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31st October - 1st November 2015 @ Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Mon, Nov 02 2015 19:17:40

It's our turn! NSS & our Bird Group will be ... · Nature Society (Singapore)
45 days more to the Asian Bird Fair! The first · Nature Society (Singapore)
Did you know that there are more than 150 ... · Nature Society (Singapore)
6th Asian Bird Fair opening soon · Nature Society (Singapore)
Our youngest volunteers helping out at the Hong · Nature Society (Singapore)
It's a full house as Ms Ng Bee Choo delivers the · Nature Society (Singapore)
Attending the 6th Asian Bird Fair at the Singapore Botanic Gardens #AsianBirdFair https://t.co/LuwGahv8Jg · Ivan Kwan
Heading down specifically to attend the talks on the birds of Asia and their conservation. #AsianBirdFair https://t.co/LCb2ggQHA1 · Ivan Kwan

Birding in Singapore

Nature Society (Singapore)
Birding in Singapore, by Lim Kim Seng #AsianBirdFair https://t.co/sODXZENpQU · Ivan Kwan
https://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/asain-bird-fairhttps://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/asain-bird-fairMon, 02 Nov 2015 19:17:40 GMT
<![CDATA[Travelling into the Unexplored World of Polyclad Flatworms]]>

by Prof. D. Marcela Bolanos , 13th January 2015 @ Function Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Wed, Jan 14 2015 14:14:59

Photos from St. John's Island Marine... - St. John's Island Marine Laboratory | Facebook · Facebook
Attending the latest #WallaceLecture on marine flatworms! http://t.co/8fI2H03kma http://t.co/woZs8yQwoT · Ivan Kwan
Polyclad flatworms have a highly branched intestine, are dorsoventrally flattened, unsegmented. #WallaceLecture http://t.co/7NtAZN2ILc · Ivan Kwan
Chay Hoon - Mobile Uploads | Facebook · Facebook
Chay Hoon - Mobile Uploads | Facebook · Facebook
Aposematic coloration and mimicry: juvenile batfish mimic flatworms! #WallaceLecture http://t.co/9y9tiKgshz · Ivan Kwan
Many flatworms mimic nudibranchs! #WallaceLecture http://t.co/xYR1teYG5T · Ivan Kwan
https://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/travelling-into-the-unexplored-world-of-polyclad-fhttps://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/travelling-into-the-unexplored-world-of-polyclad-fWed, 14 Jan 2015 14:14:59 GMT
<![CDATA[An Evening of Biodiversity: “The Secret Lives of Mammals in Singapore”]]>

6th April 2014 @ NUS LT25

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Thu, Apr 17 2014 06:07:30

Attending An Evening of Biodiversity: "The Secret Lives of Mammals" at NUS http://t.co/ZqFvCZ6112 #EveningBioD http://t.co/OD9DcfIN4p · Ivan Kwan
According to @sivasothi, at least 405 people registered for this session. Look at the crowd! #EveningBioD http://t.co/Cg0blGKdRc · Ivan Kwan
Kicking off Evening of Biodiversity II: the secret lives of mammals at NUS. 6 mammal talks 12 mins each. #EveningBioD http://t.co/1wIv1CxIYk · Marcus Chua
Dinnertime reading: poster presentations by undergraduate students on biodiversity in Singapore. #EveningBioD http://t.co/OVT8dOUoKs · Ivan Kwan
Heartening to see an enthusiastic crowd at LT25, apparently car parks are full. http://t.co/mcdn5QrTeY · Sivasothi N.
First speaker @amandathn speaking about small mammals at Bukit Timah NR to a full house of 400. #EveningBioD http://t.co/ckgj0kqPSR · Marcus Chua
1st up: @amandathn on small mammals at the Eco-Link #EveningBioD http://t.co/FGLP43RdRl · Ivan Kwan
36 traps laid in a 100 x 100 metre grid. #EveningBioD http://t.co/z0zA9fehmC · Ivan Kwan
Traps checked daily over 5 consecutive days; small mammals trapped were sedated & microchipped #EveningBioD http://t.co/PBTUPd0sVG · Ivan Kwan
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/an-evening-of-biodiversity-the-secret-lives-of-mamhttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/an-evening-of-biodiversity-the-secret-lives-of-mamThu, 17 Apr 2014 06:07:30 GMT
<![CDATA[Public Seminar on Freshwater Crab Conservation]]>

29th March 2014 @ River Safari

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Sat, Mar 29 2014 12:01:41

Attending the Public Seminar on Freshwater Crab Conservation http://t.co/UrhNy6YdGC #FWCrabSG http://t.co/yTqdby8cDj · Ivan Kwan
Opening address by NParks CEO Kenneth Er #FWCrabSG http://t.co/YBnqtS7pJJ · Ivan Kwan
1st presentation by Philip McGowan, @IUCN Species Survival Commission on Species Conservation Planning #FWCrabSG http://t.co/JZcw8Qlxrr · Ivan Kwan
Some background on @IUCN #FWCrabSG http://t.co/d9S8x0NgLE · Ivan Kwan
More on strategic planning. #FWCrabSG http://t.co/HUKCExiBw3 · Ivan Kwan
Basic components of the @IUCN Species Conservation Strategy #FWCrabSG http://t.co/58eKk7rzTJ · Ivan Kwan
Vision, Goals, Objectives & Actions. #FWCrabSG · VaranusSalvator
Vision, Goals, Objectives & Actions. #FWCrabSG http://twitpic.com/dzo4h6 · VaranusSalvator
Vision, Goals, Objectives & Actions. #FWCrabSG http://t.co/zaIc4bbg0Q http://t.co/qv3uKjQ7H3 http://t.co/8dYHlkONDb · Ivan Kwan
What we need to assess if we are to conserve Johora singaporensis #FWCrabSG http://t.co/9Ry0FjBU9G · Ivan Kwan
Daniel Ng with an overview of the freshwater crabs of Singapore #FWCrabSG http://t.co/vRRdpPuScN · Ivan Kwan
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/public-seminar-on-freshwater-crab-conservationhttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/public-seminar-on-freshwater-crab-conservationSat, 29 Mar 2014 12:01:41 GMT

