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AreYouScreening.com takes a look at everything going on in the industry, and shares some of the stuff we didn't cover directly. (And other wacky bites)

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Lost in Space is coming people, whether you want it or not, and we're finally getting some detail.
You're hopefully watching The Good Place, a fun and mostly silly show about the accidentally ending up in "Heaven," but unless you DVR the show, you might not have caught much of the notorious point system used to come up with the final tally of your life. You can take a look at some screenshots which include the wonderfully nutty points you can earn.
TV suddenly became infatuated with the JonBenet Ramsey case, offering up more than one close look, and you had to imagine that someone would get sued.
One weird sci-fi adventure or another. What's the difference really? It looks like reshoots and prior commitments were the real problem, and not the idea that Star Wars was suddenly unhappy with the composer, but it didn't take long to line up more work.
You have to love a person who truly commits to the idea of making sure you know you pissed off the wrong person. Not only has Leah Remini being very vocal about Scientology, in a lot of different ways, but now there's apparently a show in the works. The problem Scientology has here is that everyone is going to watch it, even those who couldn't hardly care less.
Luke Cage | Featurette: Who Is Luke Cage? | Netflix · Netflix US & Canada
There's a lot of buzz around anything Netflix releases, but the new Marvel spin of throwing out characters that the average person might not recognize has meant that there is a lot of question about Luke Cage. Well, Netflix wants to help you out, so there's a new featurette to introduce you.
If you aren't watching Harry Connick Jr.'s new talk show, it could well be that no one is going out of their way to let you know it exists. The ratings weren't stellar for the first week, and with the world being what it is, it could be in danger. Talk shows historically take a bit to get rolling and pull in viewers, but if you're a new fan, you might want to tell your friends. It's actually pretty good.
So... Toy Wars. That's happening.
The internet was abuzz with news of a new Magnum P.I. effort being in development, and there's reboots and then there's reboots. Apparently, this one is actually something of a sequel/spin-off, as the show will center on Magnum's daughter who looks to take over her father's business. Hmmm...
Old Crazy Guys who tromp around the world gets renewed. Seriously though, the show, which wasn't "good" by any stretch, was a bit hard to stop watching.
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<![CDATA[RU? Entertainment RoundUp And Cool Junk April 2014 - 1st]]>

It's actually been a wildly quiet week... you know, except for the Letterman stuff. The TV world is on the verge of blowing wide open though, so I guess we have to wait a bit for most things. On the other hand, there's still plenty of weird.

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There may be a big move to television among people considered movie talents, but the stage is still holding its own as well. Gerwig, who recently made news with other announcements, will now take over for Gyllenhaal in a rare "indie darling" swap.
I'm not sure this one has kept up the buzz of the first season, but it's apparently performing solidly enough for A&E. Plus, it's a lot of crazy fun. If you were nervous about sticking with this one, worry no more.
Get Ready to Assemble. · marvel
In case Disney Infinity wasn't cool enough for you... I mean, for your kids, a whole new round of awesome is about to show up, and if you aren't already, it might be time to get on board.
It was a controversial ending, a controversial episode, even for those who liked the general plot, and it caused a bit of a stir. In news of the truly strange, you can apparently get the version you might have liked better when the DVD release hits.
Just because the season was cool, and this interview with showrunner Yost is pretty interesting, here's a chance to get some more info on Justified.
Oxygen is trying a new tack, apparently partially based on the idea that perhaps if they had a couple of shows anyone wanted to watch... well, that might be good, or something. On the other hand, a lot of the new shows are just rehashes of the shows they already have.
Similarly, Bravo is working on the idea that if they make a new spin on every show they have... well, that might be good, or something. You want to check out this list. It has a few interesting offerings, new takes on shows you like, and a couple of things that are pretty hilarious.
In news of awesomeness, more Red Dwarf! To be brutally honest, there's a hint of The Rolling Stones touring decades after the idea is interesting here, but... I guess, that went pretty well actually.
Amazon Studios is really trying to up the game with original programming, and while they haven't managed a ton of really great shows yet, they're exploring some avenues with potential. No one would have guessed Whit Stillman, I'm guessing, but there you go.
Suits fans, and you should be one, if you aren't, have an interesting spin to look forward to with the upcoming season as Michael Gross will be showing up.
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<![CDATA[RU? Entertainment RoundUp And Cool Junk February - 1st Edition]]>

It's a new version of AreYouScreening.com's Entertainment (and other stuff) rambling.

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After a couple of years of take shots at doing this, and so many emails that I am truly humbly (and a bit embarrassed), I'm coming back to give it another effort. Some of you may know that I've tried a variety of ways of working a version of this, and it turns out that Storify is the easiest for me to actually get done, even if it doesn't have all the features I would like. So here goes.

