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The city's fireworks were held at CHS Field, which riled up some who were hoping for a more accessible show.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Tue, Jul 05 2016 17:22:01

Complaints about the arrangement started long before the show:
And come nightfall, a number of people voiced their displeasure:
Not everyone felt that way, of course -- particularly those who were at the game or found a vantage point:
Happy 4th! #chsfield #stpaulsaints · instagram.com
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<![CDATA[The Blog Posts of Theo Olson]]>

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<![CDATA[The Internet loves Prince's amazing passport photo]]>

Prince's Twitter account posted what is said to be his new passport photo, proving to the world once again that the Chanhassen musician is an ageless superstar.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Wed, Feb 17 2016 17:21:28

Prince's tweet.
PRINCE ROGERS NELSON::PASSPORT PICTURE 2/11/16 https://t.co/lgdLCXQ9y2 · Prince3EG
And the love that followed.
First piece of art going in my apartment is Prince's most recent passport photo https://t.co/PpjMuEdXsR · Corey Ann Clark
4 reasons Prince's passport photo is better than yours https://t.co/WtciIqSobn https://t.co/xzQWNiJNUH · CNN iReport
#Prince has the greatest passport photo in the world 📸 https://t.co/QP5w9gYJas https://t.co/VE1rIJOQeW · UPROXX
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/the-internet-loves-prince-s-amazing-passport-photohttps://storify.com/PioneerPress/the-internet-loves-prince-s-amazing-passport-photoWed, 17 Feb 2016 16:58:17 GMT
<![CDATA[After heartbreaking Vikings loss, humor]]>

The Twittersphere erupted with jokes after a wayward field goal attempt in the final seconds of Sunday's playoff game broke the hearts of Vikings fans everywhere.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Sun, Jan 10 2016 22:39:47

Some #Vikings fans are still sitting in the stands in stunned silence after that game. https://t.co/Q6VD7zenr9 · Al Smizzle
Viking fans can relate #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/glEig9Yc2e · Terez Owens
Somebody please go check in on this guy. #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/u0s3cAA2Z3 · #WildCard
Still staring at the TV like.... #Vikings https://t.co/LQMo88RvHp · Dean Jones
You know he had to show up eventually. @Seahawks #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/NAmQX1OzLw · Chris Clark
Someone was quick to make an edit on Jeff Locke's Wikipedia page.
#SEAvsMIN anyone else see Jeff Locke's Wikipedia page? https://t.co/39OB1P6gQt · Josh Westgaard
And the GIFs. So many GIFs...
I just can't believe it #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/DV2m4U1mGK · Ron Stew
Every @Vikings fan right now #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/KVtQtVVdbF · Jay Ballard
Viking Fans right now. #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/qkyY9RafN0 · SportsManiaNFL
Current scene outside Blair Walsh's house... #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/8i5LCbA5g8 · Athlete Tweets
Live Look at all Vikings Fans #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/o4p8ozUKOu · Andrew Martin
It suddenly became relevant again to reference "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective."
Laces out #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/hlgmqVioYb · John Beattie
If this game comes down to a field goal, Rick Spielman may need to sign a player for the game winner. #LacesOut https://t.co/dkQRHam1LS · Sage Rosenfels
Coming soon to a #Vikings store near you... #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/oKiYaXTMKN · Gridiron Gentlemen
And "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" becomes the most quoted movie of 2016 so far. #SEAvsMIN https://t.co/CHHNnDo1Tl · Jon Fassnacht
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/after-heartbreaking-vikings-losshttps://storify.com/PioneerPress/after-heartbreaking-vikings-lossSun, 10 Jan 2016 22:39:47 GMT
<![CDATA[One woman's journey to get Adele tickets]]>

Going to the box office at Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul to buy tickets to see Adele may seem like an old-fashioned way to go about it, but it worked for me. At least from my phone!