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#BestBigBug: You don't need macro mode to take photos of golden orb web spiders (Nephila spp.) http://t.co/12LBx5YKjI · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Atlas moth. "nuff said. http://t.co/F7CjSbCm0e · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Atlas moth caterpillars are impressive minibeasts too. http://t.co/faABrwnPbJ · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Rhinoceros beetles (Chalcosoma spp.) are some of the largest beetles in Southeast Asia. http://t.co/T0zZIKNVQ6 · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Giant water bugs (Lethocerus spp.) are among the largest of the true bugs. http://t.co/mbGGNPsu0N · Ivan Kwan
Source: "Alan (Amlan)", Flickr
#BestBigBug: Southeast Asia also has the world's largest stick insects (Phobaeticus spp.) http://t.co/JycPz0bcvI · Ivan Kwan
Source: Khoo Min Sheng, Flickr
#BestBigBug: The jungle nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) isn't as long as other stick insects, but it's heavier. http://t.co/VLlETiGTDC · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: The Queen Alexandra's birdwing of New Guinea is the world's largest butterfly, with a 30cm wingspan! http://t.co/0BoHNdYCdm · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Heterometrus (or forest scorpions) are the largest scorpions in tropical Asia http://t.co/VkZSozIKpC · Ivan Kwan
#BestBigBug: Haplopelma schmidti is a Southeast Asian tarantula known as the earth tiger. http://t.co/U1O0ig9MzM · Ivan Kwan
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/bestbigbughttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/bestbigbugThu, 09 Jan 2014 09:44:00 GMT
<![CDATA[Science in the Café: Why Some Dinosaurs had Horns, Frills and Crests on their Heads]]>

23rd October @ Science Centre Singapore

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Wed, Oct 23 2013 17:52:04

Some dinosaurs sported horns and crests and frills atop their heads that most scientists think were for protection or defence, but new studies show that  these explanations are probably incorrect. The changes in the shapes of these structures as dinosaurs grew up reveal a much more sophisticated explanation, one that reveals dinosaurs to be much more like birds than other reptiles or mammals.

Think about it - how many of these designs actually look like they can be used practically for defense? http://t.co/Og7mGp6wWI · Sean Yap
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/science-in-the-cafe-why-some-dinosaurs-had-horns-fhttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/science-in-the-cafe-why-some-dinosaurs-had-horns-fWed, 23 Oct 2013 17:52:04 GMT
<![CDATA[Sawfish in Punggol]]>

A Saturday night chat between @eisen, @hai_ren, and @candybombsaway

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Sun, Sep 01 2013 22:22:05

A's dad showed me this gem: the rostrum of a sawfish caught by A's dad's uncle in the 1950s in the seas off Punggol. http://twitter.com/eisen/status/373805194967928832/photo/1 · Eisen
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/sawfish-in-punggolhttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/sawfish-in-punggolSun, 01 Sep 2013 22:22:05 GMT
<![CDATA[Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop]]>

31st August @ Lecture Theatre 25, National University of Singapore

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Sat, Aug 31 2013 17:08:42

Getting ready for the Mandai Mangrove Workshop #mandaimm http://twitter.com/wildsingapore/status/373608836684189697/photo/1 · wildsingapore
Registration for the mangrove workshop! Excitement is picking up here :) #MandaiMM http://twitter.com/jocelynesze/status/373610012276305920/photo/1 · Jocelyne Sze
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/mandai-mangrove-and-mudflathttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/mandai-mangrove-and-mudflatSat, 31 Aug 2013 17:08:42 GMT
<![CDATA[Singapore's Underwater Meadows]]>

by Dr. Len McKenzie, 12th June 2013 @ Function Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Wed, Jun 12 2013 14:40:36

Getting ready for Len McKenzie's Seagrass talk. Andy will film it, Gladys getting some tips. #teamseagrass pic.twitter.com/MZbNhjIerK · wildsingapore
Attending Dr Len Mckenzie's talk on "Singapore's underwater meadows" #sgseagrass pic.twitter.com/g4JaEBOZWm · Gladys Chua
Seagrasses have flowers! #teamseagrass pic.twitter.com/byCnDqg7ad · wildsingapore
Dugongs are found in Singapore, leaving feeding trails in our seagrass meadows #teamseagrass pic.twitter.com/NUBMZ1rChI · wildsingapore
#sgseagrass Seagrasses are said to be 3x more valuable than coral reefs! pic.twitter.com/mJbVyUZ3t2 · Gladys Chua
#sgseagrass Since the 1980s, seagrasses have been on the decline (2 football fields per hr) pic.twitter.com/rp9oOcRMXU · Gladys Chua
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/singapore-s-underwater-meadowshttp://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/singapore-s-underwater-meadowsWed, 12 Jun 2013 14:40:36 GMT
<![CDATA[Day 19: 7th June]]>

Day 19 (and the conclusion!) of the Southern Expedition of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey

Storified by Ivan Kwan · Fri, Jun 07 2013 16:13:16

Back to work after 3 weeks at the Mega Marine ... · Facebook
The Southern Expedition has drawn to a close ... · Facebook
Some of the many scientists, staff and ... · Facebook
http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/day-19-7th-june-1http://storify.com/VaranusSalvator/day-19-7th-june-1Fri, 07 Jun 2013 16:13:16 GMT