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Coders see content as “stuff” and code as “art,” whereas creators see code as “stuff” and content as “art.” That is a dangerous attitude on both sides. South by Southwest Interactive 2012 panel.

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Slides from the panel:
Recording of the Panel:
Panelists (left to right): @benbalter, @raunarisetti, @ascheink, and @jenny8lee
Last panel of day-Content & Coding are not Commodities w @scheink @jenny8lee @rajunarisetti #sxtxstate http://pic.twitter.com/8uY8gtOa · CindyRoyal
The Problem: Coders see content as “stuff” and code as “art.” Where as creators see code as “stuff” and content as “art.”

Our Hack and Hacker Manifesto

Coders and creators are not short-order chefs.
Talk in terms of problems, not in terms of solutions
Long-term buy in is critical
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<![CDATA[Towards a More Agile Government]]>

Federal procurement laws encourage less flexible, waterfall development rather than more modern, agile approaches used by the private sector

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