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The 18th Thessaloniki (Int'l) Documentary Festival is afoot! https://t.co/Ccqh3VZmZ2 #tdf18 https://t.co/8GGt2b68Uh https://t.co/uu5OysAsRj · Asteris Masouras 正义
"Food is the vehicle of solidarity". The amazing O Allos Anthropos social kitchen at the docfest opening #tdf18 https://t.co/XqInimUI5z · Asteris Masouras 正义
Thess DocFest outgoing director Dimitri Eipides proclaimed honorary Thessaloniki citizen by mayor Boutaris #tdf18 https://t.co/1m4xlsVegq · Asteris Masouras 正义
The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura. Nothing else matters at the Metallica Tour (Chile) · Asteris Masouras 正义
Landfill Harmonic Amazing and Inspirational · Asteris Masouras 正义
A Different American Dream Q&A: "When you dance with the devil, you need a long spoon" #tdf18 https://t.co/RIX2Mt4MFf · Asteris Masouras 正义
The Day the Sun fell - Official Trailer · Asteris Masouras 正义
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<![CDATA[#tdf17 - Mini reviews, Q&A's and masterclasses]]>

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Faces of the 17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. More to come on Flickr #tdf17 http://t.co/ZaMfp4Bhfo · Asteris Masouras 正义
.@asteris is covering the 17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival this week, follow to discover important docs http://t.co/uvzrR9MYo4 #tdf17 · reported.ly
"Putin is back" director Jean-Michel Carré, his 2nd of 3 docus on Putin #tdf17 http://t.co/fO72PuWtpG · Asteris Masouras 正义
Barely found tix. Classic docfest Saturday RT @akatzou Sold outs #tdf17 http://t.co/vEHsF6MB6y · Asteris Masouras 正义
An hour spent soaking Sunday rays at the boardwalk. Priceless #tdf17 http://t.co/yOAMGUXrNP · Asteris Masouras 正义
https://storify.com/asteris/tdf17-mini-reviews-masterclasseshttps://storify.com/asteris/tdf17-mini-reviews-masterclassesFri, 11 Mar 2016 09:08:36 GMT
<![CDATA[#tiff56 - Mini reviews on the run]]>

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The 56th Thessaloniki Int'l Film Festival is afoot #tiff56 https://t.co/khivUnaWyA · Asteris Masouras 正义
I definitely want to catch a q&a on this film. A feat of deliberate cinematography https://t.co/AlxCImSm3r #tiff56 · Asteris Masouras 正义
My lucky #tiff56 ticket: vendor suggested a last seat, as I was about to ask about this screening. https://t.co/lNBXhnc512 · Asteris Masouras 正义
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<![CDATA[Let's talk "Europe"]]>

Polarization over the referendum on more or less 'bailausterity' for Greece, beleaguered by the sovereign debt crisis -which is compounded by austerity- gave rise to misguided rhetoric equating Europe with the Eurozone and the EU. I argue at length that there is more than one Europe (possible).

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Translation: The "European ideal" today is restricted to the privilege of belonging to an exclusive whites' club.
Translation: "Europe of human rights" has decided to start bombing the boats of war refugees.
#protip: Do it with maps & set theory. Europe (is a superset of the) EU (is a superset of the) Eurozone http://t.co/aCTdwP5q0S · Asteris Masouras 正义
https://storify.com/asteris/let-s-talk-europehttps://storify.com/asteris/let-s-talk-europeWed, 01 Jul 2015 23:39:18 GMT
<![CDATA[Explaining reported.ly, and Twitter for journalism]]>

Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron attempted to explain how reported.ly works, in a series of 43 tweets on March 20, 2015.

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https://storify.com/asteris/explaining-reported-ly-and-twitter-for-journalismhttps://storify.com/asteris/explaining-reported-ly-and-twitter-for-journalismMon, 23 Mar 2015 16:48:35 GMT
<![CDATA[Eurogroup battle of the drafts]]>

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Ricardo Santos on today’s #Eurogroup meeting. #Greece #Varoufakis http://t.co/wi5fgWXTEz · Oscar Reyes
https://storify.com/asteris/eurogroup-battle-of-the-draftshttps://storify.com/asteris/eurogroup-battle-of-the-draftsTue, 17 Feb 2015 08:38:36 GMT
<![CDATA[#Mazi: Anti-austerity rallies in Greece and around Europe]]>

Massive, peaceful rallies were held in main cities around Greece, as well as solidarity rallies in other European cities, on the night of the closed Eurogroup meeting where the Syriza government presented its' anti-austerity plan.