Let's see what's going on... that I find interesting.
Unfortunately, this one couldn't get a hold of audiences. It deserved more attention, although I'm not even sure it deserved another season. It seemed like no one cared if it continued right from the beginning. Frankly, the very strange air schedule probably led to the lack of interest.
The Gotham info keeps coming, and now there's finally some good news. I suppose that depends on how you feel about some of the other news. Nothing makes me happier than Donal Logue getting work though, and the news comes at a good time. Logue is about to hit your screens with the second season of Vikings as well, and with Copper bizarrely cancelled, I like to see him filling the void in a hurry.
It's a bit of an odd time, with tons of TV news coming through right on the heels of a lot of the late-year shows about to hit, and now we get hit with news from other angles as well. I actually liked what I saw of this show, and I'm glad the final season will get a chance to be seen.
This one is actually fun news. The most important part being that the show is just full-on go. Someone thinks this is the greatest idea ever, and I don't think it's me. Of course, it could just be that someone thinks people will watch it, and the "goodness" may not be in the equation at all.
Office fans have something to cheer about (though I don't know why Cosby is in that image), as another member of the crew gets something going. It's potentially even better news than most, because USA is usually pretty good to their shows.
In similar news, CW fans can breathe a sigh of relief as their favorites have been renewed. The news is actually more interesting than it might seem, with the network not only avoiding suspense, but also giving a chance for shows to jump in early.
If you haven't caught this already, make sure you click through above. This has already taken off though, and if you haven't already seen it, it's hard to imagine how you put together the technical savvy to read this. Still, it's hilarious. Watch it again.
In already old news, X-Factor isn't coming back. On the other hand, despite the fact that the vast majority of outlets report the show as having been axed, it seems to be something more along the lines of just deciding not to make it anymore. Figure out that distinction.

I have to say, I'm glad of the move. While Simon is certainly an icon, and will be around for the U.K. version, the version on FOX wasn't going anywhere. Why? The other judges.
In "Do I really care?" news, the world is officially out of ideas... again, and the Transporter series is getting a reboot. Why, you ask? Apparently, you'll go see it. To be fair, the first one wasn't bad. Still, is this all we have?
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 2/11/13 - Pilots, Film News, Streaming TV, Hate-Watching, And More]]>

It's been a while, but after several requests (which shocked me more than anything), I've decided to try to bring back the News RoundUp. Apparently, if I only have to pay attention to things... people like that. Enjoy.

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Kicking off movie news, the director of Secretary (and you've tuned out, or way, way in already) adds Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks to "The Big Shoe," a film that supposedly mixes eroticism and comedy. What more could you want really?
On a similar casting front, Saoirse Ronan is up for a crazy, but awesome, sounding flick that also recently added Dr. Who to its roster. Rising stars, plus built in fans of Matt Smith, plus an intriguing story, something is going for right for Ryan Gosling's effort so far.
And, in other casting news, Katherine Heigl may have bitten off more than she can chew. Though she's managed to parlay the success of Grey's Anatomy into a host of rom-com vehicles, this film probably requires her to act, given its premise, and we may be on shaky ground there.
Finally, "Friggin' Christmas" adds a dynamic trio that may prove very interesting. You know how these goofy Christmas films normally play out, but this is a different take, and with people worth watching.
Speaking of Christmas, more Grinch.
In movie news that everyone already knows, the Star Wars universe is getting a lot of additions, and at least three "spin-offs" are very likely to come your way. The main thrust of the commentary seems to be that either Disney has 50 times the brains of... the previous person in charge of developing such things, and this is all going to lead to massive awesomeness, or Star Wars is doomed to become far more silly than anyone would have dreamed... and we've seen Episodes I-III. You be the judge.
Speaking of... well, silly things, the screenwriter of Elektra... wait for it, explained his embarrassment.
And, finally, in movie-related topics, check out Bradley Cooper in 1999 asking Sean Penn a question from Inside the Actors Studio. It's just fun for the sake of no-name Cooper-ness, but even moreso because Penn has a hell of an answer.
On to TV action, BBC has pulled the plug on Being Human, which seems odd, because I'm led to understand that it's still doing well. One of the stars has a theory, and one that makes some sense, I guess, but it raises some questions for the American version.
In news that will probably be followed by other news, Christina Applegate took her ball and went home as semi-successful "Up All Night" underwent a lot of changes, which are apparently going to restructure things. Well, restructure this... I'm out. It's a bit of shame, because the show was fun, but can it really continue now? Does anyone care?
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 4/27/12 - Fringe, Sequels, And Other Fun Things]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on.