Storified by Pioneer Press · Thu, Dec 17 2015 18:31:59

Wristband explainer begins! #adele #adeletickets https://t.co/XpDy6HJmnX · Maren Longbella
"Don't Walmart me!" Plea from guy explaining the lottery system. #adele https://t.co/UlIQf6gfsS · Maren Longbella
And now we wait for wristbands. #adeletickets https://t.co/eB2DDzjKC5 · Maren Longbella
#Adele wristband handout begins! https://t.co/qLkG9RArMZ · Maren Longbella
Lucky 41! C'mon 41! #adele #adeletickets https://t.co/dsUmEitrge · Maren Longbella
Waiting continues at #xcelenergycenter for #adeletickets. Wristband holders wait separately from wristband handout https://t.co/xz7Y7cx0LZ · Maren Longbella
Lining up in readiness for #adeletickets lottery drawing https://t.co/EecC1LsKqI · Maren Longbella
"Lottery has no respect," man behind me in line. #adeletickets https://t.co/DBuJPG4nok · Maren Longbella
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/adele-ticketshttps://storify.com/PioneerPress/adele-ticketsThu, 17 Dec 2015 18:31:59 GMT
<![CDATA[Twin Cities sunrise redux]]>

Still in bed? Driving to work? Stuck in a house without east-facing windows? Whatever your reason for missing Tuesday's glorious sunrise, don't worry: Fellow Twin Citians had your back.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Tue, Dec 08 2015 14:48:44

The edge of the marsh at the front edge of Tuesday morning. #ontherun #sunrise #minnstagramers #minnstagram #minnesotaontap #thisismyminnesota ##captureminnesota #onlyinmn #nature #STDoThis · Paul Klauda
This is the reason why you should always wake up before the sun. This morning' sunrise downtown Minneapolis.🙌🏻 · ᗰαrco
Frost in the grass, fire in the sky. Cheers to the contrasts that keep life interesting! #stunningsunrise #thisiswhyigetupearly #skyward #keeplookingup #themightymidwest #midwestskies #minnesotaskies #onlyinmn #minnstagramers #colorexplosion #colorlove #sunriselove #winterskies #decemberskies #skiesofdecember #contrast #naturelover #skylove #cloudlove #capturemn ·
6 miles and sunrise over the mighty Mississippi. https://t.co/IuVKZ75Ws8 · Steve Nelson
A #Minneapolis morning. December 8th and We're hitting 45 degrees..What?? #OnlyInMN https://t.co/hQDuJjb8tJ · Dylan Wohlenhaus
The things you can miss when you're not outside. #onlyinmn #minnstagrammers #minnstagram #mn #sunrise #nature #naturelovers #midwestmoment #midwest #themidwestival #captureminnesota #stpaul #sunrise #optoutside #getoutside #teamnorth #passionpassport #outside #travel #wanderlust #wander #adventure #justgoshoot #mystpaul · Valerie's Minneadventures
I don't always get to choose where I go. But I can choose how I get there. #bloomington #minnstagrammers #iger #capturemn #onlyinmn #sunrise · Andy Gifford
7.22 am December 8th, 2015 ! One of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever witnessed ! #nofilter #viewfrommyhome #mnsunrise #minnstagramers #mnsky #onlyinmn #capturmn #minnesotasky #mnwinter · Sarah Naveen
Sunrise on Summit Ave #stpaul #onlyinmn #capturemn #minnesota #minnstagramers #mn · Lance Janssen
People always wonder why we like winter. #OnlyinMN https://t.co/Q8F0P3nS31 · mplsgossipgirl
@kare11 @LauraBetker@BelindaKARE11 @JulieNelsonKARE Oh my... #kare11weather #kare11sunrise https://t.co/KcEgoN6UTi · Gail Harless
Is #beauty redundant? I don't believe so. #sunrise #MN #capturemn #instaMN #liveandlovemn #onlyinMN #minnesotalife #minnstagramers #music "Affection" by #CigarettesAfterSex · M
I feel bad for the people who slept in and missed this. #breathtaking · Erin
Sky was on fire this morning 🔥 🌅🔥 #sunrise #fire #burning #minneapolis #wcco #beautiful #sunrise #red #mpls #december8 #exploremn #onlyinmn #capturemn #winter #утро #солнце #восход #instagood #instapic #twincities #midwest #sun #breathtaking #morning #life #awake #mpls #mn #nature ·
This mornings sunrise in case anyone missed it https://t.co/bRN0SZqNYL · Teresa Boardman
Good morning! It's nice to see the sun...no matter how short lived it may be. Blah winter!! 😭#cmpro #cmmentor #minnesota #onlyinmn #sunrise #catsofinstagram · Beth M
If you need something to wake up for, here it is! #boom · Mike Rathbun
It's probably safer if you pull over. #sunrise #onlyinmn #capturemn #minnstagrammers #morningcommute #minnesotaontap · Brendan Kennealy
Damn. https://t.co/TlBmjAcYkl · solace
In absolute awe of the Creator. What a wonderful Master Artist He is! #Sunrise #Breathtaking… https://t.co/LnTKZhWR5J · Alyssa Temte
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<![CDATA['Is James Jones wearing a hoodie?:' Packers receiver catches passes, fashion critiques]]>

