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Maybe you were at #ONA12 in San Francisco. Maybe you were at #EIJ12 in Fort Lauderdale. Or maybe you were stuck somewhere in between those coasts. Regardless, you probably missed some cool stuff.

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Two journalism conventions happened during Sept. 20-22: the Society of Professional Journalists/Radio Television Digital News Association's, and the Online News Association's.
Arch-entry welcome area awaiting #EIJ12 attendees. The journalism fun begins tomorrow. Get pumped. http://pic.twitter.com/KEYWQHhY · Scott Leadingham
Up goes the sign at registration for #ONA12. @ Hyatt Regency San Francisco http://instagr.am/p/Pxq4bWo0tW/ · Jim Brady
It wasn't on purpose.
But as a result, nobody could catch all the amazing journalism training and discussions that happened over the weekend. So here's a recap of what you may have missed -- plus notes even if you were there.

Broad recaps

These are summaries/roundups the orgs and others did and might help you find what you're looking for. Start here, but see further down for session-specific stuff.
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<![CDATA[#nbcfail: 8 Ways NBC Blew Olympics Coverage]]>

From tape-delays to ridiculous and ignorant commentary, Twitter agreed: NBC sucked at covering the 2012 opening ceremony. UPDATED 7/30 with @guyadams suspension and NBC smugness.

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1. Tape-delaying what the rest of the world watched live

2. Cutting content for commercials

3. Failing at geography...and social studies...and...

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<![CDATA[The Best SOPA/PIPA Gags]]>

The SOPA opera continues, but here are my favorite gags protesting gag orders, with some basic explanations for people that have no clue what's going on.

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On Wednesday, Jan. 18, many websites "went dark" or otherwise tinkered with their look to raise awareness of two controversial anti-piracy bills in Congress. A serious issue, but the Internet never takes itself too seriously.

Many major sites had "blackouts" to protest the Stop Online Privacy Act and PROTECT IP Act. Some of these, like Wired's and Google's, were symbolic -- featuring censor bars, but not restricting their content or use.
 More images over at Poynter. The website SopaStrike.com had a long list of the many participants in the blackout effort, and offered code for others to join in. (As The Atlantic's roundup pointed out, "Sites noticeably absent from this list: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Twitter.")  Places like BoingBoing and Reddit went the extra mile to protest by blocking content, and with Wikipedia in particular, this had pretty funny results.
@herpderpedia retweeted many users (mostly college students) who were confused, misinformed, or upset about Wikipedia's blackout -- even though the site had a notice up in advance and a link on the main page explaining the situation...
Web comic artist Matthew Inman also blacked out his site, explaining with his usual absurdist humor why the legislation should matter to readers... 
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<![CDATA[All on Paper]]>

The student newspaper of Florida Atlantic University put out an issue with technology from the '70s and '80s -- in other words, without modern computers. This documents the laughs, lessons, and reactions to the project in the newsroom and online.

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Over 3 weekends in July, the student staff of the University Press at Florida Atlantic University (@upressonline) created an issue using only antiquated technology: typewriters, black-and-white film, X-acto knives, pica poles, and proportion wheels.

Meet the #spjpaperball crew... The @upressonline staff goes back in time. #FAU http://instagr.am/p/HzXGD/ · SPJSoFla

It was an opportunity to partner j-veterans with young journalists, and teach them how things used to work -- and in the process, the advantages they have today.

The program was funded by the Society of Professional Journalists South Florida Chapter (@SPJSoFla) and is the brainchild of chapter president and UP volunteer adviser Michael Koretzky.

Koretzky's initial blog post about the project explained what was going on, and showed off two versions of the cover the students had mocked up and wanted opinions on. It was a hit on Twitter, and received over 100 comments voting for a cover -- most from media pros.

It was popular enough online that UP Editor-in-Chief Gideon Grudo (@gideongrudo) decided on a split-run of the cover in print, with the more traditional cover featured more heavily for the online audience. Check out the covers, and the whole issue. (The content is the same for both.)

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<![CDATA[Man tracks stolen laptop hundreds of miles away, calls thief]]>

A man's laptop is stolen, but he's able to track it remotely and with the help of social media, recover it. (NSFW language. More story links at bottom.)

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Webtrends Engage New Orleans 2010 · seanpower

This guy is Sean Power, a Canadian author and tech consultant. (He works for a company you may know - Cheezburger Inc.) His laptop got stolen, along with a lot of other stuff. But he's using Prey, free software that can track your computer.

As Sean shares this info, Twitter users are helping out in various ways. Some urged caution. One woman showed up on site to see what was going on. Others doing quick research found out Paolo may actually be part-owner of the bar.

@seanpower enhanced http://twitpic.com/4wvl6l · ttmygh
Sean decides to call the cops, and continues to report what's going on.
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