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Greece: Athenians rally against the Troika, debt and NATO · ruptlytv
Κ στο Σύνταγμα θα έχει. RT @AndreasKakaris: Άνθρωποι από το κίνημα των #skouries ήδη στο Λευκό Πύργο. #mazi #SKG http://t.co/fX6DH6Mpiy · G.Chardy
Berlin now in solidarity with the Greek government http://t.co/8Zly6Akcec · Myriam K.
Ξεκιναμε να μαζευμαστε παρ´ολο το κρυο!Stop austerity!#mazi http://t.co/NYijKDHo7Q · Raskolnikov
#mazi RT @MakisSinodinos: Let's start #Syntagma #GreekSolidarity #athens #11Feb2015 http://t.co/RUeKQvm1Y1 · Theodora Oikonomides
#mazi RT @ANTIplhroforhsh: Σύνταγμα τώρα http://t.co/QxTOTOp2Mq · Theodora Oikonomides
Πανοραμική άποψη της πλατείας Λευκού Πύργου τώρα. #mazi #SKG http://t.co/fKxrPfHkh7 · Andreas Kakaris
Out of Greek parliament #Syntagma #GreekSolidarity #athens #11Feb2015 #mazi #Eurogroup http://t.co/mw6tW2iZbR · Makis Sinodinos
Panoramic pic of White Tower plaza in Thessaloniki #skg #mazi via @AndreasKakaris http://t.co/prn0Diop5u · Theodora Oikonomides
Syntagma metro station #mazi via @ptsiaras http://t.co/hVZ0kJYfL5 #Greece · Theodora Oikonomides
More Syntagma metro station #mazi #Greece via @Skar_ #Eurogroup http://t.co/rGqyASzmh6 · Theodora Oikonomides
Outside #Greece's parliamment, banner in English addressing Merkel MT @SofiaLampiki: #Syntagma #mazi #GreekSolidarity http://t.co/3GIjN4TApr · spyros gkelis
#mazi RT @ptsiaras: Σύνταγμα τώρα #11fgr #end_austerity #Greece http://t.co/AAQXzhpQMT · Theodora Oikonomides
#greece #varoufakis Soli Demonstration in Front of Berlin's EU representation http://t.co/tgcrr2KaDB · Vffgvghvffhhg
https://storify.com/asteris/massive-anti-austerity-rallies-in-greecehttps://storify.com/asteris/massive-anti-austerity-rallies-in-greeceThu, 12 Feb 2015 13:19:50 GMT
<![CDATA[Antonis Samaras' political swan song?]]>

In his last election rally, with polls consistently favoring the opposition anti-austerity Syriza party, Greek PM Antonis Samaras defended his austerity policies, appealed to the youth, promised the lowest taxes in the EU, and a "rain of money", and warned against Syriza's "drachma lobby".

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Clearly a #Syriza sleeper, sent by #Tsipras to destroy #Samaras. https://t.co/1KiDpio4MB #ekloges2015 http://t.co/KHkAoshnip · Damian Mac Con Uladh
Speech by #Samaras should have start half an hour ago. Stadium still empty. #greece #election2015 http://t.co/yLlxw0hTJs · Zacharias Zacharakis
ND supporter waits for #Samaras speech to start [Photo by: Yiannis Kolesidis/AMNA] #ekloges2015 #greece http://t.co/WD3cb1EYIb · Kathimerini English
Samaras ends campaign with fighting words: "New Democracy will be in government on Monday" #Greece #ekloges2015 http://t.co/9vD7ZYIdcp · Derek Gatopoulos
https://storify.com/asteris/antonis-samaras-political-swan-songhttps://storify.com/asteris/antonis-samaras-political-swan-songFri, 23 Jan 2015 19:42:57 GMT
<![CDATA[Curating news from a day in hell]]>

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http://storify.com/asteris/curating-news-from-a-day-in-hellhttp://storify.com/asteris/curating-news-from-a-day-in-hellFri, 18 Jul 2014 01:29:15 GMT
<![CDATA[NSA whistleblowers testify at the Bundestag]]>

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Thank you Edward #Snowden! Danke #Snowden! http://t.co/2X0cNOpX8k · Jens Stomber
Entering Hall in Bundestag now. #NSA # PUA Mr. Bill #Binney in the house. Palpable tension in the room. #Snowden http://t.co/fPBggVjGeP · Diani Barreto
#Snowden zur Gast im #Bundestag heute :) #PUA NSA http://t.co/jKkw8eMPc1 · Diani Barreto
http://storify.com/asteris/nsa-whistleblowers-testify-at-the-bundestaghttp://storify.com/asteris/nsa-whistleblowers-testify-at-the-bundestagThu, 03 Jul 2014 16:35:51 GMT