The Vikings secondary wasn't the only thing Packers receiver James Jones was setting alight on Sunday. Sporting a sweatshirt under his pads that stuck out in the back, the Green Bay wideout amassed six receptions, 109 yards, a touchdown and a legion of tweets that looked a lot like this:

Storified by Pioneer Press · Mon, Nov 23 2015 19:00:02

It wasn't the most popular look for some viewers, who didn't find it befitting of the big stage:
But others couldn't help but marvel at its power as Jones made one game-changing play after another:
Naturally, the question turned to the hoodie's place in the NFL's ponderous rulebook:
By late in the game, it was definitely A Thing:
And afterward, Jones himself weighed in:
James Jones Explains the Hoodie: ''Cali Swag' | Packers vs. Vikings | NFL · NFL
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/is-james-jones-wearing-a-hoodie-packers-receiver-chttps://storify.com/PioneerPress/is-james-jones-wearing-a-hoodie-packers-receiver-cMon, 23 Nov 2015 19:00:02 GMT
<![CDATA[New North Dakota 'Fighting Hawks' nickname has fans cawing]]>

After a protracted and frequently combative search to replace the discarded Fighting Sioux moniker, the University of North Dakota announced the successor Wednesday: the Fighting Hawks.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Wed, Nov 18 2015 17:37:15

The new nickname was chosen after multiple rounds of voting. But many people seemed more willing to accept it than embrace it.
Fighting Sioux die-hards were far less charitable:
A number of people said the new name had little to do with the state:
And many felt it was about as bland as bland can be:
After months of deciding between awesome nicknames, North Dakota settled on "Fighting Hawks"... Welcome to the club: https://t.co/W1WIC3nkul · RedditCFB
The jokesters were quick to speculate on the new logo:
Sneak peak at the new North Dakota Fighting Hawks logo... https://t.co/0lGhnsnZnp · Derek White
I don't understand what the issue is with the new und nickname. #FightingHawks https://t.co/zQyIlGk9la · Josh K
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/new-north-dakota-fighting-hawks-nickname-provokes-https://storify.com/PioneerPress/new-north-dakota-fighting-hawks-nickname-provokes-Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:37:15 GMT
<![CDATA[We tried to order a kitten from Uber. It didn't go great.]]>