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Ok Fanboys, the wait is finally over. Fringe has been renewed for a final season. Hooray. The show should have ended long ago, and we all know it... but, whatever.
On the other side of that coin, while I'm no huge Teen Wolf fan, one of the best new shows of last year is coming back, and has a premiere date. That's right, Awkward, I said it.
In other date news, The Glades and newcomer Longmire will be showing up back-to-back in summer. Keep your eye out for all the news you can get on Longmire, it looks like it might come in as an unsung hero.
Time's up for Make It Or Break It though. Try not to look so sad. I actually had a soft spot in my heart for this bit of screwball fluff when it came out, but it ran its course quite a while ago.
You didn't ask for it, but you're getting it anyway. Well... it's something we can take the kids to, can make enough money no matter what critics, and audiences, have to say about it... apparently.
Also jumping on the "do we really need that" pile.
In more interesting news, this is a combination that might prove interesting. The Duplass brothers have a unique viewpoint when it comes to getting films together, and the novel in question could be the perfect vehicle.
Kicking off the WTF news... I like a show with a plan, but what the hell are you going to do with seven seasons of Hannibal? Actually, what I mean is, what the hell are you going to do with one, but he said seven, so I was stuck with it.
You're thinking you've heard it all, and you're thinking about taking a cruise...
Well, it's old news already... as is Rosie's throwdown, but it's certainly WTF
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 4/11/12 -]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on.

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Hello again. It's been longer than expected, and some news has gotten too old to be worthwhile, but we still have some good stuff. And, just because it's too old, doesn't mean it isn't here.
In news of the freakishly awesome, hot off the also awesome Billion dollar purchase of Instagram, which, sorry Instagram superfans, is really stupid, Facebook has suddenly launched... Facebook. Cheeky monkeys.
In rather surprising news, Madonna has yet another record she can add to her list of accolades. It was a long time coming, but there you go.
Alec Baldwin Tweeted, and Today denied stalking him. Well... someone was out there, it looked like Today... or something. Well, you know how it is with people from Today... or people who watch Today... or people who stalk Alec Baldwin.
In possibly more interesting news that involves Twitter -
And, there's good news for fans of Game of Thrones. Though an utterly unsurprising move, the show has already been renewed for third season. More interesting, the show held a whopping 97% of its viewers, despite the holiday.
And, as Justified wraps up, with a somewhat anti-climactic season-closer, we may be in for a treat next season -
But, in good and bad news, New Girl and Raising Hope have been renewed... and, so has that other irritating monstrosity that continues to thumb its nose at me by maintaining its status as a horrific, irritating monstrosity that was once really good.
Speaking of horrific monstrosities, if there's one thing we've learned from this season of Celebrity Apprentice, it's that Lisa Lampanelli (who is apparently just the most awesome thing ever... though I'd never heard of her before the season started) can go off like a basket case better than almost anyone who has ever been on the show... and that's saying something.

Well, she's had her run-ins with Dayana Mendoza (again, sorry, never heard of her), but it's gone too far now.
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 3/30 - Dance Moms, Stupid Shows (But I repeat myself), and Scott Baio!]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on.

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In curious, and somewhat exciting news, BBC has renewed Being Human for a fifth season, despite losing two of its stars going into season four. The obvious questions surrounding the continuation of the American version now rise again.
ABC's new pilot Devious Maids has landed Eva Longoria, who certainly didn't let any grass grow under her feet. This one looks like it might even be pretty good too.
Dance Moms fans... well, I don't know what comes after that actually. At any rate, the show, hot off the ridonkulous Nip/Tuck uproar (well, before it I suppose) has pulled an episode, and won't air it again. It's, ummm... the one with the pretending to be nude little girls. Huzzah!
Fans are left wondering now, as the Alcatraz finale proves to be the show's worst performer. It's not a hopeful sign when people tune out for your finale.
You've probably heard about this six ways to Sunday by now, but if not, I just have to chime in and say... Huh?
As has been reported by dozens of outlets at this point, the characters in question are described as having dark skin. Besides which, the book hardly takes any real position on anyone's race, giving brief descriptions that might easily be passed over by readers anyway. Sigh.
In news more likely to be new to someone, Scott Baio is coming back to TV! Score!
In far less fun TV casting news, NBC is convinced there are a lot of really stupid people.
FOX wants you to mark your calendars though, and they want it mostly to say, "Gordon Ramsay." With three series set for summer (Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and newcomer Hotel Hell), it's Ramsay's world, and we just live in it. Not that I'm not a fan, because I am, but still... Hotel Hell, by the way, is basically Kitchen Nightmares, but with hotels.
If you were disappointed by the last installment, or if you weren't, you can catch the below article for a huge rundown on what's coming with Assassin's Creed 3. It's the Revolution, and there are apparently massive gobs of awesomeness coming to this one.
Peter Berg, throwing out his contender for, "Stupidest things ever said," actually made the statement that Battleship is completely different from Transformers. Now, as those of us who have been around the block once or twice know very well, there is no way anyone would ever make that statement, unless...
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 3/23]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on. It's still just next season and who got axed... mostly.

