of 4 components. #SalesConnect http://t.co/T0WkpAlrPt via linkedinselling #socialselling · TaShan Parks Twyman
The social selling adoption timeline. #salesconnect http://t.co/8EIxpivGfU · Stacey Sayer
FinServ lagging industry on #socialselling...not even on chart! Thx for sharing @LaurenMullenholz #salesconnect http://t.co/33KyhQeuEs · Brendan Kenalty
Microsoft social selling program case study, presented by Philip Amato and Brian Galicia
SSI is a KPI at Microsoft. #salesconnect #utdsales @ Bellagio Las Vegas https://t.co/xhkNvUjxKq · Howard Dover
#SalesConnect: from MSFT's social selling journey case study - its social sellers have improved their SSI http://t.co/0LFaIDmK43 · Constantin Basturea
#SalesConnect: from the MSFT case study - they saw a direct relationship between SSI and opportunity growth http://t.co/Y9sZZEsKmY · Constantin Basturea
#SalesConnect: from the MSFT case study - Sales Navigator users generator 1.7x the number of opportunities & revenue http://t.co/1zgfMlYQwn · Constantin Basturea
At @Microsoft , they saw a 38% increase in opportunities for the highly engaged. #SocialSelling #SalesConnect http://t.co/BlNXT1Hqp9 · Phil Gerbyshak
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<![CDATA[Clay Shirky on Post-Scale Networks]]>

"[T]here are new hacks other than the social graph, which support social value not easily convertible to ad dollars"

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https://storify.com/cbasturea/shirky-post-scale-ntwkshttps://storify.com/cbasturea/shirky-post-scale-ntwksFri, 10 Oct 2014 18:52:41 GMT