Storified by Pioneer Press · Fri, Oct 30 2015 00:06:27

It was a simple plan. Uber announced it was delivering kittens. We like kittens. We wanted to order one. Even got the company bean-counters to sign off on it. You know, for journalism. What could go wrong?
Cat's out of the bag—#UberKITTENS are back! Find the purrfect cat-didate to adopt tomorrow: https://t.co/9SLCixl5o2 https://t.co/QpEYLKIAH0 · Uber
Cat hours were 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Uber cautioned that demand would be high and asked for patience. No problem, we figured -- we'll be here all day. We tried to place an order not long after they started. Here's what we got:
Newsroom kitten update: it's not going great. https://t.co/rGLBrHDOmA · Marino Eccher
And we were not alone
Really trying here! #UBERKittens @lolaredpr @hinchrica @katieerenee23 @LolaRedGal @kshoutz 😿😿😿 https://t.co/0rcT1JB2on · Reina Porritt
Not cool, @Uber :( #uberkittens https://t.co/W13RS6qwWR · Chris Henjum
This is bullshit. #UberKITTENS #Uber #minneapolis #NationalCatDay #disappointment @Uber_MN @Uber https://t.co/4z3X9Wx27W · Brittney Paige
To make matters worse, reports of happy cat-snugglers -- none on whom, to reiterate, were us -- began to emerge:
#UberKITTENS at @FishRichardson Minneapolis office! https://t.co/z8FPgwvkHo · phillipgoter
Daybrightener - #UberKITTENS & @animalarkaid brought two kittens over to @broadheadMPLS - #adoptdontshop https://t.co/dxfOK5D25k · Liz Erickson
This fuzzy little nugget named Gage visited us today and we are smitten. Thank you #AnimalArkMN #UberKITTENS https://t.co/wyajwYjh2J · mono
#UberKITTENS from Animal Ark came to the office! Cuteness overload. @broadheadMPLS https://t.co/Qa5IaV6iAv · Anna Wagner
If only we'd been as glitzy as a jeweler:
Thanks for stopping by #UberKITTENS. Mindy is a great diamond model! https://t.co/oyFTulQlif · RF Moeller Jeweler
Or as glamorous as a radio station:
Our newest edition to the Cobra team, little Mindy!! #UberKITTENS @mytalkcolleen, @bradleytraynor https://t.co/UGUqUvUvls · myTalk 107.1
Or as enchanting as the stage:
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/we-tried-to-order-a-kitten-from-uber-it-didn-t-go-https://storify.com/PioneerPress/we-tried-to-order-a-kitten-from-uber-it-didn-t-go-Fri, 30 Oct 2015 00:06:27 GMT
<![CDATA[Flip Saunders' death prompts an outpouring of grief and memories]]>

The news Timberwolves president and head coach Flip Saunders had died Sunday after a battle with cancer broke hearts Sunday in Minnesota and across the basketball world.

Storified by Pioneer Press · Mon, Oct 26 2015 01:29:05

It hit fans who grew up with the Wolves during his first run with the team:
Memories of chance encounters, both recent and distant, came flooding in:
R.I.P Flip Saunders smh met this guy a couple years ago at the airport https://t.co/5rVMo5Q7JI · Joel Kacha
I met Flip Saunders once. And il never forget it. #RipFlip https://t.co/Cj1h3c3BW9 · Dahl
Thankful to have met and learned from Flip Saunders a few years ago. Great coach and sad that he has passed away. https://t.co/W7co2zhrcq · Andrew Wingreen
His players mourned:
It was a honor and privilege to be coached and mentored by one of the most kind hearted and caring person in this world. You believed in me so much especially when you brought me over to Minnesota and seen my potential to be special in this league for that I am forever grateful. I love you and gonna miss you RIP FLIP until we meet again ❤️ · Andrew Wiggins
I've been thinking for 30 minutes of what to say but words can't describe how special and important Coach Saunders was to me. I want to thank you coach for giving me the opportunity to play in the NBA and achieve my dream. I know the man above has a special place for you in his kingdom and this world, this league, this family will never be the same. I love you coach and I'm going to miss you so so much. · Karl Towns
Today, the guy who believed in me since day 1 passed away. He was all smiles passionate and really loved this game. He gave everything to the Timberwolves and did amazing things for us. He was our leader. Really gonna miss you coach. RestInPeace Flip. · Ricky Rubio
To lose someone that meant so much to me and my is a life altering moment. The pain I'm feeling right now is very deep but I am sure you ll continue to look after us as always. Thank you Flip for believing in me and giving me a chance. I am forever grateful. RIP coach. G. · Gorgui Dieng
Thank you for everything you have done for me coach! U will Truly be missed. I know God will take good care of you and keep your family safe! #TwolvesFamily love ya Flip🙏🏽 · Zach LaVine
https://storify.com/PioneerPress/flip-saunders-death-prompts-outpouring-of-grief-anhttps://storify.com/PioneerPress/flip-saunders-death-prompts-outpouring-of-grief-anMon, 26 Oct 2015 01:29:05 GMT