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Well, we all know who "A" is now, and I have an interview with her going up shortly, but you may not know that, apparently, Pretty Little Liars has broken a Twitter record. Yes, it's the most tweeted show ever... or something.
On possibly the complete opposite end of the TV spectrum, Jeff Foxworthy isn't giving up on game show hosting... now with 100% more Bible.
In completely confusing TV news, a trailer hit the internet for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, the next hopeful in the franchise, and before you could finish watching it, it was revealed that Syfy isn't actually going to keep going with the show. Ummm... thanks for the tease.
Power-performer Smash has been picked up for another season, and I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone. What the hell this headline is about, I have no idea.
In more, "it's all about the fall" news, we're getting more Jennifer Beals. She heads to CBS' new detective show, and this one looks like it might actually be pretty good... on paper... not necessarily because we've added Beals.
And, Brian Cox is hitting the small screen as well. This show looks good too... because we've added Brian Cox.
Then there's Dennis Miller, and ABC is starting to look better and better for fall.
And, we're expanding the ranks again, as DirecTV starts putting together original programming.
As does Netflix.
In fact, they may even expand into the "saving other shows" category that has done well for cable networks.
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 3/14/12]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on.

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I'm testing out a new system here. We'll see what happens.
Timely news for those preparing to tune in tonight. Wouldn't it suck if your favorite was out, then came back suddenly... then had warrants?
In related news, it looks like the appeal of several reality behemoths is slipping. Where are you? Is it about time?
And in further related news, it looks like we get to gear up for a new one. Huzzah.
Just as people are chomping at the bit for The Hunger Games, you can rest easy knowing where you'll be able to watch it in the rather distant future.
The internet is abuzz with news that apparently no stone will be left unturned when it comes to Superhero films. Ahhh... doesn't Mandrake bring back memories? No?
Fans of Justified may be in for a special treat when this series hits.
Speaking of TV show stars jumping around.
And, speaking of guest spots, one from the top of the love to hate list is going to 2 Broke Girls. Really? Tell me, are you excited to see Martha Stewart on 2 Broke Girls? Well, then I hate you.
Of course, there's already been a lot of talk about the idea that Britney Spears has been offered a judging spot on X Factor. As if the show didn't have enough trouble, especially reflecting on the above article detailing the decline of these shows. Is Britney going to draw audiences, or just get even more people to laugh off the show?
In a story that I'm doubly fond of, Big Bang gets to be tops at something, and The Hollywood Reporter mentioned GetGlue.
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<![CDATA[RU? News RoundUp 3/6/12]]>

A quick trip through the news with Are You Screening's unique set of blinders on. Right now, life is pretty much all about next fall's new shows.

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Not to be thrown off by the poor showing of Mr. Sunshine (which I rather liked, if I'm being honest), Matthew Perry is taking another shot. Interested in jumping on board this one?
In more interesting, to me, news of new shows, Rachelle Lefevre will be front and center for a CBS venture titled Applebaum. Sounds silly, and I'm not CBS' biggest fan, but I'll be watching.
In other CBS news, Alex O'Loughlin fans... well, whatever.
I know many of you miss Julia Stiles, and you'll be glad to know that she's coming back to TV, and in a curious little pilot that already has some people talking.
Sarah Silverman is coming back, and while her last show was pretty hit or miss with audiences, her new effort has a lot going for it... including Jeff Goldblum.
Ewan McGregor, hot off his latest sensation as "the other guy in The Beginners," talks about a new show, and one that looks pretty interesting.
Here's a quick peek at something coming your way, and you can be sure that you're going to hear a lot about this one. It's a Starz show, but I predict it's going to be coming at you fast and furious before long, as every network tries to get the "hip" new thing that pushes buzz to new levels.
Speaking of television (and Mad Men, more or less, and glam), if you didn't get enough from the Spidey lipstick I Pinned the other day, you will also have the chance to go Mad Men with your beautification products. Shazam!
In newsier news, ABC managed a strong showing with GCB, though the jury is still out on what that will mean next week. Critics have raised eyebrows, and the general chatter is a little tough to make predictions off of. Next week will let us know what's up, obviously, but it may be that the show sucked people into the pilot well, but didn't deliver exactly what they expected. We'll see...
In less newsy news... yeah, I'm not sure I can even talk about this.
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